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  1. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    I started its own post, I didn't want to take away from the Morgan Pic topic. Boots, yeah. I love this debate. Now see people, we can have a friendly debate, without peoples slops getting in a bunch. GoF, I didn’t get your PM about the Batavia’s boots, but I received those pics from Charity here at the pub. True, if you look at the pics of the “Bucket Boots” who in there right mind would want to wear those stiff looking things on a ship, maybe some, I don’t know. If you look at the pics of the Batavia boots and another illustration of seamen wearing boots, they look totally different, looser, more baggy and more “ship friendly”. Is it possibly that there were several different styles of boots, both tall with folded tops, maybe. A discussion in its own. Now I’m not saying that every pirate or sailor wore boots, hell I’m not even saying that most of them wore boots, I am just saying that some did. Hey, don’t get me wrong I wear buckle shoes too. Shhh don’t tell my boot friends about that . I don’t think Hollywood came up with the idea that they wore boots, there are a lot of early 19th century images of seamen wearing boots, that’s in the 1800’s, a lot closer to the GAoP than we are , with so many depictions of them wearing boots it had to have come from some where.
  2. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Petee sneaks in Ahoy? Psst... evidence. Looks around, sneaks out.
  3. You in yar garb.

    I was wonderin, I havn't seen many of me fellow crew. I think Diego and Rummy are the only ones I've actually had the pleasure of meeting. And those avatars and profile pics are too small ta be seein with me dead lights. So I was thinkin that I should start a thread, so me mates can be puttin pics up o themselves in their Pyrate garb. Also ya can post if thar be a particular someone o the crew that you would like ta be seein a pic of.
  4. NEW RUM!

  5. Captain Morgan

    Amen Lady B, amen!
  6. What do you hate in a pirate?

    Well said Mr. Morris
  7. Blackbeard’s True Treasure

    I can see what Mission is saying, after reading the article, the author, in my opinion, was trying to paint the image that slavery was all that Blackbeard was interested in. And I think that he is trying to make a bigger deal out of something that was common. There was a slave trade during the GAoP, and slaves were cargo and pirates took cargo.
  8. forum

    Pirates never say die! Or was that goonies, I forget, oh well nope the Pub aint dead, it just and flows like the sea.
  9. Captain Morgan

    My link This ones better
  10. Port Royal TV show!

    My link
  11. What do you hate in a pirate?

    I don't forgive ya cause I hates every body.... :angry: ..... HAHAHA. Just kidding no I don't, Love is what I got, even for those that question that validity of bucket boots.
  12. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    Be good to see you too mate, we will have to have a rum or three!
  13. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    That be right in my waters mate
  14. I am going to get drunk, that is all.

