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  1. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    Petee sneaks in Ahoy? Psst... evidence. Looks around, sneaks out.
  2. Captain Morgan

    Amen Lady B, amen!
  3. What do you hate in a pirate?

    Well said Mr. Morris
  4. Blackbeard’s True Treasure

    I can see what Mission is saying, after reading the article, the author, in my opinion, was trying to paint the image that slavery was all that Blackbeard was interested in. And I think that he is trying to make a bigger deal out of something that was common. There was a slave trade during the GAoP, and slaves were cargo and pirates took cargo.
  5. forum

    Pirates never say die! Or was that goonies, I forget, oh well nope the Pub aint dead, it just and flows like the sea.
  6. Captain Morgan

    My link This ones better
  7. Port Royal TV show!

    My link
  8. What do you hate in a pirate?

    I don't forgive ya cause I hates every body.... :angry: ..... HAHAHA. Just kidding no I don't, Love is what I got, even for those that question that validity of bucket boots.
  9. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    Be good to see you too mate, we will have to have a rum or three!
  10. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    That be right in my waters mate
  11. I am going to get drunk, that is all.

  12. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    Would love to see ya too mate and your movie, zombies you say, I'm definitely there. This is still on the Queen Mary?
  13. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    Thank you Foxe, its good to see a familiar face around here as well. I need to stop by more often. Also let me congratulate you on your publishing. True, history books do get it wrong from time to time. Although there are some well-documented facts in the book as well. I wasn’t trying to give the impression that all pirates wore boots and if they had them were worn on a ship. Situation does dictate the wardrobe, if you had the means, I mean. Just illustrating a fact that these certain types of boots were available during this time period. I could be wrong, but weren’t a certain percentage of these pirates out of work buccaneers? And weren’t buccaneers landsmen as well, originally that is. Again not to say that they all owned boots, but that they could have access to them and worn them when the situation arose.
  14. Steam Punk Pirates at Pyrate Daze

    Is this just a steam punk affair or are pirates welcome as well
  15. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    Oh please some tell me hoe to upload pics to posts how