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  1. Random Topics

    I'm the biologist! Stomach Acid has a pH around 1.8. That's acid, but not the terrible strength that most people think of. The lower the pH value, the more acid something is. pH is measured on a log scale, so something that's pH 3 is ten times as acid as something that's pH 4 and one hundred times as acid as something as pH 5. Pure water has a pH of around 7 Cola has a pH of around 2.5 Lemon Juice and Vinegar around 2.1 Stomach Acid around 1.8 Battery Acid around 0.8 Sulfuric Acid is commonly 0.15 So stomach acid is really only somewhat more acid than vinegar, but nowhere near something like battery acid. Not good for your shoes, but not enough to eat a hole in leather, either. - Bloody
  2. A plug for online comics and good shirts...

    Aye, Duchess. I already own one of these! It's totally and entirely awesome.
  3. Seeking Pirates

    I removed the post, but you guys have all quoted it anyway! In this one topic, Seeking Pirates, I allow guests to post... so that people who aren't a member of this community can post looking for crews to hire, etc. I guess that's what happens sometimes. Sorry for the inconvenience! -Bloody
  4. Poll

    Moderator to the rescue. Is that better?
  5. Responding to a suggestion from Gentleman of Fortune (who's somewhere in Deutschland), I've created this forum to serve as a rally point for European pirate crews. I'm aware of a large number of crews and re-enactors in the British Isles, and know of some Scandinavian pirates that have been active in the Pub previously. If you're a pirate in Europe, stand up and be counted... Pyracy Pub can be a great way to locate other pirates in your locale. And if you've got a crew, let me know and I'll gladly give you your own forum. - Bloody Buckets
  6. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Hey fellas: The email Olaf sent to Ruttlebug ended up here at GraySail. Nice articles by the way, almost signed 'em myself. Anyway, he doesn't really have a graysail email address. That was either a brain fart or an email address rewriting feature of these forums that I am totally unaware of. In either case, you need to try that one again. - Bloody
  7. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Bay Point Buccaneers news and announcements
  8. Juryrig

    The Juryrig news and announcements
  9. Periodically, your old mate Bloody gets an email like this one, looking for a very special piece of knowledge. Any of you salts know an answer? Hello.
  10. Free Men of the Sea

    Ahoy Mate. . . . Captain William Kidd and the Free Men of the Sea, reenactors of the Golden Age of Piracy, welcome ye aboard the Adventure Galley! Free Men of the Sea is a living history reenacting group. Privateers and buccaneers for hire! Captain William Kidd and his rogues at your service! Historical Interpretations Living History Presentations Perform Sea Chanteys Black Powder Demonstrations Sword/Cutlass Demonstrations Interactive presentations for schools, business, historic occasions and festivals Documentaries and Movies Associated with Fanfaire Production Company Contact: Neal J. Kirk Telephone: (860) 267-8447 Fax: (860) 267-1474 E-mail:
  11. Loose Cannon

    The Loose Cannon news and announcements
  12. Seeking Pirates

    Capt'n Jim-sib writes:: "The Bath Tri-Centennial Maritime Festival will be held Sept. 22-25, 2005. Bath, NC is the state's oldest seaport, the first colonial state capital, and a home to Edward Teach. Teach, after wrecking the QAR went to Bath & married a local girl. The Festival committee has mentioned to me an interest in having pirates/re-enactors at their celebration. I have been in contact with Stynky Tudor on this who has aided them greatly. There will be a committee meeting mid August in Bath. If you are interested could you please inform me of your rates, gratuitiy, and needs so that I can pass them along to the chairwoman in charge of this event. Many things are still up in the air on this celebration, but as the time grows nearer, they will get done. Tis a year away, yet some folks like to be prepared. The state has given them a grant, and the Elizabeth II of Roanoke will be there. Their website is: Sincerely yours Jim Goodwn (Capt'n Jim-sib) Charlotte, NC 704-365-4765 website:
  13. Brethren of the Carolina Coast

    Group Therapy has tentatively scheduled the 2004 Chili Cookoff for October 23rd. Last year, the brethren won both best set-up and the sweepstakes People's Choice chili award, raising more money for our charity, the Babcock Center , than any other team. Our special chili, Teach's Hole Pirate Chili (motto: Just a kiss o' the Tentacle) includes both conch and whole octopus, a real crowd-pleaser. Also, the 8th annual Pirates' Pub Crawl is now scheduled for Saturday, October 30th. We generally have a couple dozen well-costumed pirates show up for this fun and popular event. That's enough to take over a bar, or even a whole string of bars one after the other, which is kind of the point. Any would-be pirates in the SC area are welcome to sign articles if you want to join up this year. Email if you're interested.
  14. Crewe ChitChat

    Pyrates of the Coast news and announcements
  15. Seeking Pirates

    Martha Conte writes: "I'm throwing a three-day party for about 1000 people in Princeton, NJ, over Memorial Day weekend, 2005, about a third of whom are kids. I need pirate entertainers and actors, a pirate "boat" that 3-5 people can ride on in a parade, and anything else pirate! Please email me at with any information or leads you may have." Interested crews, get with it!