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  1. I'm currently drinking a . . .

    A Sam Adams Summer Ale
  2. Hope everyone is doing well. It's been awhile!

  3. Massive Prayers needed for my Nephew

    That's just heart breaking, I'm praying hard for him Syren.
  4. Some good thoughts

    Good Luck Jessi. I hope the best for you!
  5. I'm currently drinking a . . .

    glass of white wine. Glass #4 in fact.

    Happy belated Halloween everyone! I hope everyone had a great night!
  7. Mistress Silkie... Happy Birthday Lady!

    Happy Birthday Silkie!
  8. Petty Annoyances

    I've never ran over someone's pet so I've never actually had to put too much thought into this, and I'm very sorry for the lose of your family's pet. I just have to add this in as a thought, and I was curious what other people thought. I was always taught to never stop at the houses near by if you have hit a dog or cat. The concern being that the owner may take out their anger on you and hurt you or worse, especially if you are a woman and it's at night. I've always been a bit torn on this topic. Not everyone lives in a safe area, but then again almost everyone loves their pets and doesn't want to think they've hurt a beloved animal. Overall the best answer is to be careful when you are driving and to always stay alert to avoid hitting anything, people or animals. However, if it were to happen, what would be the best way to handle this situation without putting yourself in a potentially dangerous place?
  9. Bullies

    I was picked on from 3rd grade to 12th grade. Too many stories to tell them all, let's just say Middle School was the worst and I cried way too much. I was just different, I dressed how I wanted and was non-confrontational. Over all I was a perfect target. In high school I was still picked on, but I had a good group of friends so it wasn't as bad. In 11th grade, I almost got in a fight with a girl that picked on me everyday. Thank goodness I didn't! I wound up working with her mother after college (who by the way was also evil). She was the office manager at work and I wouldn't have my job if I had acted on my impulses. As Silkie said, what we go through makes us who we are today. So I can't complain much. Besides, I've heard of how many of my tormentors are doing today. Let's just say karma went into effect!
  10. Birthday songs to the Syren!

    Happy Birthday Syren! Hope you find something good in the antique stores!
  11. Who is coming?

    I had a great time too Matt! What a miserable drive home though! I can't wait to see pictures.
  12. Who is coming?

    I'll be at the den too Matt.
  13. Happy Natal Day Rogue Mermaid

    Thank You Syren, Jill, Rumba & Sterling. It was a great day, very laid back. I celebrated with my family and boyfriend with a cookout that included a bushel of steamed crabs, swimming with my niece and lots of laughs. I feel good too because I spent the morning helping a friend move. Now, I have three days off work and I'm going to spend two of them in Ocean City, MD. It's been a really great day.
  14. I have a job!

    Congratulations! That's great news!
  15. Love this Boot!!!

    So... how long before Walmart carries an affordable knock-off? (Crosses fingers)