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  1. Happy Natal Day!!!!

  2. Yohoho and a bottle of Tao!

  3. Steam Punk.....

    Actually, if you wanted to be "authentic", the Age of Steam does have definite dates associated with it. Example: Though steam inventions started waaay back in Alexandria 2,000 years ago, in more SP terms the first US steam engine to carry passengers didn't appear until around 1830. I think what most SP'ers are looking at for inspiration is the latter part of the 19th Century. For the steam part, anyway - the tech stuff is definitely all over the board And yes, there are SP'ers who are busily modifying their Nerf guns to be steam-powered photon emitters - others are making the guns from scratch with wood, brass and iron. My favorite is still all the tech stuff they mod - the computers, etc. It's just a great visual.
  4. How Do You FEEL Now?

    When you're ready, luv, let me know - I might be able to refer you to someone good.
  5. Moonlight Lagoon

    Story of my life... Hey! Wait a minute... Did you say that BEFORE or AFTER my clothes came off?
  6. Steam Punk.....

    Great minds think alike, Patrick lad! I myself were gaining interest in the SteamPunk genre - as you said, there's so much to do with it...imagineering to the max, as it were...
  7. Moonlight Lagoon

    As if you needed to ask... *starts shedding weapons, clothing, belts - gets tangled up, falls over into the sand*
  8. Moonlight Lagoon

    'ello, luv! Long time, no see, eh? Whoa - serious case of déjà vu going on right about now...
  9. Happy Birthday PyratePhil!

    Oy - they be writin' me off like a week-old bucket o' chum! Thank you all - 'tis an honor to be feted by the likes of you. Mayhaps I'll have to peek back in here to "service" those lonely, sour wenches LadyB referred to... Miss Constance - if you do, I'll probably be a solo act this year - my elder first mate is off to Pyrate U, and my little one has more on his mind than the distinguished art of pyracy. Ah, well - that way I won't have to share the flesh... Now if I could only get my breeches over these Depends...
  10. Costumes

    I have the same problem with my Adam and streaker costumes.
  11. Mastering Things

    Yeah, the word escapes me at the moment, too. Why must something be observed, or be observable, to exist? Which in turn brings to mind the usefulness of emptiness... Well, that answers that LOL. And since when is life the qualifier for the existence of complete solid or complete emptiness? I still believe that, much like the perfect woman, a perfect solid and/or perfect emptiness does not exist. My apartment in college was like that...
  12. Mastering Things

    Of course. That's just it - they cannot exist by themselves. It would be like having night without day - you wouldn't be able to differentiate. And differentiation is the crux of such human concepts as morals, values, judgments, love, hate and income taxes.
  13. Mastering Things

    It's the Void that defines Reality, much as Female defines Male and Emptiness, Fullness.
  14. Looking for Comments

    Very nicely done - nice clean code. One thought - you might want to incorporate a link to the home page on the top banner. I realize you have the "Home Port" link, but a lot of folks are getting used to clicking on the top banner to return Home. Also, have you considered incorporating a by-line somewhere near "Gentlemen of Fortune"? If you're concerned about people not recognizing it as a reenactor's site, maybe something along the lines of "Pirate Reenacting and History"? (I'm sure you'll have the words to use more so than I). Again, very well done.
  15. Mastering Things

    Makes sense - thank you.