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  1. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    We should start something really fun and bizarre called the Phone-a-Pirate Program, where we randomly pass out our phone numbers to pirates that we have always wanted to talk to and call them. Here are the rules. Give out your phone number. Get or make a call to a pirate you have never spoken with. Carry on a conversation no less than one minute and no more than three. Tell us all about it. Yes, as I told Dorian earlier this evening in chat, I have eaten the lion's share of cheap, oreo cookie knockoffs and I haven't had enough sleep. I shouldn't even be allowed on here in this condition.
  2. The Watch Dog

    William went forward to find Mister Saltash. He murdered Saltash in his mind about three dozen ways between the great cabin and the hold forward. He did this freely in his head to work out the ‘salt of the anger from his water’. A ritual to ‘purge the poison from the fresh’, as one of his many mentors had said. In one imagined murder he killed Saltash by clubbing him soundly with the butt of a pistol, stoving his skull soundly in one angry thrash. This comforted him not at all. In another he tossed the man overboard with loud words and rough manhandling, throwing Saltash clear, but not carefully of the bulwarks and sending him down tied and screaming to his grave. This only tired him, but it burned off the anger, replacing it with a careworn feeling that left William only a little more aged. He finally gave up imagining anything, for the day had been long, Lasseter was gone to unknown parts and the Whole Company was adrift on two many currents, real and imagined, for him to be angry enough to kill or cause harm. He just wanted to say his peace, give his orders and be abed. When he reached the forward hold he found curious, but well chosen men to guard the prisoner. Manus Hingerty and Alan Woodington stood up quickly, but carefully so as not to strike their hades on the low beams forward. Their presence made him count the watches in his head, because he’d lost track of the ship’s bells. William offered a solitary “Gentlemen” before entering in at the cable tier. Saltash stood up and did hit his head, which William enjoyed despite his growing fatigue about the whole affair. “Sah…” Saltash began and William only raised a hand. “It is not in your best interest to speak, Mister Saltash. Not one word, if you please,” Willam offered quietly, but sternly. “I’ve put my anger to bed, but it is not asleep.” “But, sah, I…” Satlash started again. William gave him a look he once reserved for only the vilest few. A kind of wild, dangerous fire seemed to burn in his looks for a moment as he took in one slow breath. Saltash retreated a little and shut up is mouth. William closed the distance, almost anxious then that Satlash should come at him with some violence, so he’d have reason to kill the man in the moment, but he wouldn’t risk the right of the crew then to have their say. He’d taken their voices from them once before in the slaying of August Muller and had carried the regret of that decision awhile. “Mister Saltash. You will be brought on deck tomorrow to answer some charges laid at your feet. You will have time enough to answer to those charges in the presence of the Whole Company, such as it is. You will keep the night quietly here, where you may rest or lay awake. I care not which.” There was venom in this last remark, and William did not withhold any disdain. “If you leave this compartment for any reason, but to be brought to the head and back again, you will be shot or cut down at the leisure of the marines.” Saltash flinched a little to be under the shadow of Brand’s anger, for he could see it rising like a tide at Wapping. William was almost nose to nose by then. So close was he that Saltash had trouble focusing on him in the low light. “Do I make myself understood?” William said finally and slowly. “Sa…” Satlash stopped to swallow once and repeat. “Sah. Aye Sah.” William turned and left. He left so simply and casually, that Saltash stood almost a full minute before realized he’d been holding his breath at the end. Satlash couldn’t ever remember a man making him so nervous that he forgot to breath, even momentarily. William didn’t even pause with the marines, but asked them as he passed if they understood, having heard all, and they sharply replied with twinned ‘Aye-ayes’ to his back as he went. Then William retired to a hammock made recently empty by the loss of Mister Badger. It was a sobering choice that William made on purpose, so that no member of the Company there would question why he slept in their midst instead of the great cabin. He knew they’d find it either to solemn a choice that the shock might give them pause, or too personal choice to inquire. Either way he’d be left to sleep. If any man aboard took issue with it, he’d address it when they came at him questioning, but didn’t imagine it coming to much, since the other revelations about Saltash would greet the day.
  3. The Watch Dog

