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  1. the last days of black beard

    A review of Duffus' book by David Moore of the NCMM Kevin P. Duffus. The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate: Within Every Legend Lies a Grain of Truth. Raleigh, N.C.: Looking Glass Productions, Inc., 2008. 239 pages; maps, limited notes, bibliography, and index. US $24.95, cloth; ISBN 1888285230. The author of this book on Blackbeard is a journalist, not a historian, which is glaringly apparent throughout the book. The overall thesis of the book is nothing new; it is based on the research of genealogists John Oden, Jane Bailey, and Allen Norris, published in 2002 as “Legends of Black Beard and His Ties to Bath Town: A Study of Historical Events Using Genealogical Methodology” in the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal. This original research, containing numerous suppositions and assumptions, provided the somewhat historically shaky foundation upon which Kevin Duffus constructed his book. The cornerstone of both studies is that one James Beard, an early resident of Bath, North Carolina had a son, whose name, unfortunately, remains unknown. The book postulates that this son’s name was Edward and he would become the infamous and notorious pirate captain “Black” Beard—therefore not named Edward Thatch or Teach, as historical documents have informed us for almost three centuries. Unfortunately, very little of the evidence presented supports such a claim, a situation readily (and interestingly) admitted by the author on several occasions. David D. Moore North Carolina Maritime Museum Perhaps a debate between David Moore & Kevin Duffus is in order.
  2. Lighthouses

    Here is another worthy website devoted to lighthouses. Has an in depth history for each location.
  3. the last days of black beard

    The piece is based on research findings which indicate that the Adventure was a Bermuda Sloop. Some researchers claim that be twas a Jamacian sloop...which only varies, basically, on the the length on deck. The Bermuda twas a bit longer. In Howard Chappelle's book, The Search for Speed Under Sail, there are plans for the Bermuda Sloop. The model is classified as semi-scratch built, since belay pins, guns, & deadeyes come from a manufacturer. Not many modelers take the time to make such items. For a better picture, please refer to the below link:'s ADVENTURE&price=CALL What be yer project? Will you be making it down to the Pirate Camp at the Charleston Harbor Festival this weekend ? Twill be there meself.
  4. the last days of black beard

    Me model of BB's sloop Adventure be in tha book. A profile view it be. T'would be better at an angled shot so that the topsail would had been viewed more clearly.
  5. Blackbeard's QAR

    The Finished Model. Taking her out to Ocracoke tomorrow. The sails are set on a slight tack. 1) Angled Port Bow view: 2) Port View (sails set on slight tack): 3) Port Profile: 4) Port Stern view: 5) Starboard Stern View: 6) Port Stern Close-up: 7) Port side, fore deck close-up: 8) Post side, mid deck close-up: 9) Port side, quarter deck close-up: 10) Starboard bow close-up: 11) Angled starboard deck view:
  6. Blackbeard's QAR

    A couple of shots with her sails. Mizzen mast sails not secured yet Port bow view: Port stern view:
  7. Blackbeard's QAR

    Via Longarm: Would that be the gentleman who has Ship-Shapes in Charleston?
  8. Blackbeard's QAR

    Many thanks on yer comments. Have just completed the standing rigging on her. Photo links for your viewing pleasure. Will probably open a new topic when she be done with all sails in a few weeks. Best regards to ye all! 1) Port Profile: (aware that fore top-pole is a skewed. Shall adjust when sail yards are installed) 2) Port bow, looking aft: 3) Port stern looking forward: 4) Round tops & top guns: (will add another pair on the fore & main masts)
  9. Blackbeard's QAR

    Via Blackjohn: No I do not have that source. Certainly looks like a swell addition to me reference library. Will have to get that. Many thanks.
  10. Blackbeard's QAR

    Thankee fer kind remarks. To paraphrase Will Sparrow...A craftsman is always glad that his work is apprecirated. As fer Cap'n Midnight's question about using archelogical data from the site...yes & no. The wood structures does not exist per say. From hundreds of years of hurricanes, nor'easterns, rip current trends, and fishermen, the cannons are scattered away from a neat & orderly arrangement. There is really not enough physical remains to determine what she looked like as of yet, and the site has mainly been mapped out based on the existing metal (guns & such). The Smithsonian Magazine picture is currently the "best guess" of what she looked liked. One strong debate has been if she had jib sails verses the upper bowsprit mast like the Kalmar Nyckel has. Ship design was in a transtition from bowsprit mast to jib sails when she was originally built as the Concorde.
  11. Blackbeard's QAR

    Overall length is 33". Scale: 1" is about 3'. By model builers' classification, she is semi-scratch built...meaning commerical fittings (deadeyes, belay pins, cannons, blocks) are used. True scratch is where the craftsperson makes everything.
  12. Blackbeard's QAR

    After many interuptions, especially from making ships in bottles for Dreamworks Production of Alice Seabold's novel The Lovely Bones, the QAR model of the museum at Teach's Hole on Ocracoke is in the standing rigging phase. Thought you'd enjoy viewing the Admiralty Version (without masts). Research on constructing the model included long discussions with David Moore and folks with the QAR Project. Model completion deadline is mid-late February. 1) A drawing from Smithsonian magazine QAR article: Photo 2: Admiralty Style—Port View: Photo 3: Admiralty Style—Inclined Port View: Photo 4: Admiralty Style—Forward Port View Photo 5: QAR: Standing rigging lines in progress (1/7/08):
  13. George McDonald Fraser

    Twas sadden to hear that author George MacDonald Fraser passed away. Many a side-splitting laugh he provided as well as enlighten on history via Flashman. The Pyrates is a classic. Related bio link:
  14. Happy Winter Soltice everyone!

    A pint of warm grog raised to ye all with best wishes fer the season...and a long night!
  15. Admiral Graf Spee 1:20 Model

    Very Sweet!