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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Ahoy, all pirates everywhere! With a heart both proud of our legacy and heavy at our loss, I must announce that Pyracy.com is closing the doors of the 'Pub' at the start of the new year. The Pub (as it exists now in website form) no longer draws in the pirate hoards it once did, and so we will be moving the Pub to more 'social' seas and we ask that anyone wishing to save photos, stories, discussions and any other thing contained on the website, please do so before the end of the year. Then we will commit the website to the deep.
  2. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    It wouldn't take much to keep the Pub active, in terms of a discussion here and there. Facebook pages, for all of their traffic (especially ion the pirate pages) seems limited to memes and merchandise. Facebook, has a lot of potential, but it's been a disappointing replacement in the long term.
  3. On this day in history...

    September 26 - On this day in 1580, Frances Drake completed circumnavigation of the world, sailing into Plymouth aboard the Golden Hind.
  4. On this day in history...

    NOVEMBER 21, 1724 On this day in 1724, the pirate ship 'Revenge' attacked the British ship 'Sarah'. Most of the crew was set adrift, though some deemed useful were given the option of joining John Gow's crew. Over the next few months, John Gow attacked several other ships. Also on this day in 1996, Intersal Inc., a private research firm, discovered the wreck believed to be the 'Queen Anne’s Revenge'. It was located by Intersal's director of operations, Mike Daniel, who used historical research provided by Intersal's president, Phil Masters and archaeologist David Moore. The vessel is in the Atlantic Ocean in shallow water offshore from Fort Macon State Park (34°41′44″N 76°41′20″W), Atlantic BEach, North Carolina. Several of the cannons and more than 16,000 artifacts have been recovered.
  5. Sea of Thieves

    Do you happen to play Pirates of the Burning Sea?
  6. Welcome aboard!

    She may be aground...the grand ole girl...but she's a good ship. A little careening and the Pub could put to sea again.
  7. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome to the Pyracy Pub. This is the definitive pirate community for discussions and topics covering reenactment crews, history, ships, food, drink, music, events, writing, craftsmanship, costuming, trade goods, and miscellaneous odds and ends outside the hobby. If you have an interest in pirates on one or all subjects, this is your one stop shop for life before the mast. We come from all walks of life and each of us has a different reason for loving the pirate trade, so don't be afraid to explain what brings you here. Introduce yourself and ask as many questions as you want. We pride ourselves on knowing a thing or two about pirates, and if we don't have an answer, we love a good discussion and the hunt for proverbial buried treasures. You can introduce yourself here or in a new thread. It's traditional to offer a symbolic drink and a little information about yourself. If you belong to a specific crew, please let us know where you all stem from and how others can join your group. For example... My name is William Pace. I live and work as a graphic designer and photographer out of Logan, Utah. Yes, I'm a thousand miles from the sea. Yes, I recognize the contradiction of my hobby versus my location in the high desert. Yes, it doesn't matter, because I love maritime history. I've been on the 'Pub' since June of 2004. I attend only a handful of events across the U.S., but I consider myself lucky to know my share of pirates on and off of pyracy.com. Some of my closest, life long friends come from here.
  8. Because I still can (apparently)

