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  1. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    I'm starting an all purpose thread about upcoming, current and recently attended events to help our members find events that are going on all around the world. If you see an ad for an event anywhere, just drop a link here and we'll discuss the details! For example, the Sheppey Pirates are holding an event the first week of August with an open air cinema, water fight and live music. Sea Dog Night and Gypsey Carnival is July 14th - 18th in Lebanon, Oregon. The Battleship New Jersey Pirate Invasion is on July 9th.
  2. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Ahoy, all pirates everywhere! With a heart both proud of our legacy and heavy at our loss, I must announce that Pyracy.com is closing the doors of the 'Pub' at the start of the new year. The Pub (as it exists now in website form) no longer draws in the pirate hoards it once did, and so we will be moving the Pub to more 'social' seas and we ask that anyone wishing to save photos, stories, discussions and any other thing contained on the website, please do so before the end of the year. Then we will commit the website to the deep.
  3. How to sew a Ditty-bag

    So many people have mentioned you of late that I'm sending out a shout.
  4. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I believe your story remains the most visited thread on the Pub, so thanks for the longevity of the project.
  5. Pirate Flag (a making of)

    My wife Tracy hand sewed our flag using linen thread and linen cross bones on a wool bunting. It's an amazing flag and she worked tirelessly to make it happen.
  6. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Aye, Silver. Just how shall we send her off...? Perhaps one last posting event here on the Pub. We invite everyone and all and we share all our favorite experiences and raise a glass! I'll mull it over and we'll pick a day in January.
  7. The Dutch East India Company and other companies of the wide world have used emblems on official documents or to mark property, but which logs were used and when? I'm finding conflicting information regrading the economical powerhouses and what logos, insignias and emblems were used and during which years they were employed. I'm also curious about the emblem used throughout PoTC 2 and its authenticity. Any company emblem information would be appreciated, as we may be using them at PIP to mark 'acquired' goods and sundries. This would also include woodcuts, engravings and all matter of art found on letters of marque and other offical papers.
  8. Pyracy Pub Wares

    A collectible, embroidered patch is now being offered with a two fold purpose. First, because patches are cool and should be available to anyone that has loved the Pub and would have something to celebrate it all the time, and second, the funds will be used to maintain the Pub as a forum and archive. These will be 4.25" x 2.75" with iron-on backing and a merrowed border. Suitable for jackets, hats, duffle bags, backpacks, and about anything else one might put patches to. Please help support a run (and perhaps an overrun for future funding) by listing how many you'd like. The patches will be $10 for 1 or 3 for $25. Prices include domestic shipping in the U.S. (please add five dollars outside the U.S.). Once we have enough to cover an order, I'll call upon the funds, have them made and ship them right out to everyone supporting the run. INTEREST: Name, quantity
  9. On this day in history...

    September 18 - On this day in 1687, the Irish made a Declaration promising a pardon to pirates who surrender themselves to Sir Robert Holmes.
  10. On this day in history...

    NOVEMBER 21, 1724 On this day in 1724, the pirate ship 'Revenge' attacked the British ship 'Sarah'. Most of the crew was set adrift, though some deemed useful were given the option of joining John Gow's crew. Over the next few months, John Gow attacked several other ships. Also on this day in 1996, Intersal Inc., a private research firm, discovered the wreck believed to be the 'Queen Anne’s Revenge'. It was located by Intersal's director of operations, Mike Daniel, who used historical research provided by Intersal's president, Phil Masters and archaeologist David Moore. The vessel is in the Atlantic Ocean in shallow water offshore from Fort Macon State Park (34°41′44″N 76°41′20″W), Atlantic BEach, North Carolina. Several of the cannons and more than 16,000 artifacts have been recovered.
  11. On this day in history...

    August 1 - On this day in 1700, Culliford was arrested, and taken to the Marshalsea prison. He was tried for piracy of the Great Mohammed in 1698 and his pardon was ruled invalid. He was saved from hanging, because he was needed in Samuel Burgess' trial. Following the trial, Culliford disappeared from record, and rumor has it that he next served on a naval ship after which he disappears from the records like another famous pirate Henry Every. Also on this day in 1708, Woodes Rogers’ expedition to capture a Manila galleon departed from Britain. And on this day in 1721, Bartholomew Roberts captured two large ships at Point Cestos, now River Cess in Liberia. One of these was the frigate Onslow, transporting soldiers bound for Cape Coast (Cabo Corso) Castle. A number of the soldiers wished to join the pirates and were eventually accepted, but as landlubbers were given only a quarter share. The Onslow was converted to become the fourth Royal Fortune. And also on this day in 1722, George Shelvocke returned from his round-the-world, privateering adventure.
  12. On this day in history...

    July 19 - On this day in 1545, the Tudor warship, Mary Rose, sunk in Portsmouth Harbor at Hampshire, England. Also on this day in 1702, Philemon Ewer, the English shipbuilder is born. He is responsible for the rebuild of the first ship built in North America back in 1696. He also built the HMS Salisbury, which served as the location for the famous experiments on scurvy in 1747, by James Lind. And on this day in 1723, Charles Harris and 25 pirates were hanged in Newport, Rhode Island. Joseph Libbey, who was abducted the previous year along with Philip Ashton, was among them. All were all former members of Edward Low’s crew.
  13. On this day in history...

