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  1. POTC2 TRAILER!!!!!

    one thing i dont understand is the "mark". Is it like the black spot? And does this still have to do with the Aztec Gold from the first one, and is Davy a squid or is that just a werid beard (for some reason it appears really dark on my screen, even when i turn up my screens brightness). but no matter what, this summer is going be amazing. and now they are filming part 3 (imdb.com). :) so i cant wait
  2. What does your user name mean?

    mine is nice and simple history = its what i love fool = see above 24 = favorite tv show :)
  3. I remeber when I was a wee little pirate (around the age of 8 or 9) my pirates rented a cabin in Cape Cod and when we went in town, there was this tour called "Pirate Cruise" or something like that. It was a fake sailboat, a motorboat with a sail boat body, but the sweet thing is that they had a sister company that would take kids out as the British navy. And so half way through the journey, the captain would said man the guns and we would fire upon the ship, now not with real guns but with Super Soaker cannons. It was super fun time, so i was wondering if anyone has been to Cape Cod in the last 8 years and if this company was still running. Becuase it was part of my childhood and i hope they are still a successful business. -also- If anyone is going to Hilton Head Island be on the look out for Pirate Cove Mini-Golf its near Adventure Cove family fun center. Adventure Cove 18 Folly Field Rd Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 and if you go down the street there will be this hotel and next to that is Pirate Mini Golf...always a good time fore (get it) all
  4. Filming has begun...possible spoilers ahead

    Aye...lets have a round just for the info. Alas mine shall be non-alcholic..damn i am not 21. but STILL..i will buy a round for everyone
  5. Lawsuit about POTC

    it is lawsuits like this that slow down our legal system to a slugs pace. Disney beat him to a punch..get over it . Also..POTC is a better title then anyting with Bimbos..not saying Bimbos are a bad thing but i would rather a pirate movie have a better title. argg it makes me mad
  6. Goonies!

    Man..it has been foooorrrreeevvveer since i last saw the goonies actually it could have been last year but due to mind numbing amounts of video games, movies,computers,redbull,bawls, mountain dew and of course my high levels of ADD. My rate of rembering these goes to about as far as last summer. Arrg tis be sad but tis be the truth of the youth of america. arrgggg damn you technology hahaha its shooting a gun...sry random..see what i mean
  7. Official working title for POTC2

    For those who cant wait for POTC2...then (bear with me here) is a movie for you. Now we all know, pirates are only at sea but what about a land "pirate". well, the movie is NED KELLY with Orlando Bloom and Jeffery Rush and an little extra bonus the soundtrack is by the same genius as the POTC soundtrack i loved it but remeber i am daffy for australia
  8. Read any good books lately?

    May not be a pirate book but I am still reading ( but it is so good, i have to tell someone) Bill Bryson's In a Sunburnt Country. Amazing book about the guys journeys around Australia. And those who know me, know that i am daffy for everything Australia.
  9. 18 be I

    Ok..some may say this is worthless topic. But does anyone really care...if so..then sorry..if not keep reading. I may be the youngest here at the ripe old age of 18. So I was wondering if there is anyone who is 20 or younger here. Just curious... and for those over 20, i am not saying your old, i am just saying that i am young... * tis not be ale, for US law ye be 21 to drink..so tis be cola in my mug...damn laws
  10. My favorite pirate song!

    I dont know if i should feel sorry or just glad that you still like the song.....i been to walt disnery world almost 17 times ( i am spoiled i know) and the one and ONLY ONE reason why i still go to the Magic Kingdom is for POTC: the ride. Nothing beats to this day. I think my record is 15x in a row..there was no line. Anyway..great story and i am glad that your kids are being exposed to Pirates at a young age, i discover my love for all things pirates till high school...or now because i still be in high school. But yes to sum it all up...GREAT STORY
  11. New Pirate Commercial

    hmmm..i have seen a pirate commerical that involes a delievry company but it was a candaian one that i cant remeber...i just saw the tale end of it and it also involed a job search or something along those lines. But the end the superivior said " what would you (the pirate) bring to this company"...the pirate then shrugs and says " Aye Punder booty well i can" and the response from the supivisor is we dont plunder we just deliver....pretty cheap ( and bad) commerical but hey it had a pirate in it. There is that taco bell commerical for the states that at the ends with this Pirate: what are you? random guy; I am full Pirate: arrgghh..yeah....i am a pirate but now i am going to be on the look out for this fed-ex one
  12. My favorite pirate song!

    well nothing beats " Yo Ho a pirates life for me" from The Pirates of the Carribean ride in Orlando/Cali but i like Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly, and even though i mostly listen to techno, i still have to listen to Flogging Molly, they are amazing and i hope they come to Cincinnati soon.
  13. I went to Australia and New Zealand over the summer and it was amazing. when i was in Syndey about to climb the sydney bridge ( amazing a must if you go) i saw next to Captain Cook charater tours was a man dressed like Tim Curry from Muppets Treasure Island, he was adversting a Pirate themed tour of the Australian coast. It was about 300 $AUS for two, i think, but it sounds like fun. Then in Auckland, New Zealand, at the nautical muesum they talked about Maori "pirates". So it was just great seeing pirate-like history from other places then the Spainish main. also, i was wondering if anyone has been to Austalia/New Zealand? and would like to talk about what they saw there.
  14. Gwen goes pirate!

    Aye...anything pirate themed is sweet, but alas it is hip-hop...damn..so close to a perfect video. But Gwen looks great, she is a really sexy pirate.