  9. Tsunami Kate

    If we ate everything served here we'd die early, but happy.
  10. Tsunami Kate

    I finally became a Cap'n on this 'ere island of Pyracy, so I spent the night in celebratin' ashore with wine, women and song. I drank 'til I couldn't stand and then I drank sittin'. Then I drank lying down. I don't remember what I did after that. Strange. Still... ...imagine me surprise when I awoke the next day to find the deed to a frigate clutched in me fingers! I unrolled the paper to read and re-read the name. It seems that I was new owner of a Spanish frigate which had been oddly named "Katherine the Great". A Spanish ship named for Russian royalty? I wondered how had I even come to own such a vessel. I found upon inquiry, that I had won her in a game of chance sometime during the night, though it was hard to consider it a win when I finally located her berth. She lay in the trees, a full 200 feet from the tide line. She was upright but listing 5 degrees to larboard with her starboard side facing out to sea and her stern almost due west. Her sails had been stripped for other ships long before my arrival and more than a little timber had been taken as well. She had little riggin' left and her color showed that she had endured at least one season of neglect since that fateful wave had brought her hard ashore. I was stunned. I stood transfixed, both in horror and delight. Here was a ship of excellent make too far from the sea to ever know it again. Here was a vessel of strong timbers that had most unexpectedly arrived in a grove of pecan trees and date palms. Here was a most sad and glorious site mixed together. At first, I did not know what to do. Then, I clambered aboard to survey her depths. Little or no furnishings remained except those built into her original design. Only a few doors were missing and she seemed deceptively new in places, but poorly neglected just the same. The galley remained much as it had been, with some evidence of fire remaining from her inland journey. I numbered the two stoves appreciably and noted the well made cupboards and larder. One could feed a fair number with such a kitchen, but what of that? I reminded meself that she were landlocked and should remain so without an undertaking that I meself could never afford. My remaining rummaging revealed more of the same. A good ship that might never sail again. I stood at the wheel for the better part of an hour. I then took to pacing her length for another hour and a half. When the sun was near it's zenith it occurred to me that she might be put to good use. She might be home to a crew of a sort. She might know the devotions of many a sailor again. She might be home to those of us that find ourselves landlocked and in need of the sea... ...so I went to work. Today I open the doors to me first piratical establishment. I've sewn up her wounds and staved off her decay and neglect. Sixteen barrels of good oil and not a few casks of nails, wooden pegs and iron pins have put her right again. I've polished brass, glass and beam. I've scraped, reshaped and verily resurrected what would have been lost if not for drunken chance. She be landlocked surely, but she be a fine ship nonetheless, and until I can drag her back to sea, I shall fill this unfortunate interval in her life with music, mirth and merry-makin'! So come aboard and enjoy a pint. Sit down a spell and spin some smoke rings and yarns. To name this new establishment, I have borrowed on her life from before and the circumstances that brought her here... ...I call her Tsunami Kate. To slake and satiate all who enter in.
  11. Tsunami Kate

    Today's special is Sujouk Sausage Quiche. Delightful.
  12. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    This thread has covered such an interesting range of opinions, stronger opinions and even strong opinions. Also some historic citations.
  13. Tsunami Kate

    Today we're serving stuffed grape leaves.
  14. Utah Pirate Invasion

    No word yet from Patrick Hand. The last I heard from him, he was moving to a place that required installation for internet access, so he may be off of the grid at the moment. I sent him a reminder just a week ago, but haven't heard back. A hearty welcome to all of our attendees.
  15. Utah Pirate Invasion

    The Golden Age of Piracy spanned a small rush of years between 1690 and 1730. During this period, notorious crews pillaged the world's seas and coastlines, taking what they wanted and leaving reputations of death and glory in their wakes. Join us as we celebrate these historic, ofttimes mythic seafarers over two days brimming with presentations, trials, music, contests and immersive pirate history. Come for a day or camp for the weekend (August 4th through the 5th) at Fort Buenaventura. Learn why so many share a love for the mystery and romance of the Golden Age. https://www.facebook.com/events/312939285864135/
  16. Utah Pirate Invasion

    YAY! Mad Pete, Stynky Tudor and Mission are all joining us at the Utah Pirate Invasion.
  17. Sea of Thieves

    If nothing else, it was good to see that you're alive, Mister Flint. I hope all is well with you.
  18. Sea of Thieves

    How is it?
  19. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    Revived after nearly 8 years. Niiiice.
  20. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    We should start something really fun and bizarre called the Phone-a-Pirate Program, where we randomly pass out our phone numbers to pirates that we have always wanted to talk to and call them. Here are the rules. Give out your phone number. Get or make a call to a pirate you have never spoken with. Carry on a conversation no less than one minute and no more than three. Tell us all about it. Yes, as I told Dorian earlier this evening in chat, I have eaten the lion's share of cheap, oreo cookie knockoffs and I haven't had enough sleep. I shouldn't even be allowed on here in this condition.
  21. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard, Master Vincentio.
  22. Tsunami Kate

    Today's special is...
  23. Tsunami Kate

  24. First Time Traveling to Key West

    You must go to 'Blue Heaven' for breakfast. Fantastic breakfast fare. You must also go to Cafe Sole for dinner. Ask for 'the perfect dinner'. It's not on the menu, but you won't regret it.
  25. Welcome aboard!

    And tell us where you're from and who you crew with.