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  1. Rogue's Gallery

    Anyone ever listened to the "Rogue's Gallery"? some of the songs/shaties are pretty good in my opinion, others not so much but a good listen if you're into nautical songs!
  2. Rogue's Gallery

    some of them really aren't too bad and others sound like cats in a bag haha
  3. The Poxy Boggards

    I'm a follower meself. Great band!
  4. New hand

    Ahoy mates, me close mates call me Bones. I 'appen to be new to the forum 'ere and I'm just findin me way around. I'm a friendly person an' I look f'ward to gettin' to know some of ye and make some new friends.
  5. New hand

    an' 'ow could i call meself a gentleman o' fortune wi' out any rum? an' I 'appen to be a very generous one at that rum all around for me mates!
  6. New hand

    Thank ye, Captain Jim!