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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

  2. 'appy Birthday to ye Dutch

    By the gud laird tunderin' jaysus dere boy, yer still kicking around these hyar parts is ye. Grand it is arghhh.. Oh, and ye be having a fine birthing day Dutch, even if yer dear sainted mother musta had a hell of a time with you. 'Shamed ye should be fer puttin the poor woman through it. cya next yar me boys....got some fishing to do.
  3. Finding Your Pirate Name

    I'm hook. It's cuz o me nose.
  4. Tangents

    I find rum works bettar. I dinna have ta read more than the label that way.
  5. I'm graduating

    Ach it be a good thing we've got one for our very own for when there's illegal shipping lanes to be claimed. Good on you. Luck be on us.
  6. Satisfaction Ship in Bottle

    Thanks will do. There very much is especially when you put the two together. Top o the day to ye of like mind. That be assured matey and far worse has come my way. I've taken a few night trips for elbowing.
  7. Satisfaction Ship in Bottle

    Very nice matey. Fer years I been telling me wife that thar be much satisfaction to be found in the bottle and ships.
  8. Eye think it be time for a Happy Birthday

    I'll raise a drap of screech to the day you started hollering. Don't be looking back while they be coming forwards.
  9. Yer be lookin up me draws thar so ye better be of the feminine persuasion and not after me cheese neither. :P

  10. Name the Captain

    Why for me it's Captain, my Captain. I'm talking to myself. There's no one else in the room.
  11. An Apology for Arrogance

    Nail the scurvy dog to the yardarm.... Wait, that's what he just did to himself. /out
  12. Back to the Sea goes I

  13. Happy Birthday Iron Bess!

    Now yez better be havin' a good shopping outing Iron Bess Happy to yer and yers...
  14. Newfie Barn 'n Bred By Thar Guild Laird Tunderin' Jaisus Dere Baye!


    Arghh, it be like lightnin' in here. Whar be me eye shades? Whar be me strides fer that matter. Arghh me head hurtzzz and it nae can be the screech I drank last night. Hmm....