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  1. Archangel Camp Planning

    Outstanding planning. One update to be made is the bushes shown around the edges have been removed. Sorry for the late notice. I will try to get measurements for you on Saturday.
  2. campaign furniture

    Hey Dutch have you counted our barrels lately?
  3. Happy Birthed Day Cap'nPern!

    Cheeky I just saw your wishes. Did we get to toast one? I think not. So we will have to make up for that. You are adorable! Thanks for saving the day as the narrator this past weekend. Yer Humble Servant... Cap'n Pern
  4. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Well there are a few in between but the next big one that all of us can make with these folks will be Beaufort, NC. August 8,9, 10... be there or you will miss a swinging good time. Oh Oh Make me dance the Hempen Jig!!!! Please Please Pleeeeaaaase!!
  5. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    It did take one back a bit, the crowd was bloody loud and then started insulting us as we passed. I rather enjoyed it as it gave one the chance to better imagine what folks went through during the beginnings of our war of Independence. Who ever got them pumped up on your side, did a brilliant job of it... I have some ideas of how to "grow" that scenario for next year, incorporating both the Harbor... oh wait, best not give it away... will pm you privately when I get back from Port Washington... hmmm I rather like be told I "smell like a French dog!" Ok so someone want to let me in on this taxation skit seeing as it wasn't on the schedule. IT sounds like it was pretty good.
  6. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Aye but the buck/shilling stops with you, does it not? Aye sir the Shilling does stop with me! BTW why should I want Pirate Hunters to find me and me crew? So the next time our paths cross Captain Sterling, I assure you I will provide something for which you can blame me! ;-)
  7. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Now wait just a bloody minute! Wot did I have to do with lost pirate hunters? I refuse to take the blame on that one. I think...
  8. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    No effect on the Festival all the damage is south of the James River. Contacts over there say it's a mess and require massive cleanup but no fatalities.
  9. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    I look forward to your call Capt. Sterling. Captain Spike of the Bone Island Buccaneers called me today.
  10. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    I can add a little bit more to keep you chomping at the bit. We are looking for Militia to man the waterfront docks to protect the ships from the pirates that will be invading. Also a Dock Master. PM me with ideas. An additional skit on Friday afternoon on the docks before the Grand Pirates Ball. The Mill Point Park Stage will become the Bunch of Grapes Tavern for the weekend. Complete with Bar serving Goslings Black Seal and Ale. The period Dinner Saturday night will take place at the Bunch of Grapes Tavern. There will be a colonial gaming table and tables to sit and eat inside the tavern. The encampment will be larger. Plans for the encampment are underway. Small boat battle up the river near the stage. I will add more as the plans become more solid. Your Humble Servant.
  11. Hampton Blackbeard Festival

    Captain Sterling and Cheeky Actress, There is a possibility that there will be a fire pit sufficient to feed an army. Are you prepared to feed 100 pyrates? Not firming anything up but seeing if the exuberance for the fire pit can be taken advantage of... Dutchman tells me you are going to provide some video of your past attacks on unsuspecting victims. Any progress on that Captain? Cap'n Pern
  12. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Thanks for kind words regarding our event Black Fox, Black John, and Silkie. It is always a pleasure to see you at the festival and look forward to seeing you this year. The festival this year is going to grow some more some new things are in the planning. I will share them as soon as they are firmed up. Your Humble Servant Cap'n Pern
  13. Welcome to the news forum for Blackbeards Crew the Pressgang Master Dutchman will be handling the communications via this forum.
  14. Here's a test

    Thank you Booty!