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    I have taken the King's pardon and have retired to run my own pub. Fare the well old friends.
  1. Washing Garb

    Hey Gunner - You know we has a pot big enough for the dutchman - we may have to mash hime up a bit as its only a 10 gallon. All this talk about the youngster being clean - before long he won't be able to show his face. A good thing at that mind ya. Cookie
  2. Barnaby Wilde Welcome to the pub

    Barnaby!!! mate - your still buying rounds??? Ya know me bottle went empty so very recently (not sure how that happened). A fair shot o' black seal and I'd be happy for another day. To you and yours mate - Cookie
  3. Barnaby Wilde Welcome to the pub

    Bloody 'ell says I - now that ye be amongst us Mr. Wilde - ye has ner to do but keep the rum coming. We likes pretty speaches none here abouts. And welcome mate - again I say - welcome. Did you see if any of Kittyhawks rum rations were left? I had to leave before the fun was over the other week. Good raid though - very good raid. Barneby - we do need to discuss me favored rums - pyracy, pyrates choice, and morgans spiced. Ol' Cookie can promise a fire and food if at least one of this is about. welcome aboard Mate Cookie - blackbeardscrew
  4. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    ooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwww shhhhhhh - hair of the dog what bit me - black roped bottle - anyone find me bottle? I always loose something - but something I will ner loose is my memories of one of the best BBF's I have 'er been part of. Thanks to all who came by for a visit and more especially - thanks to all those what helped ol' cookie out this weekend. Even if it was to just grab a piece of wood for me fire. I hope all enjoyed me work on the fire - never did see any mad dashes to the ER for medical help so I guess I didn't make anyone sick. aaaaaaanyway - it was great to see past friends and meet so many new ones. Looking forward to our next meeting. Hope its not a year away. thanks again to all, Cookie
  5. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Saw the question about rums close by. I spoke with folks at the store down the street (only 3-4 blocks down - a very easy walk). They are well aquianted with the Festival and expect to see pirates in the store. Seems they have had several heads up and I know for a fact they have 10 extra cases of The Black Seal on hand. Lots of the regular rums are about but not much else of the finer stocks. Seems the Old Dominion has yet to experience a rum epiphany. I believe it our duty to inform the current administration as to their poor showings of the choicer rums. They did say a few pirates was of help last year when some thug looking blokes were hanging around a bit too much. hmmm what a minute - thugs looking more threatening than pirates - somethings wrong with this picture. anyway - lets keep on our best worst behavior down there. They be nice folks who does what they can for us. Cookie
  6. wooden firebox??

    Aye Dutch - just got word - we will have our brick this week some time. I have to get details on when they will be available. Hope our stone cutter can do something on short notice. Cookie
  7. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Dutch, Gosnold is run by Hampton as part of their parks and rec stuff. The 2 drawbacks to the park are its trailers of RV's only and there are no reservations. The bath house and laundrey were nice. It was a nice cheap place to stay - very quite. It is only 3-4 miles from Mill Point Park - about 15 minutes or less. Cookie
  8. wooden firebox??

    Aye Dutch - saw that one. I have some books with all sorts of stuff on the topic. Most of the printed material I have gives detail on what they had after our period but ask this question - how much did food prep and preservation change over the next 20 - 30 years after the GAOP. Not much. They added iron stoves - may have been about it. As to the rack for the barrel - an iron rack to hold the wood/ fire off the bottom of the barrel - reduces the contact of fire to dropped coals and ashes. The hottest part of the fire stays off any other surface. Essentially an iron box within the barrel. I old legged frying pan may work well for this - trying to remember if we have one in the chest. Cookie
  9. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Aye Dutch - ye be fergetting the cheapy park I told ya about a while back. I did a copy/paste here with the info. ***** Shhhh - tis a secret, For anyone who is attending the Fest, pyrate or not - Gosnold Park is a great small campground - but only if you have a trailer, rv, or popup. Gosnold Park is about 3-4 miles from the fest. I stayed there 2 fests ago. Very nice - clean - cheap @ $10 bucks a night. The only draw back - no tents allowed. OK - well - there are 2 draw backs - they don't take reservations - its first come first serve and for trailers / rv's only. There were still over 2/3's of the camp empty when I was there. ****** Now Dutch - tell ol' Cookie about this room - its at the RAD?? Cookie
  10. wooden firebox??

    Aye Dutch - Copper and rivets would be good. I don't know if the material would be thick enough but we can look it over. We have to be cautious of any coating on the copper too. I am wanting a simple quick build on this - more like what would have been done. Its the brick, sand, and salt that will make this work. Now if you see a round wood rack for the barrel - that would be a real find. Just hope we get the brick from Williamsburg on time. Cookie
  11. wooden firebox??

    Allo mates - Me thinks we has a working fire barrel - box of sorts. Our friends in Jamestown have educated me on an old design that was oft thrown together on the quick. 1/2 barrel - lined with firebrick from the center of the brick kiln. I am waiting on a delivery from Williamsburg at this moment of real kiln brick. Drop in a few inches of salt or more brick - a layer of sand and you have it. I was going to add horse shoes as handles to move it about and secure it in a blow. I thought useing horse shoes was about right - since you always hear of finding horse shoes in the bottom of many a salt "beef" barrel. I am hoping to have this finished for Blackbeard fest and have it for use to help with the cooking. hope to see ye there - Cookie
  12. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Well Blackdog...if you're gonna serve dog...I perfer Terrier...not so stringy like Schnauzer! Allo Cheeky Prefer chocolate lab meself - hehe - hope peta is listening - they have no sense of humor Cookie
  13. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Ahoy mates - someone asked if we were going to do any seafood chowders. I think we had scrapped a enough barnicals off the hull the last haul out to manage something. Might have a bit of a crunch to it though. Hmmm - barnicles - anyone know a period recipe for barnicles??? One more thing - visiting pirates - please feel free to bring down the family pet - we need to have something to test our new spit out with. I don't care - dog or cat - maybe even a hampster to two. lol - oooooook - so it might not be that bad - buuuutt. We do have plans well underway and are putting the finishing touches on everything. I plan on posting ingrediatants for each pot at the serving tables. hopefully we won't need any stomach pumps this year Cookie - ships cook - blackbeardscrew
  14. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Capt'n Sterling, I saw the pm and thank ye much. Looking forward to corrupting your cooks - tell them to bring their recipes. I will be in camp by Thursday - looking forward to meeting everyone. Yer 'umble servant, Cookie
  15. Hampton Blackbeard Pirate Festival '08

    Cap'n Sterling, Let'em know I am easy to work with - hehehe - at least till I get into the rum. As long as things are going along well - I do try to stay out till after the dinner is complete. Cookie