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  1. Pyrate Comix

    Been wondering when you'd get back to it.
  2. Greetings fellow rogues.

    Welcome back!
  3. Pirate Movies to get in the right mindset

    I watch Master and Commander twice a year - it's my go-to movie as well.
  4. Other Geeky Hobby Forums... C'mon, whats your Deal?

    I do wild west and mountain man reenacting. The forums that I frequent, by-and-large, are friendly and more in the way of sharing information and resources. For the most part, the dust-ups occur on-line as follow-ups to ones that have occurred in person and are rarely about someone's costume authenticity (unless it is to share information about how a particular item of clothing was made or looked like during a particular time).
  5. What are you reading right now ?

    I just finished How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life. It takes you through the day from beginning to end, of someone who lived during the Victorian era in England. It includes how things changed for a particular task or meal or whatever from the beginning to the end of that era and gave details for the various social stratas (i.e. how you handled something if you were really poor, poor, working class, middle class, upper middle class, etc.) A really fascinating look at the minutae of life in a different era.
  6. Happy Birthday to Stynky and the December Club

    Happiest of birthdays to the December natal crew!
  7. New Job...

    Good on ya, Patt! You were probably over-qualified for the Joann Fabrics job and your mad skills would have made the other employees there feel inadequate.
  8. Happy Birthday Patrick Hand!

    Happy birthday, napping pirate!
  9. What are the elements of a good event for you?

    I agree with the previous posts about tent and entertainment/education space, after-hours shenanigans, live music, blackpowder (lots), appreciative event managers and such. It's also really terrific when the local community gets involved as well. In addition, I really appreciate a drama-free event. Meaning that the people managing the event have at least some sort of idea what they are doing (or can learn from mistakes and not keep repeating them) and if there are snafus, they are solved with a minimum of drama and fuss.
  10. Cruzan's Black Strap, El Dorado demarera or Pyrat Pistol (when I can find it).
  11. Changing of the Guard

    Sorry to hear this, Stynky, but you're definitely leaving the Pub in good hands! Don't be a stranger!
  12. Happy Birthday to Ransom and Red Handed Jill!

    A few decades - heh. (One decade and a wee bit o' change...)
  13. Happy Birthday to Ransom and Red Handed Jill!

    Oh hey - thanks!
  14. Pyrate Comix Comments

    They came out plenty clear - and hilarious as always!
  15. The Thunderbuss MK IV

    How about copper sheeting? That looks good when it's pounded. (And if you make it to NorCal and Jackie and Wheezer can find it in their garage, some is available for you.)