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  1. Captain Morgan

    Aye, the vision you just gave me....God Bless ye!
  2. St. Thomas

    Interesting statement Brass. When you state, "and to a different island." Do you or anyone else consider St. Thomas not the place to visit? Please tell me due to the fact I am looking for the grand place to enjoy and if St. Thomas is not the place, I would like to know!
  3. Birth of a blunderbuss

    Beautifully done Mr. Wes, I am in awe of your talent!
  4. St. Thomas

    While I served my time in the governors U.S. Navy, my ship docked about a mile off the coast of St. Thomas. The word by the captain is, "We are here for a few supplies. No time to stop and visit." So, here I sat basking in the sun with a one cold "sympathy issued" beer for a one-day and an AWOL dream of a short swim to the coast of St. Thomas. The water was beautifully blue and I could see the bikini clad lasses lying on the white sands of the beach. All dressed up and I just can't go! To this day, I am still unfulfilled. My goal is to set foot upon that beach, drink margaritas and rum, and dream of the golden ages! Okay, my apologies. I will now step down from my soap box...
  5. Happy Birthdat to Calico Ann Rackham

    Isn't today a wonderful day Ms. Calico Ann Rackham? I certainly hope so knowing that this day is the day of yer birth! Happy Birthday!!
  6. Captain Morgan

    If you can't get it, it's a shame. I am actually growing fond of the commercial. I think I am going to purchase some private reserve just to get me blood coursin' through me veins!
  7. Captain Morgan

    Captain Morgan's new look with a new commercial.
  8. It's Literal

    Thank you Tartan, I watched them over under a few glasses of Rum! Excellent!!
  9. The Okie Story

    One thing I had difficulty with was the deep south accent. When I once worked in retail, I had a man ask me for, "Cannon." I replied, "Cannon? what do you mean?" The man replied, "Ya know, Cannon!" I said, ""You mean cannon....ssssss bang, Cannon?" (Typical Pirate response) The man replied, "No. Apricots, peaches. blueberries,...jellies and jams. Cannon for preservatives. "Oh you mean Canning?" "Ah, yes sir cannon..." I am now educated...Welcome to Oklahoma!!
  10. Published Authors

    Excellent information. I really appreciate the insight.
  11. forum

    I have noticed a huge difference from a few years ago and it's not looking good......
  12. Happy Birthday Gibbet Jones

    'Appy Natal Day Mr. Jones! May this be a day full of absent hangin' over..
  13. It's Literal

    POTCYou can youtube anything "literal". This is the one of the original literal viral videos..real funny My link
  14. The Okie Story

    As a gentleman of the golden coast of California, the only information I knew about Oklahoma was the song, "Okie from Muskogee." Through the years, I had heard the word "Okie" but I was not really familiar with the meaning. It did sound a bit derogatory to the native Oklahoman. Little did I know, I would eventually reside in Oklahoma. Ironically, I would only live about 30 minutes away from Muskogee. When I first started looking into buying a house, I would always ask the Realtors, "Does it have a basement?" The realtor would reply, "No? Do you need or want a basement?" I would sarcastically reply, "Ah yes, Tornado's!" The realtor would always laugh, "Those are few and far between. The house you are interested in was built in the 1990's. Still there." Well, I took his word for it and eventually purchased my home.....with no basement. Through the past five years here in Oklahoma, I have seen huge downpours, constant lightning, heavy winds, and tons of snow. However, never saw a tornado. As a matter of fact, I would speak to many people born and raised in Oklahoma. Many of them had never seen a tornado. This is great news for the Californian who was just getting used to earthquakes. Sadly, Joplin gets hit with a tornado. Joplin is only about 1.5 hours away. Pretty scary. Then yesterday, I watch the news and it looks like the wrath of tornado alley heading right for me. I jump in my car and race home to clear out my "under the stair case closet" just in case. I eventually sat down to monitor the news while I downed a huge margarita. As the storm was about to hit, I poured me another glass, opened the garage door, broke out the lawn chair and my camera. I filmed an "I-Report" bragging about how this Californian was watching and braving the weather. When I finished, I sat down sipping my Margarita and watching the beautiful, ominous clouds swirling and dancing high in the heavens. As I sat there with a good buzz, my neighbor walked out of his garage and shouts out to me with a smile saying, "Dude! You are such an Okie!" Nice.......
  15. Published Authors

    I have a very controversial non-fiction "Crime and Drama Whistle-Blower" story I need to tell. I can almost guarantee once a publisher reads the storyline, it will be a "shoe-in" to get it published (and possibly be a made for a movie) story....and yes, it is that good. I would like to write it myself, but I don't know the rules in naming names, not knowing a publisher, and so on. In the past, I have seen "publishers" who will scam money from the writer and want them to pay thousands of dollars to get the book published. So, does anyone have advice on how to approach this or should I hire a "ghostwriter?"