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    Oh, everything. :D But to list a few...pirates, medieval history, horses, plants and their practical uses, books (all of them), archaeology, people, canoeing, camping, FIRE, etc.
  1. Building a raft

    The midwest, actually.
  2. Building a raft

    I thought everyone knew what a cattle tank was! Well, picture a dog's watering dish. Then picture one that's much, much bigger, big enough to hold enough water for a couple dozen cows. Some are metal, some are heavy plastic. I've seen people take either the metal or plastic ones down the river on occasion. The plastic ones also work great as sleds in the winter.
  3. Your Garb

    Those are cool pockets! And you've got very neat stitches; most people don't have the patience for that. Can I ask, how do you finish the inside raw edges; do you leave them as is, French roll them, or just do a double seam? Or something else? I've been trying different things lately, just to see what works best.
  4. So Wot's your addiction

    Hehehe...because what's better than bacon? MORE bacon!!!
  5. Building a raft

    You can always get a cattle tank and go floating about in that. I've seen it done.
  6. Random Topics

    I love handwriting. I'm told mine is good, but compared with standard penmanship of just, say, a century ago, mine is chicken scratches. Ever looked in old courthouse records, or the writing in a family Bible? The writing is just beautiful. I've also found that it's a lot easier to write neatly with a pencil--a very sharp, normal pencil, not one of those awful mechanical ones. Anyone else get that, or is it just me?
  7. Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster

    I'd have to say Star Wars, though I never did see it in the theater. I wasn't really old enough to make sense of it when it came out.
  8. Your Pet

    What a cutie! I used to have a cat that would perch on my shoulder and peer at whatever I was doing when I was working in the garden. "Fat Cat", I called him. He was good at getting in the way, but even better at making you amused, and not annoyed about it.
  9. Random Topics

    One of my goals in life is to learn to read Old English, and I guess to speak it as well as a dead language that we never heard spoken in its own day can be learned. That's really interesting, actually. I've come across that in books on occasion, where the author tries to replicate a dialect, but it's so much work just trying to figure out what you are reading that it's almost not worth it! Of course, if we just wrote everything with phonetical symbols...
  10. What are you reading right now ?

    Reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. It's absolutely wonderful. I think I prefer Douglas Adams' Dirk Gentley books even better, though. Possibly because those were the first ones I read.
  11. Random Topics

    That's rather brilliant, actually! Yeah, I do remember Caraccioli from the other board, but I don't really remember why or when. There were some issues on that site as well, though. (And still are! WHY did I ever agree to become a mod?!?) Oh, and...!! You know Old English?
  12. Whydah hits the road

    Sadness...such things never make it to South Dakota/Nebraska. But kudos to Kass! That's so cool!
  13. Random Topics

    Just how many people are there in your head?
  14. You star wars freaks are gonna love this!

    :angry: That's wonderful!!
  15. Random Topics

    I live in a leaky old farmhouse, which is wonderful, except the window screens and such all let bugs in through the holes. There were little flying critters in my bedroom last night. I slept on the couch downstairs. I'm rather fond of spiders, actually. We had one that had a really cool web on the basement steps for awhile. I named him Xavier.