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    Global travel; Writing children's books (unpublished as yet); Civil War reenacting; Fencing; Lord of the Rings; Batman; Planet of the Apes; Marx Brothers; Monty Python; Warhammer; antique medical equipment; costume and prop design and production; Theatre (always theatre -- life really IS a stage)... I guess I should add "Pirates" to the list, no?
  1. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    Just finishing up some details on the Friday Night Game. I actually logged on here because I am missing a photograph. Back to work...
  2. W.A.G.-word association game

  3. Happy Natal Day!

    Happy Natal Day to who? To Me? It be my birthday! So, thanks! Raise yer tankard and toast me! You heard me!
  4. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    Don't be lookin' at me. The rum was brought into my room, but left my room by equally suspicious circumstances. I'd suggest lookin' in yer own kit fer any of the bottles. Damned pirates.
  5. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    Do ye need a Cartographer? If I have to draw up any maps of the hotel, there'll be an "X" markin' the spot for me quarters, ye can be sure!
  6. Captain Sterlings backstaff

    A simply beautiful job, indeed.
  7. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    Just make sure you arrange a delivery of three cases of Pirate's Choice rum!
  8. W.A.G.-word association game

    Scrubbing bubbles
  9. Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008

    ... said photograph extolling, without doubt, the evils of demon rum.
  10. Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008

    Oops... sorry -- another point. I was interviewed (by the Travel Dog) for some kids' show or news program during "Breakfast with the Pirates" on Saturday morning. The show is apparently broadcast out of West Allis (WI). If anyone managed to get a videotaped copy of the interview clip (less than 30 seconds long, I estimate), I would be very interested in getting a copy. A pirated copy, of course.
  11. Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008

    Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier -- I forgot my camera at home. So there will be no pictures coming from this quarter. Considering the vantage point I had at many times, the absence of my camera is perhaps a very good thing.
  12. Port Washington Pirate Fest 2008

    Safely back home. Yes - a lot was rained out, but there were plenty of periods of calm (weather) allowing for much merriment. Sadly, many campers were flooded out (I am sure they will post their gripes) but there was a HUGE Hurricane Party in Pete's Suite at the Holiday Inn! (Party was unofficially sponsored by Pirate's Choice Rum -- which delivered three cases of rum to the room at no cost!) More later... I am sure pictures will follow (some of which I am sure to regret).
  13. What kind of weather are you having?

    It is gorgeous outside. The Missus and I went to the local flea market yesterday, and I was too hot in my light jacket. Opening the back door today so the cats can watch the birdies frolic in the warm weather.
  14. W.A.G.-word association game

    My Friend Flicka
  15. Raise a glass in memory

    Damn those dirty apes! As soon as I heard the news this morning, I rushed to the Forum to see if this had been posted. I am in mourning over this. He was one of my all-time favorite actors (I have a short list of perhaps five). This is hardly "Beyond Piracy" as Charleton Heston portrayed Long John Silver (1990). He and I were both bon in the same city (Evanston, IL). Another rifle fan who will miss this rifle fanatic.