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    Historical Clothing from the 14th through 18th centuries. Getting all the niggling details right. Dressing up and having fun with my similarly-obsessed friends. :)
  1. Good day Kass! We were just talking about you over here at Pirates Magazine's office and I thought I would show you some Love.

  2. Just got my patterns in the mail today. Thanks for the super fast shipping!

  3. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    Awww... How sweet of you to say! It was good to see you too.
  4. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    Thank you kindly, Captain Sterling. We had a great time!
  5. Military History Fest | Chicago, ILL

    We the 20th century peeps thank you, Mistress Kate! Glorious photos you took! Awesome!
  6. Hello all! Reconstructing History is running a special sale on our in-stock clothing. All stock clothing is 20% off until Sunday, 16 March, 2008 This includes: Hemp canvas jackets Long linen waistcoats Slop Contract Jackets Hemp canvas slops Osnaburg linen trousers See it here: Reconstructing History Get it now before it's gone!
  7. Some Knotwork

    We're always happy to send free samples of our hemp rope and twine. All you have to do is ask.
  8. We're doing some housecleaning. See if there's anything here you like: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZkass1013My eBay auctions
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  10. Maps and Charts

    What's a Pirate without his charts? LOST! Copied from period originals and printed in colourfast ink on acid-free paper that matches the documents in our collection. All maps and charts are 20" x 30" and suitable for framing (or rolling up and keeping in your navigator's kit!). Make sure you know every inlet and hiding place on the Spanish Main! Get your 16th, 17th and 18th century maps and charts from Reconstructing History
  11. Elizabethan Sea Dogs!

    Thank you for the support, guys! It is my hope that if there is a pattern for Elizabethan pirates, more people will choose to dress as them as Renaissance festivals. It really is ridiculous for Drake's entourage to go around wearing frock coats and cocked hats. And I'm with you, Pat -- if they don't recognise these things as "sailor's kit" now, let's change that! Now go tell your friends!
  12. tattoos

    And did Professor Kinitzski explain to you how you cannot document something for which there is no proof? Show me evidence of a tattooed European in the Golden Age of Piracy. That's all. Just one piece of solid evidence: a picture, a verbal reference, anything. Even a bad piece of evidence (like hearsay) would be something. If the evidence doesn't exist, you cannot state that Europeans were tattooed in the Golden Age of Piracy.
  13. tattoos

    You're sure that some sailors partook of the practice? What makes you so sure? No Hugh. It's not ethnocentric claptrap. (And I find it highly insulting that you think I, your fellow Celt, would be err on that side.) It's historical research. To say something existed, we have to have documentable evidence. No one in this debate has shown evidence of tattoos on white men yet. No evidence means no evidence. Imagine whatever you like. But there remains no proof that Europeans were tattooed in the Golden Age of Piracy or before.
  14. tattoos

    Good point, Chole! Men were wrapped up to the throat and down to the wrists most of the time.
  15. Are you a Pirate but you're not from the Golden Age of Piracy? Do you long for clothing from an earlier time period? Know that frock coats and cocked hats aren't period for the SCA? Are you portraying one of Drake's Privateers at your Faire? Well do I have a goodie for you... Introducing Reconstructing History's latest: RH210 -- Elizabethan Sea Dogs