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  1. What are you reading right now ?

    The Pirates' Pact: The Secret Alliances Between History's Most Notorious Buccaneers and Colonial America by Douglas Burgess The Buccaneer King: The Biography of Sir Henry Morgan, 1635-1688 by Dudley Pope Shakspeare's Wife by Germaine Greer And lots of articles
  2. Congratulations Foxe!

    What Palace would that be Grymm? Perhaps Hampton Court Palace? Are you one of Marc Meltonville's crew?
  3. Pirate Taverns

    Try Pirates & Privateers of the Americas by David F. Marley. I know it at least mentions the names of taverns in Port Royal. Cheap used copies can be found on
  4. Congratulations Foxe!

    Our own Foxe has has an article published in International Journal of Maritime History (v.22 no.2 Dec 2010) It's titles Jacobitism & the "Golden Age" of Piracy, 1715-1725 / by E.T. Foxe. I just photocaopied it so I can take it home to read at my leisure. Way to go Ed!
  5. Pirates stealing/plundering clothing

    I transcribed it verbatum (sans long s) from the book itself. I thought it would be more readable for modern readers. As too getting a digital image of the actual article, the Huntington has strict policies about that and I wouldn't be able to do it. There's a book here of watercolors early 18th c. of ships flags (including on black flag with skull and cross bones dated 1704 and a flag that looks like Tew's that I think is earlier)that I can't even post to friends. I just have high res photos of two of them (and only allowed two photos). I am so sorry I can't post them but that's institutional policy. If we ever meet at an event I'll show them to anyone.
  6. Pirates stealing/plundering clothing

    That's OK Eye. You meant well.
  7. Pirates stealing/plundering clothing

    Yes nice find Oderlesseye. Too bad you didn't say you got it from me. That it is from a book at the Huntington Library where I work. Red Maria
  8. Pirate Yoda

    Rob you will I Arrrgh!
  9. 1780's British Warship found...

  10. How Many of Me

    Tells you how many people have the same first, last and the first & last together Maria 1,267,280 Blumberg 3,286 Maria Blumberg 14
  11. Lighthouses

    You might be able to get the following trough an ILL at your local library The world's lighthouses before 1820 / D. Alan Stevenson London ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1959 Great American lighthouses /F. Ross Holland, Jr. ; foreword by George J. Mitchell. Washington, D.C. : Preservation Press, 1989. Historically famous lighthouses [Wash., D.C. :|bU.S. Coast Guard,|c1986]
  12. PC Facial Hair...

    I have seen period depictions of Black Bart clean shaven. I've seen period depictions of Blackbeard with a neat trimmed beard. There were plenty of barber-surgeons around who could do cheap shave. The Sweeny Todd fable started as an 18th c. story. Here's some illustrations from Laroon's Cryes of London: These are for the most part the poor of London yet there is nary a facial hair.
  13. I won it!!

    Congrats on enlarging your fleet Tito!
  14. Mystic Seaport

    I have been a member of Mystic Seaport before I wa born! Just kidding the Huntington has had a membership since before I was bonr. Some years ago I called to claim an issue of]The Log of Mystic Seaport (now ceased publication). The lady I talked to got my name and addressed the issue to me. Ever since then my name has appeared on the membeship card. Nothing I've done seems to make them remove it. So when one year we got a guest membership card under my name I lent it to some friends who were going to visit. One is a tall ship captain the other a pirate historian (both are in PRP). They asked if there was anything they could get me anything and I said nothing in particular but if they saw something they think I'd like to get it. Well they went to the Skull & Crossbones Pub in Mystic and bought me this The Pub's motto is "Strong Ales and Loose Women" Great huh! They said the Pub was great too. So when you go to Mystic, CT check out the Skull & Crossbones Pub. It's pirate friendly and pirate approved.
  15. Happy Birthday Black Rory Harper!

    Aye Happy Natal Day Rory me bandmate. You're the finest, harper, ukelele, concertina, penny whistle player there is!