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  1. Lock House Havre De Grace Maryland

    Do you love the smell of black powder in the morning? The pirates invade the Lock House this October 26th and 27th. We will be camping on the grounds of the Lock House Museum Saturday night. So if you have a period kit and wish to join us or if you have any questions let us know.
  2. Pirates invade the Lock House

    The Lock House sets on the bank of the Susquehanna River in Havre De Grace Maryland. Come join other period reeanctors from around the area as we loot and pillage the Lock House. We will be setting up camp on Friday evening the 26th. Come join us as in the encampment as we plan our attack around the camp fire. This is a fun event that has been going on for over 10 years and has drawn in reenactors from as far a way as Canada. If you love the smell of black powder in the morning, or anytime of the day then this is the place to be.
  3. Hoist the Colours!

    AHOY Old friend. Welome to the "Pub"!!! Keep your powder dry and your tankard wet!!!
  4. Cigars?

    I smoke cigars. I would like to know if anyone knows at what point did cigars come in to the picture? can I have on around the camp and be period? If so does anyone have any idea what a GAOP cigar may looked like? Thanks for any help you can give. CC.
  5. April 10, 2010 | 6th Annual Fells Point Privateer Day 2010

    You know I will be there. I will not be able to much of the daytime stuff. I hope to be at the Square in Fells "Pint" by 4 o'clock. I hope to have my fist beer down by 4:05. If any of you that have been to this event from it's start please track me down. If you can, make sure you do the Ball the Friday night before. Last years was a blast. Having see this grow from a pub crawl to one of the East coast Pirate events has been awsome!!!! Thanks to all those who come out each year and make this a wondeful event. see ya soon. Fair winds Crimson Corsair.
  6. 2nd annual Pirate and Wenches Fantacy Weekend

    If we find those bidge rats the "Full Moon Marauders" we will hang them from the yard arms by their thumbs and use them for musket practice.. Sorry about that little slit up. Hope you guys don't go to Philly anytime soon. I couldn't do it by myself. Thanks guys form making the trip down and for all the help with the camp. Crimson Corsair.
  7. 2nd annual Pirate and Wenches Fantacy Weekend

  8. 2nd annual Pirate and Wenches Fantacy Weekend

    looks like we will have 2 tall ships in that I know of. The "Lioness" and The Schooner "Fairwell" I can't wait to hear the cannons going off all over town at 10am. I am still working on getting the churches to ring their bells to warn the town of the Pirate invasion that will begain at 10 am sharp..
  9. 1st Annual Long Island Pirate Festival

    It looks like a handfull of the Skullduggery Crew will be making it this year. I wasn't able to make last year but a few of me mates did and they haven't shut up about it yet...I guess thats a good thing,unless you didn't make it that its it sharp poke in the side with a rusty cutlass. We are looking forward to it for sure. Crimson Corsair.
  10. 2nd annual Pirate and Wenches Fantacy Weekend

    Rock Hall Pirate and Wenches Fantasy weekend Update... The Town will have a Trolley that will be stopping to pick people up and drop people off all around town. We like to call it the "Trolley Rogers" This way you can park you car somewhere and enjoy all the town has to offer with out the hassle of driving. This makes bar crawling so much fun.. Keep in mind the town will be closing off Main st.Saturday so people may move freely about the main part of town were you will find the pirate encampment and the most of the vendors. I got to hear the list of vendors and what foods they would be selling....Better come hungry. The food vendors will be mostly be near Main St. and the beach. The encampment will be made up of 4 different pirate crews. totaling about 40 souls. I am sorry to say that all the hotels and B&Bs' in the area are full. The preformers for the Pirates Ball will be Pyrates Royale and the Brigands. Please check out the details at their website. Yours, CC
  11. 2nd annual Pirate and Wenches Fantacy Weekend

    Lady Browr, There is some space left. The camp will be a period style camp. There is no fee for the camp. You are wecome to join us. That goes for the others of the Half Moon Marauders. I had a great with you guys at The Lock House event last week.
  12. 2nd annual Pirate and Wenches Fantacy Weekend

    I had a chance to check out the schedule for this years event. There is something going on all over the town all day Saturday and Sunday.Reenactments,shanties bands,sword fights.booze cruises aboard the "Fearless" Black powder demos. cannon fire.Beach party, a pub crawl. and that's just Saturday. If you don't like load noises like cannons ,muskets,and pistols and the smell of black powder than please don't come. If you don't like ladies dressed as wenches than please,don't come, if being in a town over run with pirates and wenches, again,please stay home. There will be a wild beach party Saturday after the dinghy race. So please don't come out if these things aren't for you. If the above mentioned things do appeal to you than you know were to be Aug.8 and 9Th.
  13. 5th annual Baltimore Pirate Invasion/Privateers Day

    My voice is gone. My feet are killing me. My ears are still ringging from taking a full broad side from the "Pride Of Baltimore II" in the ship battle from about 60 feet away. My hang over from friday night is finally gone....I CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR!!!!! I had a hell of a good time....
  14. 5th annual Baltimore Pirate Invasion/Privateers Day

    As far as how many Pubbers we are going to have is really had to say. It seems that each year we double from the year before as Capt'n Thighbitter can tell you as He and his crew has joined us at our 2nd annual Baltimore Pyrate Inavasion. last year we had 500 peolpe buy the pub crawl buttons and we sold out in about one hour of so. that wes 500 buttons. Plus all the people that just came out with out with out buying a button. I would bet there were over 600 pirates plundering there way around Fells Point I'm sure the weather may play a big roll in the amount of people we have as well. 72 and sunny.
  15. 5th annual Baltimore Pirate Invasion/Privateers Day

    I can't wait to see your booth. I will have to make it a "POINT" to stop by...