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    Tall ships, Pirates.. ;) Reading, photography,photo editing&graphics, music, history (Dutch golden age, golden age of sail, English Tudor/Elizabethan), Thomas Howard fourth Duke of Norfolk and the Dukes of Norfolk in general, museums, nature, CATS, good movies, pc stuff,chatting with people all over the world and makingh new friends,cycling, and more...
  1. Lady Barbossa in the news

    I always get a yahoo notification with news about Geoffrey Rush and other actors i like and..Barbossa. This i get just now
  2. I had to tell about this, if anyone is near Holland or travels there by chance, there will be a huge event of 4 days in Den Helder with 70 ships. The largest in the world and the ones just below there as well as historical ships etc will be there. Here's an English discriptian of the event: http://www.thetallshipsraces2008denhelder....t.aspx?tabid=89 And here are the ships: http://www.thetallshipsraces2008denhelder....71/Default.aspx I'll be posting pics for sure, I'll be going two days..when they arrive (ships in full sail) and when i visit them. I've got a camera with 10x OPTIAL zoom now so it should work
  3. Hi all

    Thanks guys! Sorry for the late response, I've been away on vacation. Nice pics of some sailing vessels if they'd worked, will check them asap. i just returned from a five hour trip home.
  4. Hi all

    It's been a long time but as you know i always return :) It's good to be here, sorry for not being here but..well life and all that. How has everyone been? Greets from Holland, I'm off on vacation for a week on Monday but will come bye for more before then. Here's a round of beer for all!
  5. You lucky Americans! You lucky guys, this is awesome! Everyone GOOD LUCK!
  6. Unfortunitely not, it's gotten worse rather then better but I'm a stubborn lass, i keep doing what i can and just try and enjoy things and hope next year will be much better. Good to see you Gunner!
  7. HEY GUYS!! *Gives everyone a huge hug* I've missed you all here. It's been quite a year and it's hard to sit behind the pc when you're not feeling well but like I've said often, this place is my pirate home on the cyberseas and I'll always sail back into port Here's a little somethin' for y'all
  8. Pre-order the Pirates 3 dvd

    I did a few weeks back and glory..if we did so at the Free recordshop we got an extra bonus disc esp. for that action and i got it a week later (Not the official dvd, just the extra bonus disc, their gift) and it's got some cool stuff on it. front cover bonus disc back cover bonus disc
  9. 2 new movies

    You guys want to go to the Geoffrey Rush group page on daily motion, there's several interviews on Golden Age with Geoff there :) I can't wait to see it but his new project filming right now sounds so much fun! Just the role for Geoffrey Rush This is a copy of an article about it :)
  10. Geoffrey Rush is such a sweetie!

    Tell me about it! He wrote me another letter and signed pic, a big photo signed with the letter on the background. I was so at awe (no pun intended) having now a collection of four signed pics and two letters.. I he brilliant or what? What (famous) actors do that???? He's been busy, writing fans all over the world since ending Golden Age filming. I'm happy for you Christine, it's wonderful GO GIRL!!!!
  11. POTC3 #1 worldwide film of the year...

    I'm not surprised this is a brilliant movie and though nothing will beat the first movie it rocks and hey..he's back big time so what can i say?
  12. Hey guys, i don't know if ye remember me the pirate (wannabee ) chick from the Netherlands but I'm back! I've missed this place but my health is so crappy this year i can't be at the pc much but..hey..who could stay away here? Instead of going over twenty new posts I'll just say welcome to all i didn't reply to, nice meetin' ye. I'm a Dutchie pirate minded lass who's adicted to Captain Barbossa I love tallships old and new and love to visit sail events but unfortunitely no sailing for me, the money lacks but i still enjoy a good pirate movie, history or fiction book or anything involving sailing ships.
  13. Lookin' ta share a pint er two

    Hi there, i feel weird welcoming you since I'm only just back myself but welcome just the same
  14. Hey Siren, good to see you :) So you're in a new port? I wish you lots of good times there!