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    Pennsylvania mountains north of Clarion
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    The Callenish gunner has just hoved into view looking for safe anchorage in these waters... purveyor of bladed and flintlock weaponry also leather accessories ..........painter of portraits and period scenes by avocation I'm getting my armoury business underway and will be doing as many festivals as I can ...right now along the east coast or great lakes

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  1. Do you have a web page or Facebook?

  2. Working women's stays video

    thank you for the contact
  3. Looking for an artist

    That wouldn't be too hard to do ...The open work around the wrist of the stock looks as though it might have been a period repair ...
  4. Review of a Sparrow Flintlock made in India

    Some forges are better than others in India ...I have always heard that Indian guns were crap from so many reenactors who will only use Pedersoli or other "western manufacturers" because they claim the guns are more like the originals in quality ...My answar to that is Bull! I have worked on many originals and since they too are entirely handmade and parts hand-forged the Indian made guns are or can be just as reliable as originals while the computer controlled parts are more consistant and interchangeable like modern guns.
  5. where to find suppliers of horn for fid and tallow/grease horn

    I have an antler fid made from Scottish Red Stag ...antler would be much more stable for fids than horn since horn can flake or scale
  6. FTPI Update Information

    Lass, hope all goes well with the surgery and that Poppa recovers fully and quickly. Believe me I know how that goes. Our prayers are with you both and we know tha if you could be there you would ...We hope to see you both very soon and that the issues will be resolved ...God Bless and keep you both safe.
  7. Scottish Buckle Sets for Baldrics

    very nice sir
  8. cleaning out a barrel

    warming it in an oven(above 180 F) and then pouring in hot brewers pitch and making sure to get a good coating inside would keep any contaminants away from you and keep the water safe to drink too
  9. Hampton's Blackbeard Pirate Festival 2011

    We'll down a bit early Salty has an interview on Thursday ...Here's hoping we'll have good news to celebrate over the weekend!!!
  10. Privateer's Cutlass

    ok i have to ask ----what is the tariff for such a fine set
  11. You in your Pirate Kit?

    Good to see a lot of you young lads still about ...does an ol' man's heart good ...........Keep your site up -an excellent reference
  12. Pattern Welded boarding cuttlass and a few other other things

    Sweet ....wish I could afford that patterned blade model
  13. Happy birthday Bilgemunky !!!

    Happy Birthday Lad!!!
  14. sugar snips

    it's later......................????????????????