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    I *used* to be an environmental scientist, until I married a DoDDs teacher in 1997. Since then, I have been living in, and traveling around, Europe (First the UK, now Germany).

    My hobbies are all the "usual suspects" for those interested in re-enacting and Golden Age of Piracy stuff.... but I have drifted away from the pirate scene as my location and young family don't allow for any more than "virtual" pirate participation. Besides Piracy, I am into Reverend Guitars and Vintage Corvettes.

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  1. Taking orders for Hand Gonne's and Linstock

    Ok... I am waiting for the video of this being fired!
  2. Dissecting the Pirate: 2 Guayacil

    Seems like most pics of "period" tricorns are on folks with both feet on land. They just seem un-practical for ship borne use IMHO. But get a sailor on land, and well... anything can happen. Regardless, I just don't think you can go wrong with a quality Monmouth cap... Cheers
  3. Leather Capps faced with Red Cotton, and lined wit

    It could be... Hard to say. Enigma for sure!
  4. Buckle shoes, the accurate ones

    Brit Privateer... Awesome shoes dude... awesome
  5. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    AWESOME STUFF GUYS! Really, Really, REALLY Impressed. The hobby has come Sooooooo Far in 5 years, largely due to your love and dedication! I have been outside of the pirate thing for a while, and didn't even know of the "Forsaken" Crew... God help us if they ever go Roving with the ArchAngel! Billy Beach... Holy Toledo. Speechless. He could make a living going to schools impersonating Ben Gunn/Robinson Crusoe. "Pirates" have been on the curriculum for VA Beach Public schools for Decades now, and I know first hand that they have paid certain Pirate Impersonators several hundred $ to give 1 hour talks at schools. There are over 60 Elementary Schools in VA Beach (I'll let you do the math!) Keep em Coming! You guys are inspiring me to do an update of It probably hasn't changed in 3-5 years. Sigh.... where has the time gone! PS Any suggestions for the gof site, PM me!
  6. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    VERY NICE guys... very nice! William Red Wake... I was putting him in the que to put up next.. and he beat me to it! So many great photos of him. And, of course, there is the Capt Sterlings Crew! I am always amazed at their tireless efforts to make the hobby better! I went to the Archangel site... to get(steal) some pictures to post here... but couldn't figure out how to steal em'... lousy pirate I make! Keep up the good work guys!
  7. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    J8ksdad Very nice! Get some tooth black and some "pox" scars and folks would "stand back!" I miight have to start a seperate thread for pics of ladies & wenches... But here is one I stubled across... Great Job Redjessi !!!!
  8. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    Some REALLY great stuff... I especailly like the striped slops in Missions post #10... the guy with the blue jacket... forgive my ignorance, but who is that? Whoever... well done sir, well done! FIrst Mate Matt What a great shoe/slop combo you got there! Obviously, you have put a lot of time/effort/energy/thought into your kit! Here is another that probably doesn't get the praise that it should... M.A d.Dogge... Most Impressive, Most impressive. I don't think most re-enactor have an idea of how cool that is. I doff my floppy hat to you in AWE! While I appreciate some of you guys who are very humble, and describe your kits as "simple"... there is really no such thing. Nothing accurate is simple. I really dig Brass' 1660s kit. Its the attention to detail that knocks my socks off... LOVIN' the shoes! Well Done Brass, Well done!
  9. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    Bo You Gotta here the narration on the Honey Badger... it'll bust your sides! Great pics guys.. I wasn't leavin' anyone out... Pat Hand is in my personal Pirate/Bucc "Hall of Fame" awesome re-enactor. Matty... love that short jacket... and its lined with some righteous checked linen too! You are doing great! I myself have lost a ton of weight... well, not a ton, but 40lbs over the last year... Switched to a vegan diet and the pounds are just falling away... But thats another post topic all to itself. Keep the pics coming guys... VERY impressed!
  10. When was the Golden Age of Piracy?

    Wow... you go on a couple years cruise and you miss all the good stuff. So I'll be late to the party and add my two cents worth... but its probably worth less than that these days. Anywhoo... I like Foxe's cirteria, but I will add two more things to the list, though I am not sure what I would break out under the headings 6 Pirates of the GAOP elected to resort to piracy in reaction to the Socioeconomic & geopolitical forces that were broadly affecting Europe/Americas. 7 (and I am not sure of the best wording for this but here is a stab at it) Pirates of the GAOP are quasi united by a similar "fashion" period. Now the arguments can fly here but I'd argue that a 1690 pirate/sailor in his clothing would not really be out of place in 1722... but prior to 1785ish or so, the sailor fashions were different, and after about 1730ish trends change as well. Yes, Justaucorps changed... yes, there was a difference in which fabrics/colors would be fashionable at any specific time along the way, but in the 1690-1725 couldron of fashion that is a lot of overlap as styles wax and wane. You could see petticoat breeches along side of slop hose. Slop hose themselves seem to fluctuate in legnth during this period.. Tied shoes and buckle shoes... buckles of similar size (but GROWING after 1730) For re-enacting purposes it can be a blessing (and a curse). I used 1680-1725 on my website... Which I like, so I am using it.
  11. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    No wait... one more! Cpt Bo is one of my favorites. He is the honey badger of the he Pirate Re-enacting world... don't believe me... And I mean that with the greatest respect in the world Bo! we are just eatin' your scraps. Well, done sir, well done!
  12. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    LUCAS WELSH His post stated, "No frills, just a simple pirate" Ironically, its not simple at all! I am loving the look! Nice job on this outfit... love the slop hose... and the shoes look great too! OK.. I am done for now... please post some of your own!
  13. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    I have seen this pic before, and I wanna make sure it gets all the kudos it should Cuisto Mako... Is that not just INCREDIBLY AWESOME???? !!!!!! Its one thing to talk the talk, but dude, you are walking the WALK! Great Job! Now get outside and stand around a campfire!
  14. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    Ahoy Shipmates! I only drop by the port occasionally, and one of the things I like to do is see how the state of authentic pirate re-enacting/lving history is doing. Some of you old deck hands are really plugging away at it and its impressive. Some of you new(er) folks, are standing on the shoulders of those that came before and are REALLY doing a top ship-shape job. If I could be so bold, I'd love to have/see a thread in C-Twill for just those pictures of you guys in your "accurate", "authentic", "period correct" or whatever its called these days, pirate kits. I know some of you aren't there yet..... BUT please post pictures of your "in progress" kits too! YES - I know there are galleries and other threads on this site for pictures, but we usually have to sift through the pirate belly dancers, hollywierd skeleton pirates, and Jack Sparrow clones to get to the "autheticals". Not that there is anything WRONG with that stuff... the priate community is, after all, a big ol' sailing ship with plenty o' room for all types. So... for the innaugal photo, and the picture that inspired this thread... I present somebody other than myself, as I can't seem to find any pics of me in my stuff... my avatar is all I can find. Anyway..... Ivan Henry... come on down, you are the next contestant on, "Man, your kit is AWESOME!"
  15. Peter the Grat's Salor outfit - specifically the hat.

    I don't stop by here very often, and its a shame... But Ivan Henry, you look awesome! Keep up the good work! PS Notice cool PTG hat on my Avatar! Kristy Buckland made it for me about 7 years ago or so... Yeah, before it was cool!