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  1. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Black's a colour now? The pyrate poker run ride in Savannah is now rescheded for the 17th of October (same times and places for redez vous, savvy?). Open invite to two-wheeled pyrates, blast ye, or four. There be $5,000 in booty on the line fer the winnin' hand.
  2. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Oo, yar ... I fergetted that this becomin' Sunday, the Alee Temple Shriners in Savanner are hostin' a Pyrate Poker Run for us two-wheeled pyrates. It starts at around 11 Sunday, Oct. 3rd at John's V-Twin in Savannah (just off Abercorn at Montgomery Crossroads) and ends at Alee Temple. If'n ye be a biker pyrate, come on along. Me and me gang'll be gatherin' in Plumbroke at the Beep (Hwy. 280 at Hwy. 119 in Pembroke, Jawjuh) at 10 a.m. to parade on down. If'n ye'd rather meet us on the road somewheres between Plum Broke and Savannah, call me to arrange a rendez vous at 912-653-4692 in the nighttime.
  3. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Arrr, the impendin' himmicane blew me plans for the Dragoncon right outer the water, blast me lights. Me belovered firstmate dinna want her #1 hatch-battener in the mountains when the cat was blowing across the yard. When's the crew gunna clot down Hilton's Head way? I can make that, belike! Grendle PS. Studley, since when did a broke pin drydock yer tankard-hoister?
  4. Brethren of the Carolina Coast

    Where'n when bucko?
  5. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Helmsman Grendle .... I likes it! South by Sou'souwest it be, cap'n. She's answerin' the helm ... "Yes" she says, "yes!" And I likes it! Arrr.
  6. Bay Point Buccaneers

    Ello ello ello. Grendle's the name. I be a fair hand, can reef, steer, shoot and mend, but me navigation is not harmed by rum (which is to say, nothing could make it much worse). The maths ain't a worry, but the dang sextant won't line up right fer me. I live in Plumbroke, Jawjuh, just a few leagues west o' Savannah. Pickins is slim here, bootywise. But I unnerstan there's rich marchants on the Headlands east o' here. :)
  7. Where do ye make birth?

    I be in Savanner, Jawerjuh, where the roads is paved with the sculls o' the unwary (tho' the guides'll tell ye they're ballast stones).
  8. Aging leather

    There be several types o' agin', y'know. The dye'll give ye the dark look, sure. Neatsfoot oil (a bit'll do'er), and saddle soap does wonders for the leather, too. Mellow shine, real deep. But for the appearance of real age, ye needs "distress" (which I spect is what ye was seeing that lassie's poorly dyed crossbelts) which can be accomplshed by what, in most cases, would be considered "abuse." Soaking with salt water, then thorough cleaning with saddle soap and treating with neatsfoot will give you a nicely "aged" lookin' belt, though it do reduce the strength o' the leather. Hope this helps. :)
  9. To build a boat...

    Now THAT be a question! What's the position o' the New Knighted States Coasties on armin' o' vessels? I means, e'en a swivel gun could be enow to sink a thin-skinned playsure craft wi' a single round. So be there regs or do they winks at us?
  10. torture

    Arr, and sum time, when they be in a partick you larlly evil dispose ishon, they'd drop a bound and nakkid prisoner into the box, called the Father Grabe, where a heavil beast called the Gard Empee (poorly trained and seckshally depreaved) would have its merry way with them, whilst the crew made pictures "fer later". Yo.
  11. Bodices

    Arrr, one (er, twa) o' the truly nice things aboot bein' a dimorphic species is appreciatin' the geometries. Vive les differences! :)
  12. How Many Times Have Ye Said Yarrr?

    Aye, it be a dangerous ting, this pyratin'. I caught meself snarlin' "Arrrgh!" at a contractor this very morning. Hardly pro feshunal, were it now? Arr!
  13. Yarr there be boasting to do!

    As I climbed to the deck, I heard the rough snores o' the crew, disposed however at their guns, as these was waters we knew to be rich with our prey. Aye, and the merchants knew it, too. She only carried six-pounders, and but five to a side, but they was sufficient, and with Mike Bollard as gunner to check the layin', we'd iron aplenty to disconcert the West Indiamen while we pulled in close enough to board.
  14. Bodices

    Arr, I do wish ye'd be more specific in yer headin's. "Bodices worth a peek" was too litral for sech a fool as I, as I. Sarves me right, tho, an' I've no doubt. No doubt atall atall.
  15. Arrrrgh ...a lamentation

    "Thar be flies in me rum!" Thas a crie to strike fear inter a pyrate's wizened black heart, t'be sure! Sharin' me grog wi' vermin be ... well, it be the normal course o'tings, but not flyin' vermin, usually.