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    Scrapbooking, paper crafting, cardmaking, spending time with the loves of my life Carl, and AJ, homeschooling, cooking, sharing God's love in any way I can.
  1. Santa Maria 2012 Surgeon's Journal

    Thank you kind sir, you are the best!
  2. Santa Maria 2012 Surgeon's Journal

    Mission, Bosun Carl's mate here...........I loved your journal, this is the first time I read the whole thing instead of Carl regailing me with quips and quotes! I enjoyed it very much. I have a favor to ask though. Being Carl's wife and AJ's mother, I always beg for photos of events, since I don't get to go, so that I can make scrapbooks for them of all of their adventures. However, my boys rarely if ever operate a camera. So I love all of the photos you had of the event with them in them or not. Could I prevail upon you to send them to me via email or a link where I can download them or possibly pay you for mailing me a disc of said photos? It would truly mean much to all of us! I am begging anyone with photos to let me know they have them if they are willing to share! Thanks so very much!
  3. Ebay-Soft White Leather Handstitched Longhunters Frock

    Thanks so much sir, Master Alan will be delighted that I may find another forum to showcase his beautiful coat and possibly find it a good home and he some cash for his smoothbore! Thanks for the information very, very much! Hope you and your lovely bride are blessed and well! Bo'suns mate & Master Alan
  4. Hey all, I have an auction on ebay for this item. It has all of the details there for it and I will attach the link below. Master AJ is trying to sell this to aid in getting money for a smoothbore. We originally were told by a native craftsman who looked at it to list it for $450.00 we started out at $350.00 but I have lowered it to $300.00. For fellow pub members we would take $275.00 just use the make offer button and it will take that amount. Thanks Bo'suns mate Soft White Leather-Caped Longhunters Frock - eBay (item 290592190360 end time Aug-26-11 16:17:34 PDT)
  5. Blades for arming Lob

    Michael, Thanks so much. I was only wondering because they meant a lot to AJ but contributing to something for the fun of the crew meant even more to him. He felt like it was something HE got to do. So I just wanted to make sure they got there and would work. He will be pleased to know that you liked them. Please accept from all of us, our condolances on your Grandmother's passing, we have experienced much loss in our family, so our hearts and prayers are with you. I hope the whirlwind of life slows down for you soon, be safe. Cheri (bo'suns mate)
  6. Blades for arming Lob

    Hey Michael, Bosun's mate here, I have left a couple of posts about Master Alan sending you the guns for Lob. Have not heard back that they arrived safely and were a good fit. Please let us know. Thanks Bosun's Mate
  7. Blades for arming Lob

    Hey there sir, Just wanting to make sure that the mini firearms arrived and see what you thought about their fit for Lob! AJ was excited to hear. Also, did he get his photo taken with the new blades at the last event?
  8. Blades for arming Lob

    Just a note to say, that I posted the firearms for Lob this morning and they are now in the hands of the United States Postal Service! Hopefully by the time you return from this weekends event, you will have them! Have a safe and enjoyable journey this weekend!
  9. Blades for arming Lob

    HUH? Because a pirate without treasure is like a monkey without a spatula! Lob's new armaments arrived either early this week, or late last week (I was out of town, so who can say)... And they are awesome! They fit Lob well, and are a rather striking matched set! If Master Alan would like to contribute to the monkey's delinquency, then who am I to object... In fact, I would have to support that idea %110!!! Well then, Master Alan says he would be delighted! I will get them packaged and posted and off to you on the morrow! I do agree, however, we should get to see photos of Lob and his new gear! And I do ship to the same addy as the donations for the auction went to correct? I saved it, just in case.
  10. Blunderbuss For sale

    Yes, and he is delighted! He has not put it down except to shower and sleep since he got her and last night he and his dad heard her voice for the first time. She performed beautifully! You're the best!
  11. Blunderbuss For sale

    Wes, The bo'suns mate here, I noticed your ad for the blunderbuss. My son AJ has been wanting a new one forever! He has only about $110 saved currently but he does have for sale or trade a leather hunters frock. It is about a size xtra large. I have not actually measured it, but he wears at least a 3xtall now! It was hand made for him as a gift and he wagged it to several events, so it looks kind of broken in, but it is not damaged at all. All holes are hide holes only. It is very well done and a Native American gentleman that makes them told me it's value would be around $450.00 we have it on etsy for $350.00 currently. Would you consider a trade for the coat and the $110.00 cash? Just a thought. Soft White LeatherCaped Longhunters Frock by scrapcentral on Etsy You can see photos and a description here. I don't know how to makes links work on here or photos so you might have to cut and paste. Thanks for the consideration, The bo'suns mate
  12. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    Wow, I am so thrilled with the photos! Thanks so much to Kate, Bob, and MadPete! The photos are superb, and I am so excited about all the different angles even on the same events! I appreciate all of you sharing so very, very, much! And to Janet and Captain J, thanks so much for the good food and care given to my fellas! And I will make very sure that Amish bread and Scotch eggs are a consistent part of events from here on out, as I hear they were a hit! Maybe by the next time you all get together, I can have some of the scrapbooks put together to share with you. Thanks again, I have enjoyed seeing the photos that go with all the excited stories! You are the greatest! Thanks again! The Bo'suns Mate
  13. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    Great photos, Bob! I am also impressed you got them up first and so quickly! Thanks so much for sharing! Next time make sure you get out from behind the camera at least one time though! LOL Thanks again, I can't wait to see the rest of them now!!!!!!
  14. Non Euopean costuming.

    Hey, the bo'suns mate here. Bo'sun Carl has been busy working on the truck and packing and making rope for the tug o war, and making scotch eggs. So he has not read this I guess. I will make sure he knows you need a shirt and have him pack a couple of options for you sir! Hope all is going well with the clean up. Lady Constance told us. We are so sorry! Just thank God it was not worse and all are okay.
  15. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    Hey all Bo'sun Carl's mate here, just wanted to pass some info and a request. First off Janet, rest assured that I made a correction in the number of scotch eggs coming based on reading the posts, there will be more like 4 dozen. Given that most attending are growing boys, and men, I thought it prudent to make a few more! LOL I will also be sending some Amish bread, in lieu of cookies. We will also have a large cooler with iced tea, green tea, gatorade and water.(something I always do) Now for my request........most of you know by now that I am a scrapbook artist. My request is, it does not matter if I send a camera the guys they don't remember to use it. Please please please, take lots of photos like last year and please please share! I feel like I get to come that way! LOL And I can make Master AJ his memory books to relive the great times with great folks! And for Captain J, Master AJ says to tell you your pitt dager is hitched, varnished, sheathed and ready to bring to you at fort! He is very excited! LOL Thanks to all, The Bo'suns mate