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    I enjoy sea shanties, sailing, the odd mug of rum or two. I enjoy naval combat, maritime history and on occasion taking a Spanish treasure ship. Want to know anything else feel free to ask, I'm an open book.
  1. Rogue's Gallery

    some of them really aren't too bad and others sound like cats in a bag haha
  2. Rogue's Gallery

    Anyone ever listened to the "Rogue's Gallery"? some of the songs/shaties are pretty good in my opinion, others not so much but a good listen if you're into nautical songs!
  3. The Poxy Boggards

    I'm a follower meself. Great band!
  4. New hand

    an' 'ow could i call meself a gentleman o' fortune wi' out any rum? an' I 'appen to be a very generous one at that rum all around for me mates!
  5. New hand

    Thank ye, Captain Jim!
  6. New hand

    Ahoy mates, me close mates call me Bones. I 'appen to be new to the forum 'ere and I'm just findin me way around. I'm a friendly person an' I look f'ward to gettin' to know some of ye and make some new friends.