    This thread is provided for those writers that make up the crew of the Watch Dog. This thread is for contributions to the tale of the Watch Dog. Any comments or questions about the Watch Dog outside of the story can be sent to the Captain or any other crew member you may wish to address. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Further information about the Watch Dog can be found in the first enstallment entitled "Pyrates of the West Coast, Chipping Under Oakwood" here on the Pub and in "Tome of the Watch Dog" on the Watch Dog website. Anyone wishing to join the story may contact William Red Wake or Dorian Lasseter to see how, where and when they might enter into the tale. We are ever seeking new writers and players for our small stage. For more information, please visit our website at: The Watch Dog The Watch Dog Book ll Prologue In the summer of 1704, a clergyman possessed of a small fortune and no small desire to adventure upon the seas of the Caribbean, rescued an aging ship from the brink of decay. The Nubian Trader was all but lost to the erosion of time and the sea when it was purchased by the Monsignor Diego de la Vega for a modest sum and towed to safe harbors. Once secured, she underwent a resurrection of a kind, brought back to life by the ministrations of many craftsman and carpenters. Mallets and mauls were employed day and night in an effort to recover what might have been lost in a few short weeks. The fires of the blacksmith's forge never diminished in those few days and the pitch fires burned brightly day and night. As she rose from her own ashes, literally restored by fires fueled from her own ancient hemp and timbers, wanderers from every walk of life found their way to her. Many of them were but dusty vagabonds attracted to the idea of liberty and spoils. Some came for escape. Some came for work. Each of them had a story, a past, and a shadow. By all estimations, they were a mixed lot of many talents both elevated and devious. Craftsman, soldiers, sailmakers, pirates, gentlemen, cooks, scoundrels, ladies, and able seamen all gathered into a crew that took shape as quickly as the ship herself. They were the strangest flock ever gathered under one clergyman. They worked day and night together, restoring the ship in ten shorts days, and before the paint was yet dry they were speaking of her by a different name. What had been the blackbirder, known as the Nubian Trader, was now the Watch Dog. The noble head of a sober mastiff replaced the wasted figurehead, long since damaged by time and neglect. A second bell was cast bearing the ship's new name. And the stern was set with new stars and a warning... ...Cavete a Canibus. Beware of the Dogs. The weeks that followed the Watch Dog's rebirth were filled with events marked by tragedy and discovery. Friendships were made. Loyalties secured. Alliances came from strange quarters. Bargains were struck. Enemies were rooted out. The moon did not wax fully twice before they had seen thefts, poisonings, celebrations, kidnappings, festivals, accusations, rewards, drownings, imprisonments, escapes, deaths, proclamations, funerals and all manner of treacheries. As the Bard himself had written in his day, "...the funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables..." for tragedy was often followed swiftly upon by great prosperity, and death and life mingled daily on her decks. Much that can and ought to be said of that first chapter in the Watch Dog's history is too deep and too varied for a simple explanation. Like a Moses, it is often easier to summarize the whole of creation in a few short verses. Like the Watch Dog herself, the narrators that make up her small crew are ever compelled to move forward with the wind rather than spend too long a time in any one place. What follows is the second chapter in the travels and travails of the Watch Dog.
  4. On this day in history...

    June 13 - On this day in 1665, English forces beat the Dutch fleet at the Battle of Lowestoft, off Suffolk, England. And on this day in 1774, Rhode Island became the first colony to prohibit the importation of slaves.
  5. First Time Traveling to Key West

    The weather is very nice in the late fall. The Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion and Pirates in Paradise events were always the first week of December, and the weather was wonderful.
  6. Welcome aboard!

    I see people joining the hobby all of the time. If you're new and wondering where to start, introduce yourself here and ask any questions you may have and we'll point you in the right direction.
  7. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome to the Pyracy Pub. This is the definitive pirate community for discussions and topics covering reenactment crews, history, ships, food, drink, music, events, writing, craftsmanship, costuming, trade goods, and miscellaneous odds and ends outside the hobby. If you have an interest in pirates on one or all subjects, this is your one stop shop for life before the mast. We come from all walks of life and each of us has a different reason for loving the pirate trade, so don't be afraid to explain what brings you here. Introduce yourself and ask as many questions as you want. We pride ourselves on knowing a thing or two about pirates, and if we don't have an answer, we love a good discussion and the hunt for proverbial buried treasures. You can introduce yourself here or in a new thread. It's traditional to offer a symbolic drink and a little information about yourself. If you belong to a specific crew, please let us know where you all stem from and how others can join your group. For example... My name is William Pace. I live and work as a graphic designer and photographer out of Logan, Utah. Yes, I'm a thousand miles from the sea. Yes, I recognize the contradiction of my hobby versus my location in the high desert. Yes, it doesn't matter, because I love maritime history. I've been on the 'Pub' since June of 2004. I attend only a handful of events across the U.S., but I consider myself lucky to know my share of pirates on and off of pyracy.com. Some of my closest, life long friends come from here.
  8. On this day in history...