  15. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    Would love to see ya too mate and your movie, zombies you say, I'm definitely there. This is still on the Queen Mary?
  16. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    Thank you Foxe, its good to see a familiar face around here as well. I need to stop by more often. Also let me congratulate you on your publishing. True, history books do get it wrong from time to time. Although there are some well-documented facts in the book as well. I wasn’t trying to give the impression that all pirates wore boots and if they had them were worn on a ship. Situation does dictate the wardrobe, if you had the means, I mean. Just illustrating a fact that these certain types of boots were available during this time period. I could be wrong, but weren’t a certain percentage of these pirates out of work buccaneers? And weren’t buccaneers landsmen as well, originally that is. Again not to say that they all owned boots, but that they could have access to them and worn them when the situation arose.
  17. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    Is this just a steam punk affair or are pirates welcome as well
  18. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    Oh please some tell me hoe to upload pics to posts how
  19. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    Not meaning to sound rude, but I’m not going off of the documentations of an actor in Hollywood make and or style boots. Of course situation dictates the wardrobe and anyone with sense would adjust appropriately. As for swimming, I don’t care how good of a swimmer you are, it would be terribly hard to egg beater for the appropriate amount of time for a rigged ship under sail to turn and pick you up.
  20. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    Ahoy! Not a stupid question, not a stupid question at all. For those of you that know me, know that I could not let this post go without chiming in. I fancy me self as a proponent or a defender of the bucket boot if you will, and I use the term “Bucket Boot “ loosely because the boot with the large folded down top had many names, from jack boot to Wellington. So grab your Bud Light, because here we go. First of let me start by saying that in no way that I am insinuating that all pirates, if any wore boots. I am just stating that it was possible and probable for them to be able to and yes the buckety jack sparrow type. I have done this research not just because I want an excuse to be able to wear them, but because for the longest time I saw pirates being portrayed in them and when I first got into this piraty thing and started to hear certain people say “ No, pirates never wore bucket boots.” I thought , the deuce you say. Why then have they been portrayed as wearing them for so long. I know a lot of people will blame N.C. Wyeth or Mr. Pyle, which the majority of their illustrations don’t have pirates wearing the bucket boot. Truth is they were being portrayed wearing these boots long before these artists and Hollywood, somewhere back to the early 19th century that would be the early 1800’s. Anyway back to my point, which is that the so called bucket boot was not just worn by horsemen but buy everyone, and well into the golden age of piracy and not just in the early 1600’s or the early 17th century as some would have us believe. “During the reign of the first Charles,1625 ~1649, the boots (which were made of fine Spanish leather, and were of a buff color) became very large and wide at the top. “ P48 "During the whole of the commonwealth, 1649~1660, large boot tops of this kind were worn even by the Puritans, they were, however, large only and not decorated with costly lace.” P49-50 “With the restoration of Charles II. , 1660~1685, Came the large French boot, in which the courtiers of “Louis le grand:”,1682 ~1712, always delighted to exhibit their legs.” P50 “With the great revolution of 1688, and his majesty William III, 1689 ~ 1702 . Came the large jack boot. “ P51 “Such were the boots of our cavalry and INFANTRY, and in such cumbrous articles did they fight in the low countries, following the example of Charles XIII., 1697~1718, of Sweden. “ P52 “A boot was worn by civilians, less rigid than the one last described, the leg taking more of the natural shape, and the tops being smaller, of a more pliant kind, and sometimes ornamented round the edges.” P52 In this section of the book it clearly states that during this time period, 1697~1718, these type of boots existed. Well within the golden age of piracy. The Book Of Feet, 1847, Joseph Sparkes Hall “The samples of boots given are from the time of Louis XIV and XV. Fig 40 was called the cauldron boot; this had a peculiar appendage around the ankle. Fig41, the bellows boot, has an enormous top, so that a man could hardly wear a pair without straddling. Fig 42, the postillion’s boot; these were generally made of very heavy material, so if the postilion, by chance, should fall from his horse, the wheels of the carriage might pass over his legs without doing him injury.” P25-26 A Short Treatise On Boots And Shoes, 1884, Slater J&J Once again I am, not trying to insinuate that all pirate wore boots. Just that it was possible and probable. I mean that if one was to raid a ship and find someone on board with the exact same shoe size would be rare. But whose to say it didn’t happen or you had enough loot to go get a pair made or buy a pair. Or perhaps they are an 18th century re-enactor of a 17th century buccaneer, , just kidding. Now having been to the Caribbean and sailed on a rigged ship, not at the same time mind you, I can tell you it gets really hot and I’m from southern California and that’s saying a lot and big ol bots would not be fun in that heat. But tromping around through the brush on those islands I can say that they would be beneficial. But on a ship I would actually prefer a pair of canvas topped, rubber soled deck shoes and or chukka boots. Much love to all. Hugs and kisses. I have images to go with all this quotes, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to upload them, my apologies.
  21. Pirates of the West Coast

    I know right, I still lurk around these waters from time to time, especially when I hear the call to defend the bucket boot.
  22. Pirates of the West Coast

    Holy crap, this is old school
  23. Ojai, Ca.

    Just heard back from goldcoast, and this is just a rumor
  24. Ojai, Ca.

    I heard a rumor that this will be the last Ojai! iS THIS TRUE?