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    Hi my name is Ace. I’m married (my wife’s name is Lisa), I have 2 daughters, one a junior in high school, the other is married and has 2 children herself. Yes, I’m a grandfather. And now the “real” bio (even written in the 3rd person! ooooh, aaaahhh) Everything you never needed to know...<br><br>Ace has always been a performer. Starting as a rogue pyrate for Hallowe’en when he was 5 years of age. Eventually making a living for 15 years as a magician, cutting people into different parts or making them float or disappear and then branching out into eating fire, swallowing swords, lying on a bed of nails, juggling everything from fire and knives to bowling balls, performing ventriloquism or escaping from straight jackets at corporate events and amusement parks. This all topped off by performances on the Disney Channel, Evening Magazine and comedy shows on A&E.<br><br>After producing, directing and performing a show for Paramount’s Great America that ran 6 shows a day, 6 days a week for 2 full seasons Ace decided it was time for a change…<br><br>Ace began his career in animation and effects more than fourteen years ago working on Disney’s “Ghosts, Myths and Legends of the Queen Mary”. From there he moved on to the game industry as a sr. animator working on titles for Atari Games such as: Virtua Racing for the Sega Saturn, San Francisco RUSH! for the N64, and was lead artist for Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey.<br><br>During this time Ace also began teaching animation and 3D modeling for the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and taught 3D animation seminars in New York, California and Tokyo, Japan at industry conventions. As if he wasn’t busy enough, also wrote numerous articles in industry publications, contributed to books and produced a series of popular 3D modeling training tapes.<br><br>Ace left Atari to work as lead artist for 3D software company Newtek Inc. Aside from creating in-house animation, he also became “main stage” demo geek at Siggraph and assorted trade shows all over the world. After as much fun as you can have partying at trade shows Ace got back into doing visual effects and animation for Fat Box Films, working on everything from commercials to… well, everything.<br><br>Currently Ace is a sr. animator at Electronic Arts working on games like James Bond: Everything or Nothing and Lord of the Rings. He performs on the weekends at local festivals and fairs and after all these years STILL loves to be a pyrate and has recreated much of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in his front yard each year for Hallowe’en.
  1. June 2008 Nor Cal Pirate Fest!

    Last year well over 30,000 folks showed up for the festival. This year it is even bigger and better. Festival web page here
  2. Ragetti's wooden eye replica

    Ahoy there bess! When ya see Treva and Vince at the event...would you thank them for Captn Spareribs? I MC'd the CHOC event up here and got a chance to hang out with them for most of the evening. Man, you could not find nicer guys....for black hearted cut throats that is.
  3. sewing machine recommendations

    Sorry, no. I am looking eventually for something like that myself. I have had an industrial walking foot for about 20 years but back then I had no need for zig zag and that is a very nice thing to have. Let me know if'n ye find what ye seek mate!
  4. happy birthday, oderlesseye!

    Indeed Happy day to you sir...hope it was grand!
  5. Illinois EARTHQUAKE, San Fran Anniversary

    Ya know... Thar I was... Standing on Fisherman's Wharf yesterday... Gathering crowds...doing the infamous Capt'n Jack Spareribs show... Juggling knives, standing on a rolling cart and trunks above the crowd... Making my living...livin' the life... and thinking... I am standing on landfill, in THE city...on THAT date... and thinking... Why's the rum gone?
  6. Swivel Cannon

    Ah those are beauties!! Exellent Harbor Master and good on Jenny Red Cat too!
  7. Ojai Fest on Carson Daly

    We was all thinkin' it ...they was just sayin' it. As far as I am concerned...she was an ass to have to deal with for about 10 minutes while she tried to get me to do somethign stupid and break character, etc. So...flat-chested?..obvious and she called it out herself. Lesbian?... I doubt it...she's probably not getting much of anything with an attitude like that. Look... lets just call it like it is: A cheap attempt at humor...that didn't work. She is a wanna-be (God please don't let me go back to being an intern) MTV v-jay on a verey late, late, late, late show that just...doesn't matter. But she tried.
  8. Ojai Fest on Carson Daly

    Look! Pirate losers!! Well, I guess they say any exposure is good exposure. Man she was a pain in the arse. Last_Call_with_Carson_Daly
  9. "Halloween Props"

    When I get the pics off the camera I will post a few if they came out Every year we go rather large and have been doing it for a decade here. So we get about 250 kids and 20 lbs of candy later... This year I built the bow of the ship in the front and mounted our co2 cannon on it. We also decided to move from just the POTC ride theme as usual but added in another close by attraction which the undead monkeys and pirates had taken over...the Tiki Room. Unfortunatley there were only feathers left in the tiki lounge when the monkeys were done...but we had fun Candy for the kids in the ship...rum for the adults at the tiki bar :) Hope everyone had a great Haloowe'en
  10. Pirate TV Show

    I have that set. It's not bad. I enjoyed it. Of course it's a little cheesy but it IS about pirates. I also enjoyed the "Treasure Island" episodes too.
  11. New Seafaring Bodhran...

    Oh man! That is incredible! And the drum! WOW! Just amazing
  12. Full and By......With a Bone in Her Teeth..

    Most excellent adventure Capt'n! Have a grand and safe trip, I'll be thinking about the old girl and wishing I were there.
  13. AWE, opinions please :) - SPOILERS ALERT!!

    Hmmm. I know of at least ONE person at Disney that sure didn't want Orlando's Bum back!
  14. Barbossa or Sparrow

    Umm...let me think...
  15. Pirate Master! So, you want to be a Pyrate!

    Probably because it would not be too exciting for the majority of the audience. It's bad enough watching survivors trying to start fires. Might be fun to participate in but probably not such great tv. Also Survivor is one of the most successful shows ever. They don't like to mess with success. At least it's the same producers and not a total cheap rip off. With any luck they will come up with unique tests and not the same puzzle s and obsacle courses