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  1. Pirate Spokesperson for Stoli Vodka

    Your casting call was fantastic...what was the outcome?
  2. POTC 5...

    Man did you read all the nasty comments after the article...send shivers up my spine..they way they talk! Well all I can say is I anticipate the next POTC..yes...hopefully it will make up for how they bungled the third one...killing off everyone seemed lame...and the locker with a hundred crazy jacks was too much! We will have to see how this one comes out..they tease so with the trailer. I don't know if the trailer from the Super Bowl gave us a few more seconds of the story seemed it had a bit more footage. I don't know perhaps Iron Bess could tell us some of the story...or will she be flogged by the Mouse? lol. If they do have a 5th..I wonder what the story is based on...anyone know at this point? Iron Bess?
  3. POTC 4 is at this time....

    My dear peglegstrick..YOU CERTAINLY DO!...and might I just add a mighty fine one at that...!! Captain McCool...oh thanks thanks thanks......was't a wondering on whose nice wooden leg that was in them trailers...ooh cannot wait for the movie..(i hope it is better than the last un!)
  4. New Pirate event in So Cal San Diego

    Dang Ody...I just spied you on a webby for the MARKED MEN PARTY - I saw the party listed for 2011 and they had pic's from last you were in a ton of I was going through all the pics I kept seeing you and then there was a pic with your mug...and I thought Damn..thought I knew that pyrate! Small where great...would love to go to this pyrate party for sure. Been playin caregiver to me mom's for the past 2 years so no pyratical events for moi....sigh...but it will be time to dust off the old pyrate shoes and get back in the melay of things sure enough. Was great to see you in those pics from last years party! Your new party sounds like it will be are some ideas 1. Kissing booth? (even on the cheek type?) 2. Who has the biggest hat, pistol or ? (keep it 3. Pyrate pie eatin contest ? 4. Belly Dancers 5. Pirate ditties...karokee? 6. Rum recipes or Pirate recipes booth just some crazy ideas fer ya...
  5. POTC 4 is at this time....

    Okay now who has the wooden leg? I am confused now..............
  6. How many go see the POTC movies in Garb?

    1. adam  cyphers
    2. LadyBarbossa


      I've been to two of the three PotC films in my piratical attire. Hopefully shall make it 3 out of 4 come May. :)

      ~Lady B

    3. Dread Pyrate Greyhound

      Dread Pyrate Greyhound

      I went to see the second one on the midnight release on my birthday. My garb sadly wasn't that impressive yet. I was still using a bathrobe for a Frock Coat! thankfully when number four comes out I'll have a decent costume to wear

  7. POTC 4 is at this time....

    Whew, it's been a long haul since I have been a vistin' this site. I just landed on the latest trailer I was impressed. The only other trailler I saw was just Jack yacking at the camera with the hint of Penelope in the cast. I was impressed...I so far like that wooden leg (assuming from the quick trailer bits..that was his). Wow May is around the corner...I had a news article about the next POTC on the outside of my cubicle wall for the longest..and now it's around the corner. Hussah..can't wait..hmmm sneaking in some rum tis a might fine idea! Hey we don't have a drinkin' emoticon no more?
  8. LACMA MUSE MIDNIGHT OKAY the dang box for insert link does not work. I get emails for the Labyrinth Ball all time each year and it looks like the producers of the event have extended it to another type of event...check it out...August 21
  9. Airship Pyrates at Burning Man

    I just found this video and thought you might enjoy it..,32068,39616455001_1921966,00.html cannot insert link correctly....
  10. Spartacus - Blood and Sand

    I have watched up to Epi 3 and wow...I am hooked! There are folks on the Starz message boards ripping it because of the nudity, sex and language ...what did they expect for the Roman era.... I love it and enjoy the show for what it is a..trully fun romp!
  11. Gotta vent!

    So sad, when people do the arrogant hunting thing. I am not a hunter. I can understand if you live in a wilderness area and the rangers have set up a specific hunting season and you take meat to eat, but just to shoot and kill for the sake of doing that. It's horrible...not even animals kill for pleasure, and yet we are evolved from the animal kingdom, sometimes our smarts is not so smart. Too many animals are just expendable at our hands for pleasure. Sigh....
  12. Spartacus - Blood and Sand

    I don't know if someone has posted this already, if they have please delete my post. I don't know if some of you already knew about this from going to Comic Con. It seems they had a panel there with some of the folks that are producing it or acting in it (saw some clips on youtube). Anyway I was checking for the CA weather for our 5 day rainstorms and there was an ad on the side about this new show. Well I went to the Stars website specifically for this new show..and they had Episode 1 posted...I watched it and WOW IT IS FANTASTIC. Done in the style of The 300, but much much better, and I liked The 300 and own the DVD. I cannot wait for episode 2. Anyone seen any of it?
  13. Haitian earthquake

    Usually where I work they set up a company matching program for the big disasters. I waited for that since my monies will be doubled. So they finally set that up so today they got 100 dineros from me. It's so terrible over there been watching since day 1.
  14. This Forum

    I would not have to sort out the 2009 events from the 2010 events, it gets confusing... can we float the 2009 events to the bottom of the page?
  15. Hey... I'm not Homeless anymore...

    Patrick, a few months ago the news was doing a lot of stories of people who are living out on the road due to the economic crisis, and they were starting to look for peeps like this...I wonder if they only came across you now due to this type of situation becoming more and more predominant? I know the division I used to work used to let folks stay in their RV's in the corner of the parking lot by the employee park...due to some folks lived far away and let them live in the parking lot during the week and some would go home on the weekend...but I noticed they put a stop to that as well. You would think the government would see this situation and set up something with Government ran parks etc?