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  1. new pub layout???

    Forum disorganization is William Brand's department, or at least it was before he got so busy. I came across those emoji things recently. They got taken off-line because Mission gave me so much crap about them looking like dogs. Plus they weren't incorporated into the site software correctly and I found them co-oped and being used by some neo-nazi message boards. Aside from having a personal issue with that, they were also using my bandwidth in the process. When I come across them again, I'll set 'em aside and see about incorporating them.
  2. new pub layout???

  3. new pub layout???

    I think I saw some double postings early on, but I haven't noticed any for a while. . .at least when I'm not drinking. Can we get some additional confirmation on this please - anybody seeing double postings? As for the number of posts, that will change over time as the database rebuilds the index.
  4. new pub layout???

    Yes, you are correct - that is indeed what happens and what you should be seeing at the moment. That will change though, we're still wrestling with some issues as a result of the recent software update. Once things settle down and we've got those fixed, then we'll work at breaking the Pub due to a new graphic layout. But Everybody, please chime in and and let us know of anything that isn't working the way you think it should.
  5. Sorry if this reply is a bit late for your trip, but I've packed swords in my "checked" luggage with out any problems - Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Florida.
  6. Happy Birthday Patrick Hand!

    Happy Beerthday to ya Shipmate!
  7. I'm so sorry Duchess, but you haven't a say in the matter - you are damned to this task for entirety. . . and your efforts are greatly appreciated.
  8. Welcome aboard!

    Aye, Welcome Aboard Mate! You guys look great. You have tell us a bit more about what you do and when you do it.
  9. Happy Birthday Patrick Hand!

    Oh. . . um, Happy Beerthday Mister Hand!
  10. Wheel lock project now underway

    Damn! That's a sweet piece.
  11. Hey...It's Red handed Jill's and Ransom's Birthday!

    A Belated Beerthday to the Both of Ya!
  12. AliensDelta BlkMilGrn

    From the album Stynk'n Gallery

  13. Happy Birthday Iron Jon!

    Happy Birthday to ya John!
  14. Ahoy

    Aye Welcome Yarself Aboard!
  15. Happy Birthday Oderlesseye!

    And a Happy Beerthday ta Mister Oderlesseye!