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  1. Cancer Fundraiser

    August 20th at 4pm the brethren o the space coast will be meeting at cocoa village for a fundraiser for cancer research, we have been invited to go on board the "Indian River Queen" to help raise money for breast cancer research this even should last about four hours if anyone would like to join us for an evening of pillaging and mayhem give me a shout and i will set you up.
  2. Gasparilla Invasion Parade of Pirates | Gasparilla, FL

    i gotcha, i was thinking they were the same day, we already got a hotel so..., i'm going to try and modify my scout trooper armor for a star wars/ pirate thing lol, figured why not.
  3. Gasparilla Invasion Parade of Pirates | Gasparilla, FL

    we're heading over friday night after work so we can be around all day for the affairs, but i'm looking forward to the night parade
  4. Gasparilla Invasion Parade of Pirates | Gasparilla, FL

    anybody going?, my buddy and i are looking at going, was just wondering if anybody else was.
  5. where did they keep their money?

    while at work this evening i started thinking about old style pocket books and wallets then the thought occurred to me, where did 18th century mariners keep their money?... was it in a pouch tied to their belt, or was it a cloth wallet of some sort, i tried looking for information but came up empty handed, what do yall think or know about this?
  6. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    it's the weekend of my company christmas party and i have to do that whole dog& pony show, so im out.
  7. unfinished garb critique

    well... that is quite a haul, i will have to see what my finances are like for getting a hotel room and see if the ole' lady wants to make a weekend of it lol
  8. unfinished garb critique

    i would love to but it's just too far of a drive for me right now.
  9. unfinished garb critique

    thanks,. the slops are ones i made from a kass pattern and the shirt i got from jas townsend along with the shoes untill i can get better ones, ive been on the lookout for something that would make a good cudgel about the length of a cane, more than likely i'm going to order another shirt like this one cause it is sooo damn comfy.
  10. unfinished garb critique

    thanks for fixing the links, im not planning on participating in any events unless i can talk someone into letting on a float for the parade or just walk next to one, and the bash saturday night i just plan on hanging out and having a good time, the one piece of information i cant seem to find is wether or not i need a scabbard for my cutlass, im probly going to pick up a boarding ax from tiger lee so that'll suffice.
  11. unfinished garb critique

    i keep forgetting how to get the images to come up without clicking on the links
  12. unfinished garb critique

    what do yall think?... this is what i'll be wearing around st. augustine for the gathering
  13. 2012 10 23 14.45.41

    From the album Oscar Henry

    do these slops make me look fat?
  14. 2012 10 23 14.45.02

    From the album Oscar Henry

  15. 2012 10 23 14.44.09

    From the album Oscar Henry

    not sure how i feel about not having a scabbard