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  1. Brown bess flintlock

    Well thank you - No original thought went into it, I completely stole the ideas from a conversation with Cascabel. Wow, a handsome gun indeed! I have yet invested any time into my gun as I am waiting to meet up with a few others who fire black powder. I slept with it by the end table and my girl started to get a little jealous. So now I pick up the gun and whisper to it when she comes in to the room just to tease her. More on this little piece when my friends look at it, thank you for keeping up with me and the gun. (Whose name is now Joan.)
  2. Chicks dig the Captain ('specially ME!)

  3. I will add photos as soon as I learn how!

  4. Brown bess flintlock

    Funny you say that. I was waiting for the next time we get together for your opion on this little bit of fun. I need to go to the link to see when next we meet. I am so itching to fire this but common sense has the better of me. Now how much for a cannon? Capt. J.A. Rhedd The Devil's Chariot NY Harbor
  5. Brown bess flintlock

    Ahoy all, How can I express my gratitude regarding all your help? I will look to someone much more smarter than I who will assist me in bench firing it. I was lucky enough to find this gun on Craig’s list for the cheap price of forty dollars. I am very excited as now I am not waving a toy around when boarding. I thank you all for all your help. Anything else you would like to add please tell me before I shoot myself in the foot. (No, really.) Ps on a side note; Congratulations Hue on your new arrival, I hope he grows up to be admiral! Capt Rhedd The Devil's Chariot NY Harbor Thank you all again
  6. Brown bess flintlock

    Ahoy Lad, Well, tis hard to say wot ya got there... words alone are good, but if you have the ability, images work wonders. Images of both sides, fron the top and bottom, down the barrel and from the butt. Show all makers marks, etc. even the box it came in and we'll be able ta make some sort o' judgement call. Fair winds n' followin' seas to ya, Slainte, Alas I did not think of that. I have some nice equipment at work where I shall take a goodly set of photos. I will post them tomorrow after four pm. I thank you for your quick responce. Capt Rhedd
  7. Ahoy all, At last I happen to unearth a firing flintlock pistol totally by accident. I was hunting around on local for sale places and I found a miroku replica flintlock pistol. It’s a brown bess in mint (and I mean MINT) condition. This is a working gun that has never been fired and still has the box, now here is my question(s); Is this a gun I want to carry around and fire or is this a gun that I need to place over the mantle and continue to use my none firing replica? The box looks to be about 10-20 years old and I can’t find anything regarding the Miroku firearms mfg. co. I don’t want to play with this gun if its worth some money so, can some one smarter than me (and that’s about everyone) tell me a little about this gun? Any info would be greatly welcomed. Clear skies and smooth seas, Capt James Antillis Rhedd The Devil's Chariot NY Harbor I thank you all in advance.
  8. captrhedd

    By Neptune's bears! I be surrounded by a pack thirsty sea dogs! alright then belly up to the bar me heartys. Drinks are on me! BTW I promised to tell you of a of a fun little rum called "pyrate rum xo reserve". As smooth as a new sail and subtle as a bar wench cutting your purse strings as she sits on your lap. In the right combination it makes the smoothest Cuba libre this side of the Indies. So drink up me heartys and forgive me if I am not familiar with all the protocol. I promise I will study and do you all proud. Now where did I put my first mate? Captain James Antillis Rhedd The Devils Chariot Long Island sound
  9. captrhedd

    Aye, for a bunch of pirates you lot are all sorts of friendly. I feel welcome already. I am docked in a quiet little spot near blue point, (Suffolk County) and just love the summers here. I will post some photos when I can get to it. On another topic besides the pirate fest here on the island and the pirate fest down in New Orleans does anyone know of any upcoming events or situations that require are particular type of influence? Powder to the guns, quietly... Capt. James Antillis Rhedd p.s. Speaking about rum, I will let you all know in my next post about a little yummy rum that will just warm your cockles or raise your ire which ever works for ye! thanks for the welcoming
  10. captrhedd

    I just wanted to say hi to all. I have been a member for a while now but never posted. I just wanted to rub elbows the a few fellow Captains. I hope to be able to post on a semi regular basis and hope to meet more than a few scallywags. Cheers! Captain James Antillis Rhedd The Devils Chariot Long Island Sound