    June 12 - On this day in 1653, the First Anglo-Dutch War took place at the Battle of the Gabbard/ Battle at North Foreland. The English fleet beat the Dutch. And on this day in 1665, New Amsterdam legally became British and was renamed New York after English Duke of York and England installed a municipal government. Also on this day in 1667, Michiel de Ruyter destroyed the English fleet. And on this day in 1704 in Glocester the following was reported. "Yesterday Major Sewall passed by this place with the Larrimore Galley, and Shallop Trial, standing for Salem, and having little wind, set our men ashore on the Eastern Point, giving of them notice that William Jones, and Peter Roach, two of the Pirates had mistook their way, and were still left upon the Cape, with strict charge to search for them, which our Towns People performed very industriously. Being strangers and destitute of all Succours they surrendered themselves this Afternoon, and were sent to Salem Prison." Also on this day in 1735, Bern was roused to publish her first decree, warning her people of the Oberland against the trip to Carolina. It is a document altogether different from the Zurich decrees, in that it attempted to use persuasion rather than force. The Amtleute were to explain to those desirous of seeking their fortunes in Carolina, that the printed accounts on the subject were misleading, that the sea-journey was a long one, the change of air, the strange food, the lack of fresh water, occasioned sickness and death among Swiss people, pirates on the sea sold them into slavery, and arriving in Carolina as paupers, they were obliged to sell them selves into servitude. Those who in spite of these warnings were determined to go, should not have been prohibited from doing so, nor would they sacrifice the government s good-will, except those who possessed means valued at over five hundred pounds, who should be compelled to give up their citizenship and land-right. Emigration was not to be prohibited, but made distasteful, and the country was to be guarded against loss, as when persons of the homeless class were put into the places of those citizens who had left the district. And finally on this day in 1772, Marion du Fresne was killed at Tacoury's Cove, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, by local Māori.
  9. June 2019

    Pirate Invasion Long Beach is coming up in California, June 29th & 30th. https://www.facebook.com/groups/455778251185874/ Pirate Fest on the High Seas the same weekend (June 29th-30th) https://www.facebook.com/events/436490240243721/
  10. 18th Century Pirates help

    I strongly recommend asking here. Very knowledgable group with excellent book recommendations. https://www.facebook.com/groups/455778251185874/
  11. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I used to live in here twenty-four-seven...or rather...all watches all the time. I miss the weight of traffic and the conversation.
  12. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    We're still open for business. Stop by and share your love of the high seas.
  13. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    It wouldn't take much to keep the Pub active, in terms of a discussion here and there. Facebook pages, for all of their traffic (especially ion the pirate pages) seems limited to memes and merchandise. Facebook, has a lot of potential, but it's been a disappointing replacement in the long term.
  14. On this day in history...

    September 26 - On this day in 1580, Frances Drake completed circumnavigation of the world, sailing into Plymouth aboard the Golden Hind.
  15. Sea of Thieves

    Do you happen to play Pirates of the Burning Sea?
  16. Welcome aboard!

    She may be aground...the grand ole girl...but she's a good ship. A little careening and the Pub could put to sea again.
  17. Because I still can (apparently)

  18. Tsunami Kate

    If we ate everything served here we'd die early, but happy.
  19. Tsunami Kate

    Today's special is Sujouk Sausage Quiche. Delightful.
  20. The Boots We Wear (On Bucket Boots)

    This thread has covered such an interesting range of opinions, stronger opinions and even strong opinions. Also some historic citations.
  21. Tsunami Kate

    Today we're serving stuffed grape leaves.
  22. Utah Pirate Invasion

    No word yet from Patrick Hand. The last I heard from him, he was moving to a place that required installation for internet access, so he may be off of the grid at the moment. I sent him a reminder just a week ago, but haven't heard back. A hearty welcome to all of our attendees.
  23. Utah Pirate Invasion

    The Golden Age of Piracy spanned a small rush of years between 1690 and 1730. During this period, notorious crews pillaged the world's seas and coastlines, taking what they wanted and leaving reputations of death and glory in their wakes. Join us as we celebrate these historic, ofttimes mythic seafarers over two days brimming with presentations, trials, music, contests and immersive pirate history. Come for a day or camp for the weekend (August 4th through the 5th) at Fort Buenaventura. Learn why so many share a love for the mystery and romance of the Golden Age. https://www.facebook.com/events/312939285864135/
  24. Utah Pirate Invasion

    YAY! Mad Pete, Stynky Tudor and Mission are all joining us at the Utah Pirate Invasion.
  25. Sea of Thieves

    If nothing else, it was good to see that you're alive, Mister Flint. I hope all is well with you.