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  1. Wot are you drinkin' right now....

    gettin ready for my nightly whiskey
  2. What you be eating right this second?

    craving mc donalds eating nothing
  3. Whatcha linsten' to?

    the return of david gale!
  4. How Do You FEEL Now?

    excited and overwhelmed, loved and abandoned
  5. How Do You FEEL Now?

  6. The Pirates Charles

    My husband knows them cant says i ever met them personally i think they came to the gate while i was greetin at esco seem alright.... I love sand in the rum and flower of bermuda
  7. Ojai, Ca.

    I'll be there on sunday this weekend you can probibly find me in merchants around leather rush i wouldnt wonder
  8. Ojai, Ca.

    I'll be there sunday the 28th... My husband is a worker for leather rush... the young cute one... lol anyway nice pic they make me miss faire so much
  9. How Do You FEEL Now?

    Missing my husband and awaiting our reunion on sunday morning
  10. The Great Loose Weight Thread

    Okay weight loss just the thing i feel like talking about tonight *tries to hide the sarcasm* anyway I had gastric bypass about ten months ago and in the process lot 135 pounds. I'm now at 162 on a larger bone structure at 5'3" I like to think of myself as curvy... anyway I'm going back on a diet as of tomorrow any ideas anyone?
  11. What you be eating right this second?

    string cheese
  12. Coffee or tea?

    a nice chai latte actually made with breve (half and half)
  13. What's your day job

    I be a makeup artist and a cashier at jc penneys
  14. YOUR pirate soundtrack

    Without further a due…. Bloody Mary Bonney’s official theme soundtrack! Please enjoy… I stand alone- by Godsmack Knocking on heavens door- The cowboy bebop movie Rain- The cowboy bebop movie If I had a million duckettes- by the brobdingnagian bards Finnegan’s wake- by the Brobdingnagian bards The old dun cow- by the Brobdingnagian bards The Irish ballad- by the Brobdingnagian bards The Grey Funnel Line- by the poxy baggards The limerick rake- by I don’t remember Yo, ho, a pirates life for me- by Disney Death valley Queen- by Flogging molly Rebels of the sacred heart- by Flogging molly The devils dance floor- by Flogging molly Happy jacks undrinkable ale- by the poxy bogarrds No good deed- from wicked I’m going to hell for this one- by nofx Herojiwana- by nofx Where is your god?- By nofx Green sleeves- by The brobdingnagian bards The point of no return- from phantom of the opera The Gilligan’s island theme- by bowling for soup The show must go on- by Queen Blue- from the cowboy bebop movie The anthem of our dying day- by story of the year
  15. YOUR pirate soundtrack

    let me raid me itunes and get back to ya...