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  1. I have several early issues of Renaissnance magazine in vg to exc. condition for sale @ $40 each including shipping. If interested email me @
  2. Stan Rogers

    Aye, Pynch be right. I've heard Garnet live. He has a rich baritone voice, and gives a really good concert. Indigojack
  3. Ohio or PA?

    Two more south central Pa. pyrates, says I. Me & Jim sail out of Yorktown. INDIGOJACK
  4. no quarter given

    Grapeshotjoe, I'm not sure the Royaliste fully answered your question. In pyracy, it ment no mercy would be shown if the victim did not surrender ; no lives would be spared, and no chance of freedom
  5. Read any good books lately?

    I be finishing up "VILLAINS OF ALL NATIONS" by Marcus Rediker. It contains lots of tid-bits about why sailers became pyrates, and accounts of their tryals. Very readable. " He that's born to hang need fear no drowning" INDIGOJACK
  6. Pistols & muskets

    Who was criticisin? I was admirin' the caliber. Methinks Bloody Mary be packin a 38
  7. Rapier or Cutlass

    Methinks the added length of the rapier in tight quarters aboard ship would be a hindrance, and with one good wack you might break a rapier blade with a cutlass. So, I would prefer a cutlass in one hand, and a tankard of rum in the other.
  8. 300 year old pirate ship

    Thanks for the heads up: I'll be watchin. See ya @ pyrate fest, says I. INDIGOJACK himself
  9. Period flint lock pistols

    I received me new British heavy dragoon from Loyalist Arms this Thursday, and its just what I be needin for me maritime entrepreneurial trade. Its size alone would make most lubbers turn tail & run. INDIGOJACK
  10. Spanish gold & silver

    I just ordered me a 4 reale silver cob from Sedwicks. This is half the value of a piece of 8 (8 reales). They specialize in Colonial coinage of Spanish America. Their prices are reasonable, so anyone can own a piece of history. Also, they have a section on Cob & shipwreck history-worth reading. :)
  11. Pantaloons

    I be into ladys pantaloons-ARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!! INDIGOJACK
  12. Read any good books lately?

    Recently I found a gem @ Borders: A History of Pirates, by Nigel Cawthorne. Small in size and price-just $7.99, but filled with details of day to day pyrate life. ARRRRRGHH, I love this stuff!!!!!!
  13. Happy Beth-Day, Capt. Morgan!

    HERES TO YE CAPTAIN MORGAN!!! Allow me to refill your tankard with your namesakes private stock. And one for meself says I. .
  14. Duncan Mcguyver's birthday

    Duncan lad, Happy belated birthday from another central Pa. pyrate. Hope yer heads not reeling from all that grog. See ya in Hampton.
  15. New Pirate/Maritime Books

    Just finished reading Nathaniel Philbrick's "In the Heart of the Sea" The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex. This is the true story "Moby Dick" was based on. Highly recommend it. I guarentee when you've finish reading it, you'll be glad your a pyrate, and not a whaler.