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    Besides learning abouts Pirates and Seafarers of the past, I'm looking to purchase my own vessel for sailing the high seas ...okay, just the back bays.<br><br>UPDATE: It seems my wife has put a hold on my dreams of owning a sailboat so I guess my fourteen foot Carolina Skiff will have to do for now...Arrrr!<br><br>Perhaps a larger Skiff would suffice....Mmmmm.<br><br>UPDATE 2: I bought a Sloop! <br>A 1976 Com-Pac 16. She needs a bit of cleaning up and such but I have it and it's in the drive way. I plan on spending the rest of the year refitting her and hope for a May 2006 launch. <br><br>UPDATE 3: Bought another boat!<br>After sailing our 16 footer we've moved up to a 19.<br>End of last month I became the proud owner of a 1985 Com-Pac 19. It's just three feet longer but double the displacement. Woo Hoo!<br><br>UPDATE 4: Bought a 22 foot Seaward Sloop. It is a 1985 model as well and needs a bit of TLC but the price was right and now we have a bit more cabin space. Now...bring me that horizon!<br><br>See home page link for pictures.<br><br>-Wil
  1. Your ships name.

    My first sailboat, a 1976 Com-Pac 16 I bought off eBay. Named her Floridaze. Since that time we moved up to a Com-Pac 19 called Gypsy Soul and now own a Seaward 22 named Panacea. I sure miss that little 16, I was able to trailer sail that one. Pan has been on the hard the last two summers, no cash for a slip. Floridaze Gypsy Soul Panacea
  2. Pirates.jpg

    From the album Pictuarrrrrs

  3. Puzzle Pirates

    Avast there mates! Seems I just starting playing the other day, the daughter and I. We find it quite addicting. Still playing for free though, but I can see that might not last much longer. Any one still playin'? ~Wil
  4. My Pyrate Video

    Great video there Miss Syren! ~Wil ...and yes I'm still out here alive and well.
  5. Random Photos

    Hey mates, Took the wife up to Liberty State Park to see the Statue of Liberty. ~Wil
  6. Why I will never go sailing again

    Sorry to hear about your mishap Marie. I as well have started sailing this summer and have had a few misques, none as bad as yours sounds though. As for the future you should have a small motor on there so when things go south quickly you can drop sail and motor in. Also an anchor is good to have with ya as well. At any rate "Get back out there", once ya work out all the bugs sailing 'tis a fun past time. Check out my profile for my home page, it is all about my daughter and I's first few adventures out in the bay. Fair winds! ~Wil
  7. Able Bodied Seamen, Ahoy!

    Best wishes for ya Captain on yer journey southward. We'll 'ave ta keep an eye out for ya when ya pass by the Jersey Shore. Fair Winds! ~Wil
  8. Private Pyrate Boats

    I have a Com-Pac 16 fiberglass sailboat and she be a yacht to me!
  9. You in yar garb.

    G'day ta ya Miss Siren! My l'il pirate lass be 9 years old come this October.
  10. You in yar garb.

    Just returned from the Disney Wonder where the wee lass and I had a run in with the infamous Cap'n Jack Sparrrow. He was kind enough ta take a moment and pose for a tin type.
  11. Show Yourselves Pirates!

    Added myself to the map!
  12. Are you on MySpace

    Yep, I have a my space. Look under my profile for the link. Keep a weather eye out for my friend requests coming soon!
  13. I live 10 minutes from the beach. This is a picture from late winter early spring where I was working on a house on the ocean front. This one is from our cruise last year on Castaway Cay.
  14. *********SPOILER ALERT**********

    Went last night and loved it! I will see it a few more times that's for sure. There is so much going on you'll need to see it more than once. The only thing I would say against it was I couldn't really understand what Will's dad was saying half the time or the witch/gypsy lady in the swamp 3/4 of the time. It sure was great to revisit with these character again!
  15. Goin last!

    Well we made it out and had a blast!