    July 17 - On this day in 1596, At 10:30AM, Dutch explorer Willem Barents arrived at Novaya Zemlya, an archipelago in the Arctic Sea. Also on this day in 1603, Sir Walter Raleigh was arrested by forces of King James. And on this day in 1690, Adam Baldridge arrived at Island of St. Marie in Madagascar where he built a fort and began trading with pirates. And also on this day in 1696, a proclamation for the arrest of Henry Every was issued by the Lords Justices. And if that weren't enough, on this day in 1696, an Irish Proclamation was put forth promising a reward for the apprehension of a pirate named Henry Every. And finally, on this day in 1726, Captain William Fly of Jamaica and the ship Elizabeth was hanged at Boston. His career as a pirate lasted just one month.
  14. On this day in history...

    July 16 - On this day in 1661, the first banknotes in Europe were issued by the Bank of Stockholm, altering the way that money is distributed in a very new way.
  15. On this day in history...

    July 14 - On this day in 1698, the Darien scheme began with five ships, bearing about 1,200 people, and departed Leith for the Isthmus of Panama. And on this day in 1702, Christopher Codrington, governor-general of the English Leeward Islands, lead 1,200 militiamen and privateers in a descent upon the shared island of St. Kitts, expelling its French Settlers. Also on this day in 1714, the Battle of Aland occurred wherein the Russian fleet overpowered the larger Swedish fleet. And on this day in 1769, the expedition led by Gaspar de Portola established a base in California and set out to find the Port of Monterey.
  16. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard! Always good to see a pirate return to the fold, metaphorically speaking. I hope you enjoy the sweet trade.
  17. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome to the Pyracy Pub. This is the definitive pirate community for discussions and topics covering reenactment crews, history, ships, food, drink, music, events, writing, craftsmanship, costuming, trade goods, and miscellaneous odds and ends outside the hobby. If you have an interest in pirates on one or all subjects, this is your one stop shop for life before the mast. We come from all walks of life and each of us has a different reason for loving the pirate trade, so don't be afraid to explain what brings you here. Introduce yourself and ask as many questions as you want. We pride ourselves on knowing a thing or two about pirates, and if we don't have an answer, we love a good discussion and the hunt for proverbial buried treasures. You can introduce yourself here or in a new thread. It's traditional to offer a symbolic drink and a little information about yourself. If you belong to a specific crew, please let us know where you all stem from and how others can join your group. For example... My name is William Pace. I live and work as a graphic designer and photographer out of Logan, Utah. Yes, I'm a thousand miles from the sea. Yes, I recognize the contradiction of my hobby versus my location in the high desert. Yes, it doesn't matter, because I love maritime history. I've been on the 'Pub' since June of 2004. I attend only a handful of events across the U.S., but I consider myself lucky to know my share of pirates on and off of pyracy.com. Some of my closest, life long friends come from here.
  18. On this day in history...

    July 9 - On this day in 1722, the Boston News Letter published a list of those captured by Edward Low after he sank ships of the fleet, and abandoned the Rebecca.
  19. W.A.G.-word association game

  20. On this day in history...

    July 7 - On this day in 1730, Olivier Levasseur was taken to Saint-Denis, Réunion and hanged for piracy at 5 p.m.
  21. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    I might beg the use of some canvas. My tent is great, but the idea of shipping it to the event, well....let me know.
  22. Brooms for the 17th and 18th century

    As pirates we don't often think of the mundane tools of the day to day laborer, especially a tool we might see more of on land, but the subject of brooms has come up for kit. Now in my limited research of brooms I've come across numerous examples in Dutch paintings that show what is listed as a broom, though a stubby one either from short construction or too much use. See below. As you can see it looks like more of a scrubbing tool, which makes sense on heavy wood floors and stone. A similar broom with more 'bristle' can be seen in the painting Interior of Oude Kerk in the lower left part of the image, but I can't find a good example of the painting. The long bristle broom that we think of today appears to have entered the scene in the colonies in the late 1700s, but as I said, I welcome any Broom specialists to post examples from the period.
  23. Brooms for the 17th and 18th century

    I'm very excited to see the finished brooms. Please take pictures of your work and progress if you can. I'd love to see each one come to life.
  24. On this day in history...

    July 6 - On this day in 1685, Lauren de Graff was seen on Isla de Pinos presiding over a gathering of buccaneers. After his departure, he led yet another raid on Campeche. After a protracted battle, the Spaniards fled the town, leaving the pirates with a city devoid of plunder. The length of the battle and delay in attacking had allowed residents to move goods away. After two months in the town the pirates, failing to secure a ransom, began to burn the town and execute prisoners. And on this day in 1699, Captain William Kidd was arrested at the home of Lord Bellomont.
  25. Brooms for the 17th and 18th century

    Excellent! It will be good to have a craftsman that we know.