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  1. All Pirate Movies

    Don't forget "Pirates of the Plain" with Tim Curry. Great little flick about a pirate time traveled to modern day Nebraska.....
  2. Redheads of Pyracy

    Ahoy! i been away fer a while .... holed up in some costuming h***... I be not only red handed , but red crowned! Hetha what ye say about redheads be true....leastwise, I find the same in me own experience. thar be a boldness we have that no other seems to. {by the by....i love the red beards gathered on fire!} --pours a tall mug o killian's red ale--- Any one want a pour?
  3. What does your user name mean?

    Short version: Red Handed Jill is the name that Wendy would have taken if she had joined with Captain hook's crew in the Peter Pan Tales. And being as that she was a great story teller (as I have also been told I am) I thought the name fitting. Longer version: the above, never ending ability to get caught when attempting to do what I aught not do....Not really anything to do with the usual "red Hand" of pyracy...refering to the bloodied hand. My daughter, whom I call Tinker Bell, was watching Peter Pan one day as I was trying to choose my moniker for pyracy and.....What the heck....Why deal with reality when fantasy is soo much more fun! Only later did I discover that htere was another Red-handed Jill on the pub...note the hyphen? But I had taken it and so it will remain!
  4. Wanna hear something PATHETIC??

  5. Wanna hear something PATHETIC??

    Hmmm....18" and talks vs. 7" and silent.......I'm with them that would go fer the full scale version (with the banana would be fine by me) A pretty boat to go wit it would be grand!
  6. Wanna hear something PATHETIC??

    I thought they are the same size as the talking ones, with out the electronics.....not posted at the site though Sorry about the's the right
  7. Wanna hear something PATHETIC??

    Found the POTC action figures at they have the talking version of JD and are getting non-talking versions of (both smiling and serious) Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Will Turner and one cursed pirate! (no Elizabeth, tho)........I love the idea o' a Scene decor...even a miniature one..
  8. hat help please

    Kat, I may be interested in yer supplier too...jas townsend, although swift on delivery, sent me the wrong size three inches! I'm hoping to have the replacement very soon as i have a publicity shoot next weekend and REALLY wanted to be wearing my new cavalier! How do ye trim the ye use bias tape or grosgrain? I am thinking I want it all black fer now...may add some metalic lace or sumptin later..... :: pouts in the corner holdin a fist full o' ostrich plumes...thinkin she'll just pin em to her head::
  9. Random Topics

    Thanks Fancy.... I heard the on about a bullet that shot through a man's then into a woman's abdomen lodging in her uterus and causing her to become pregnant....can you imagine? Any way I think the origin ye found is much least it has a ring o' truth to it! Thanks fer the link..... so if i look in the last possible place first, and kept looking anyway, would it still be the last......or is that a blonde thing?
  10. Random Topics

    Yar har har!....yer random thots got me rolling.....sneaked home fer lunch today (work is tough today) and neded a laugh....thank ye very muchly! (fuzzy logic makes me laugh....not sure about if it tickles...sorry ...Blonde here.....) Patrick also inspired me... I tried his Hardtack recipe (earlier in the thread) and got out my bread machine, too. Made an awesome italian bread with herbs, garlic and cheese! (Patrick your hint about the sugar may have saved me from tossin' the thing out....loafs were coming out WAY too dense!) Again I ask....were do we get the term Son of a Gun?
  11. Random Topics

    I be in agreement with ye on that Patrick....I have my father's family tartan on the wall wrapped around my claymore with the family crest! (the only thing holding me back is that the maternal side is VERY English!) As far as piracy "roots" ....My family on my mothers side is Swedish and Norwegian...can you say "Alwilda" (amazonian viking pirate of lore)...hmm wonder where I get it? Here is a random thought/question: From where do we get the term "son of a gun"? Charity, I'm with you on the White Squall thing...I ruminated on that for days.....So sad...
  12. hat help please

    Anyone tack their hat up with black thread instead of steaming? I had to do that for my tricorn....the shape wouldn't hold! Pinned one side and stitched the other two. (not very happy with it, which is why I decided to endevour to construct a cavalier) i get it wet (soaked) pull the side up ye want to rise and push it up agin a hard object and use a goodly amount of weight to keep it from sliding away from the surface forcing the side to continue up against! mmake sure water won't ruin the surfaces involved in this endeavor ok? soaked? are you sure? I think I might try that.....My (dearly departed) father built a wet sink in the basement for his darkroom... I have been using it for my dyeing and tinting...should work great!
  13. hat help please

    Thanks for the hints...i know about the steam bit but never thought about boiling water.....Was the ribbon sewn by hand or machine? Hadn't thought about lining, but that's a good idea. The hat is on order and should get here by the weekend...I'll let ya know how it comes out!
  14. Pirate single's bar

    Oh my gosh!!! that explains why I have been craving chocolate today?!??! Ain't science wunnerful? from what I read on the link...I'm movin' to Scotland! Party with men in skirts ummm I mean Kilts, especially on a day like this one was!
  15. hat help please

    Ahoy mates! I am planning to make myself a cavalier hat from a sized hat blank...I have never done this before and I was wondering if any of ye have a few pointers fer a first timer? I am ordering the blank from Jas Townsend....just not sure about the finishing and such..... Thank you for your help!