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    Sailing, Traveling, running my crappy old converted short school bus on Waste Vegetable Oil, boatbuilding, drawing, writing, visiting questionable seaside dive bars, surviving visits to questionable seaside dive bars, bartending at a particularly questionable seaside dive bar. Chatting with the Questionable Women who visit Seaside dive bars.
  1. FTPI 2015 Cancelled

    I am sure that this has been said elsewhere,but... Can we organize some smaller scale alternative(s) in our local areas as something of a fundraiser for FOFT? I realize that I haven't made it to the event since '09, but I am having withdrawals at the thought alone of not getting there this year. I am even living in The Sunshine State once again and being this much closer to Cayo Hueso was a major factor in the decision to move home. Any thoughts on how to keep this event viable? I would like to do what I can to help. Cutter The Red Herring
  2. Trade Blankets

    Just wondering about the possibility of trade blankets for the 2014 event. Since we just moved home to Florida very recently, we are not in a good position to set up as full merchant/vendors, but we are unpacking some of our handcrafted items and we would like to make them available. Should this be allowed, and profitable trade come our way, we would be glad to share that good fortune.
  3. Sleeping and washing...

    dis t'read a bit old now, but I t'ought I might ask me questions 'ere, as dey seems ta be related... we now live full time in our RV and it is how we will be travelling down to PIP 2014. I know that there are no hook-up on site, but I was wondering if there are restrictions regarding entering with and parking an RV in the parking area. I do seem to remember one or two back in '09
  4. A very interesting series of circumstances find the Lady Gingerand myself in the Port of San Diego just in time for the Festival of Sail event. Though not specifically a pyrate themed event, we wondered if anyone from the Pub may be in attendance..
  5. FTPI Roll Call 2014

    Zeewolves: Crew of 3... Cutter & Ginger, and one more to be announced Haven't been able to attend since '09, so please let us know if we need to make more formal arrangements. Seeing as we will be Florida Residents by then, we have no excuses for not attending this year.
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