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    I belong to a site what teaches th' proper care o' seahorses in the home aquarium, an' I keep a few o' th' wee beasties m'self. Piracy is what I aspire t' in life, but in reality, I'm an 'umble graphic designer. Yes, I spend long hours practicin' me Long John accent, a fact o' which I'm neither proud nor ashamed. It's like 'aving Buccaneer Tourette's, it be. An affliction of which I must make the best in life, incurable as it seems.<br><br>
  1. Let see ye tankard!

    I posted pics in the Gizmo thread, but here's the tankard again: A pair o' black ones I gave to my son and his wife:
  2. To Kindle yer interest ...

    It's mostly literature that's in the public domain, from Project Gutenberg and similar orgs. What makes Manybooks so good, though, is how well it's indexed and organized, and how many formats it offers. I got a Kindle for Christmas, and I've downloaded the complete A Thousand Nights and A Night, the Sir Richard Burton translation, for free, as well as most of the classic Pirate lit titles they've got. I have a lifetime of reading I can carry around with me, for access instantly, all for free. I still like real paper books, mind you, but you can't beat the convenience and sheer coolness of electronic paper.
  3. To Kindle yer interest ...

    Found a great site to download ebooks for digital reading devices, with a subsection on Pirate Literature. Now you can carry all your favorite swashbucklin' tales with ye an' still travel light! I hope there are some among ye who will find this info useful, though obviously in no way authentic or period correct. Pirate Tales on
  4. Quicksilver's Pirate Pots - a Merry Gizmas!

    Just about! This pirate wench has become a granmawr, and has gone from steady employment to freelancin' – graphic design privateer, if ye will – so me interweb fratternizin' has been sharply curtailed. I'm still raisin' hell in any port what'll allow me t' weigh anchor, though. Nice to know someone remembered me, thankee, Silkie lass!
  5. Morrigan Quicksilver outdid himself (assuming he does himself at all) with the amazing dish he crafted especially fer me champion mouser & Maine Coon privateer, Gizmo. Indulge me in admiring some photos of the hand-made masterpiece, as part of our own Quicksilver collection and also with The Beastie himself, Gizmo "Blackboots" Diablo, Chief Mousing Officer of the Green Murder. I've had me tankard and warning shot for years, and have given tankards and warning shots as gifts, and I tell you they are treasured wherever they are received and hold up to years of hard drinkin' and debauchery (as well as repeated microwaving and dishwashering). Mister Quicksilver is my personal hero and a credit to our kind. Mr. Gizmo is more than just a cat, he's two and a half cats, more or less, and does the dish proud, downing his raw meat dinners with piratical gusto. Aaarr!
  6. You in yar garb.

    Speaking o' hats, here's me in mine, with me buddy reefrancher at Fells Point.
  7. You in yar garb.

    Mr. Hand, you are the real deal. Hats off to ye!
  8. My New Suit

    That reminds me of a joke that can easily be adapted for pirates ... will post in the Jokes thread ....
  9. loose it or you loose it all

    Okay, I don't see how: and: Seem incongruous. Is he a nice guy or a threat? Did the PM/badgering/threatening happen on this forum? If so, I'd contact the moderators or admins directly. I don't see how discussing it in public will help the situation, might only make it worse. If the PM was on another forum, maybe their admins/moderators could help.
  10. My New Suit

    Might I suggest one of these: *Runs away giggling maddly
  11. My New Suit

  12. Group Buy on Shoes?

    Fit and comfort are even more important to me than authenticity and price, and having wide and small (compared to the rest of you guys) feet, I'm not certain I'd get shoes that fit right. I think I'll pass on this one, although I'd love to have a pair of authentic pirate shoes.
  13. Golden Age of Piracy Patterns

    Is the short jacket pattern going to include slops, or is that another pattern set? I looked on Kass's site and didn't see the slops pattern, but did see other breeches, so I was just wondering.
  14. But I stole 'em from a...

    Okay, back from the Baltimore Pirate Invasion, and I have to say, NOW I GET IT. I have never seen so many yards of crushed velvet, skull-print polyester blend, and uphulstory fabric in one place! The folks were GREAT and we had a blast, but I tell ya, there was more than one Elizabethan/Cavalier/Robin Hood impersonator there. Even found a mariachi pirate complete with accordian and parrot! A few goth cowboy sailors, I think, too. And a terrific, fun devil/faun pirate with skull beads in his beard, gotta find the pic ... Will post pics in the Raids section soon. But anyway, here I was all worried that my kit isn't authentic. I think I could have added a few yards of gold rickrack and fringe to my tricorn and blended into the crowd just fine. :) Had a blast, will definately go again!
  15. Snakes on a Plane