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  1. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    To all who may be interested, I take a bit of offence from anyone who is making assumptions about our festival in Hampton if you have never been. As the former director of the festival and a member of Blackbeard's Crew, who has managed the historic interpretation, it is important for visitors and guests to understand our point of view. The members of Blackbeard's Crew are dedicated to the accurate representation of life in Hampton in 1718 - we may be accused of being preachy, but I do not hear people calling Colonial Williamsburg or historic Jamestowne or Yorktown preachy - both of which are within an arm's throw. All visitors and guests are welcome to come experience what we believe to be the most authentic pirate experience when it comes to festivals - no matter how you are dressed. This being said, we do have space limitations in our small town and we do have some "authentic" areas of our festival which "ren" or hollywood inspired pirates are going to be excluded from. I hope folks will take the time to review the comments of those who have been to our festival before jumping to conclusions Bf
  2. Period woodcuts/etchings

    Arrrgh! Thread Hijacked!!!! Paul thanks for the help.
  3. Period woodcuts/etchings

    Blackbeard's Crew has begun work on our second Chantey CD and I'm looking for a good tavern scene - Something that looks quite debuacherous (if there is such a word). This album will be a bit more naughty than the first. Something with sailors and wenches - what comes to mind is the drawing in the opening of the TV show Cheers - obviously I need something closer to the GAoP. Can anyone lend assistance?
  4. Cutlass Question

    It's a piece of crap. Hey, you asked. :) I agree. It will never pass for combat and as far as a "costume" sword you can find somehing much nicer for a similar price.
  5. Good Costume

    I will agree that the Painted Lady has a very poor website, but their work is first rate and the people, JR & his family, are better than first rate. If you have any questions about any of their work I would encourage you to contact him directly. Their stuff is among the most historically accurate for the GAoP that I have found. poor website? what do you want from pirates?
  6. Pirates get "bum rap" says UF "historian"

    "Treason doth not prosper" of course if it did then none shall call it treason.
  7. Me new barrel came today!

    I'm most impressed with your purchase. Thanks for the tip on the vendor.
  8. POTC2

    Blackbeard's Crew has two "gigs" on opening weekend, Friday night - Cinema Cafe in Hampton, VA Saturday - the historic Commodore Theatre in Portsmouth, VA Free tickets included!!! whoo hoo!
  9. Blackbeard Movie on Hallmark Channel

    It was gawd awful. I did sit through all three hours last night (not quite 3 since I zipped through the commercials) hoping that it would get better... kind of like watching NASCAR for the crashes... my biggest peeves: Blackbeard had an cockney accent and was shorter than most of the other characters. Maynard was "pressed into service aboard the QAR" and pretended to be a former privateer - huh? Governor Eden was the Gov. of New Providence in the Bahamas. They created a character "Charlotte Ormond" who was Maynard's love interest. Inordinate number of male characters with modern haircuts and goofy facial hair. Especially the guard that blackbeard kills when he arrives in New Providence. It would make a good drinking game if you had to drink everytime you found something wrong. Of course everyone would be drunk in a half hour.
  10. Hampton Blackbeard Festival 2006

    It'll be good to see ye ag'in me lad. Hopes ye can make it. Bf
  11. Hampton Blackbeard Festival 2006

    Welcome yon weary travellers... There's always good rum and ale to be had here. Fair Winds! Bf
  12. Cutlass, Cutlass, who's got the Cutlass

    I have this same sword that I bought from Loyalist Arms of Canada. I had to have the basket welded to the blade but it is a great fight sword. Loyalist has it cheaper too. It is also very heavy to swing. It will give you a workout. Bf
  13. Blackbeard's Crew

    All hands: The monthly gathering of Blackbeard's Crew will take place on February 10 at the White Oak Lodge, alais The Oaks at 3533 Kecoughtan Road. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30 PM with libations and sea chants to follow. New recruits are welcome. Contact Billy Flynt more more information or directions.
  14. Blackbeard's Crew

    It will be June 4 & 5 with the Grand Pirates Ball on Friday the 3rd. If you're local and have the time, the Crew meets this Thursday at 6:30 PM. It will be in the Hampton Public Piers Dockmaster's office (1st floor of the Radisson parking garage). fair winds-
  15. Blackbeard's Crew

    Aye lad, Twas a pleasure making your acquaintance while you were docked in Hampton. If ye happen by this place again be sure to make a call on us. I pray your sails dry out.