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  1. July 9 Wilmington Pirate Day

    Hi guys: I apologise for the lateness of the response - just plain busy. Yes, weapons are allowed. We're pirates after all. There will be an area for black powder demonstrations, both of the small (pistol) and larger (cannon) variety. Parking is nearby. The closest parking across the street is commercial. There is free parking along the riverfront by the Blue Rocks stadium; there is a path along the river that goes right to the venue. We've got a quick map and directions here: http://www.kalmarnyckel.org/wilmingtonpirateday/components/directions_parking.pdf There will be beer! And food. I'm not sure what the 'lite' form of beer will be, but we will also have a "Kalmar Nyckel Red". The event is insured. Separate pirate groups will not need their own insurance. "Roaming pirates". Other than the schedule already posted, roaming pirates will be in attendance mostly to keep the crowd entertained, answer questions about who pirates really were, the types of equipment they used, how they lived, and so on, and otherwise interact with the crowd for entertainment purposes. Hopefully this doesn't get to you too late. If this year is successful we're in the early stages of planning a weekend-long festival next year.
  2. July 9 Wilmington Pirate Day

    Ahoy! Here is a link to our fact sheet, which lists all the activities for the day, The music for the day looks like this: 11:00 Scales and Crosstones 12:00 Pirates for Sail 1:00 Diamond State Concert Band 2:00 Pirate Parade and Costume Contest 3:00 New Sweden 4:00 Pirates for Sail 5:00 Wrap-up Hopefully that helps! I keep thinking about going, but I don't really feel like carrying my stuff around all day with no place to drop it off for a bit of a rest. Maybe if I know more are going to be there, I might change me mind... again.
  3. July 9 Wilmington Pirate Day

    Ahoy! Thanks for the reply! Here are answers the best I have them. The festival will be at Tubman-Garrett Park in Wilmington, Delaware: Tubman-Garrett Park #1 S King Street Wilmington, DE 19801 It's only a one day event, so no camping this year. If successful it will be a multi-day event next year. Here is a link to a map and some nearby hotels: http://maps.google.com/maps?near=1+S+King+St,+Wilmington,+DE+19801&geocode=CVBceEkCl7wHFUJZXgIdzSp_-ynRw5sLaP3GiTEeGIfouUrWOg&q=hotels&f=l&sll=39.737571,-75.552056&sspn=0.008135,0.013078&ie=UTF8&hq=hotels&hnear=&ll=39.724881,-75.551262&spn=0.06344,0.104628&t=h&z=14 As I say, it's a one day event, so not so much happening Friday night (next year though!). The festival ends at 5:00pm but keeps going at the local ballpark - it's Pirate Night at the Wilmington Blue Rocks (bluerocks.com) for any Single-A baseball fans out there. They'd love to see people in costume. Peace tied weapons will be allowed at Tubman-Garrett, but not at the Blue Rocks stadium. Thanks for the questions. If there's anything else I can do to help, I'll be happy to do so. We got a late start this year so we're falling short of what we originally planned, but next year aims to be much better.
  4. July 9 Wilmington Pirate Day

    A day full of pirate-filled festivities for all ages: treasure hunts, costume contests, face painting, and more for the wee ones, and music and deck tours of an authenticate 1630's sailing ship for everyone! Events Treasure Hunt Kalmar Nyckel Ship Tour Face Painting Boat Building Photos with Pirates Build Your Own Treasure Chest Balloon Swords Ornamental Knots Sale & Instruction Scavenger Hunt Pirate Parade Pirate Demo Costume Contest with prizes! Music Scales and Crosstones Pirates for Sail Diamond State Concert Band New Sweden