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  1. PotC 4

    That's why we buy Blue Ray / DVDs mate. Maybe they'll have all those extra features and deleted scenes. Or, perhaps they'll just show us some more clips of the monkey...
  2. PotC 5...

    Any bets that the next Pirates of the Caribbean film will involve the Bermuda Triangle???
  3. PotC 4

    I really enjoyed the movie. I was apprehensive going in to see it for fear it would suck, but I have to say it was great. It's probably my 2nd favorite film of the series (but in a close race with PotC 2). I'm not going to post any spoilers on here, but here are my pros and cons...and the pros really did outweigh my few gripes. PROS: 1) A NEW STORY - Yeah, I know it's ripped from a Tim Powers book. But it was refreshing to see a new story that didn't require me to remember what happened in the past 2 films. It was a solid movie that stood alone from the others. 2) NEW CHARACTERS - Don't get me wrong, I like Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. However, it was nice to watch new characters interact without seeing crew members chase their eyeballs around deck, or make midget jokes. I thought Penelope Cruz did an outstanding job (you can't tell she was pregnant) and I actually liked the Spaniards. 3) DIRECTING - I was very worried the transition from Gore Verbinski to Robb Marshall wouldn't work, but it did. The movie felt like any other PotC movie. The movie did seem a little darker and more serious at times, but all-in-all it felt like a solid transition. 4) MERMAIDS - I honestly thought the mermaids would destroy the film and be a joke to the franchise. I was proven wrong. 5) JACK SPARROW - Without any major hang-ups (other than a love interest), Jack is actually doing what he does best--pirating. And it's really good to see him likeable again and demonstrating that he's actually a pretty good trickster. He was more of a hero in this movie than in the past 2 films. 6) QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE - I want this ship. No, it's not historically accurate. (Matt's right, the flag is incorrect.) But it's still pretty baddass. NEUTRAL: 1) Ian McShane as Blackbeard - After the first few lines he delivered, I realized he was playing the role of Blackbeard as...Ian McShane. I was hoping for a little bit of piratey flair, rather than Al Swearengin from Deadwood. This might be considered a con, but you know what? I really like Ian McShane. So it's a wash. 2) Not much high seas piracy - The majority of the film took place on land, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just odd to finally see a movie that felt more like Indiana Jones than Pirates of the Caribbean in regards to the location. 3) The Fountain of Youth - I felt this was definitely one of those movies where the journey was much better than the destination. Never did I say to myself, "Man! I can't wait til they find the fountain!" CONS: 1) The Zombies - It's not that the zombies were bad. It's just that they weren't fully explained, and they didn't serve much of a purpose. 2) Magic - Blackbeard's connection to voodoo/magic didn't seem to have much of a back story, which I would have liked them to expand upon. 3) The Funny - I didn't think the movie was as humorous as the others (or maybe the jokes didn't go over as well with me as I hoped), but whatever. It still rocked. I really think this movie will be enjoyed by the majority of pirate fans out there. Was it better than the first one? No, but few sequels ever are. It is, however, enjoyable and a worthy PotC film.
  4. Arrr mateys! Put down your sabers and get ready to vote -- it’s time for the Pirate Playoffs! Will this year’s winner be a real pirate, or a fictional one? This year we have 8 new challengers ready to battle-it-out against 8 contenders from 2009. Losers from the first round in the 2009 playoffs were replaced with new contestants (sorry Jack Sparrow), but they may be invited back next year. (The only exception is Stede Bonnet who lost to Blackbeard in the first round.) If you remember, the winner of the 2009 playoffs was Blackbeard--the scourge of the seas. Although he will not be a contestant this year, he will go toe-to-toe against this year’s winner to defend his crown as the #1 Best Pirate Ever! RULES: 1) The polls will close 1 week from posting, which is Wednesday, March 23rd at approx. 9:30 a.m. (Pacific time), so be sure to let everyone know!!! 2) When voting, please keep in mind that you are voting for the actual pirate -- and not their entire crew. 3) Be honest with your vote -- if you really think Pirate A would win against Pirate B, have justification for it. In fact, we encourage a healthy debate over this. 4) Only VOTE ONCE for each poll! The polls are designed to allow a user only one vote; however, some people have managed to vote more than once. Excessive voting for one pirate may result in a penalty or possible pirate elimination. (We’ve got our eye on you Black Pirate.) 5) Please do us a favor and be sure to vote in each poll of each round, so the statistics match. …and be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates! ( Commence yer voting!
  5. Pirate Playoff Bracket

    Ok! The votes have been tallied, and we're down to the Elite 8 now! Voting ends Sunday, October 18th midnight. PLEASE VOTE ONLY ONCE!!!
  6. Pirate Playoff Bracket

    Ha! Either someone really wants the Black Pirate to win, or else they really dislike Jack Sparrow. Bummer. When I set this up, the voting option said that people can only vote once.
  7. Pirate Playoff Bracket

    I'm pretty sure you can't. It should acknowledge that you've already voted, even if you try to vote again.
  8. Pirate Playoff Bracket

    One on one. Interpret how that person wins the fight any way you want. Please clarify: when we are asked "Who wins in a fight", is that one-on-one or crew-against-crew?
  9. Pirate Playoff Bracket

    That's right! Want to know who the greatest pirate is? Click on this link and place your votes now! Be sure to tell your friends!
  10. New Seabeaver Cartoons

    Yar mates! It's been a long time since I posted anything here, so I figured I might as well whore myself out and post some of the more recent cartoons I've made. Enjoy! The Other First Mate Domesticated Pirate <---might have to hit "refresh" button Governor Oh, and I've also started a band called "Mizzen" that you can check out at, or on Bilgemunky Radio.
  11. Random Pyrate movies.

    Mizzen rocks!
  12. Why hasn't anyone talked about this book yet?!?! Where's Bilgemunky's book reviews when you need 'em? Silver: My Own Tale As Written by Me With a Goodly Amount of Murder
  13. how many times have u watched POTC?

    POTC 1: Probably about 15 times POTC 2: Probably about 8 times POTC 3: 2 times
  14. Pirate Barbecue Sauce

    Juse saw a commercial for this barbecue sauce. I think I'm going to have to get me some... Buccaneer Blends
  15. Now Playing

    I agree with Graydog. It wasn't a great movie. It was so-so. I debated if it's worse or better than Temple of Doom. I ultimately think it's worse than Temple of Doom, because at least that movie had memorable scenes. The new film left me bored. This isn't to say it's a horrible movie. I liked it for that fact that it was an Indiana Jones movie, and it was awesome seeing him again. However, I just felt the film could have been done better...