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  1. Mystery Shantie!

    Regie Speaking of black work songs are you familiar with the Lomax recordings?
  2. Mystery Shantie!

    Capn rob, Thank you So much for your reply Iam speechless you truly had a blessed childhood to come up with such an exposure to our history. Especially with your fathers first hand experiences! I remember when I was 11 or 12 my dad took me to a friends house that we reenacted with his father had been a coal mine worker in the Depression he played me a caset tape he had with an interview of his father before he passed asking him about mine life and working conditions. It was unbelievable its these little pieces of americana that keep me enthralled with history as you never know when you will meet some one who has lived it. Now I must ask with this shantie you siad it was used to gather the bunt on the purse siene can you please tell me what that means?
  3. Greetings Everyone

    Michael yes i suspecpet that I will be in touch with everyone a little more now that Iam on here
  4. Greetings Everyone

    You mean I missed 18th cent. para sailing!? dam!
  5. Greetings Everyone

    yes it is a shame but with no cold weather gear we were well LOL cold! I am really excited for the year though and cant wait to do more with you guys!
  6. Mystery Shantie!

    Ok, So I was trolling through youtube one night as Iam apt to do when I cant sleep and I stumbled across this shantie! Its Called Blackbird get up. I love this song and it sounds like it has its roots in black working songs. If any one knows any thing about this song can you please enlighten me!
  7. Greetings Everyone

    Hello All, Munk Here some of your probably know me. I have been reenacting since I was only three my father started me in civil war reenacting which I still do to this day. About Five years ago I decided to pursue my life long passion of the golden age and picked up pirate reenacting as a second hobby. I severed for a time with the pirate Brethren and made alot of good friends in that crew. I have recently stareted my own crew the mob town Hooligans. I am new here and decided to join to keep my ear to the ground for new events and to learn more about the era as there is never enough knowledge. Cheers all Munk