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  1. PotC 4

    I enjoyed the movie overall, but left feeling vaguely dissatisfied. Mostly, I wish there was more story and character development. I'd love to have seen the battle between Blackbeard and Barbossa and it would have been nice if they spent a little time on explaining the zombies and the enchanted ship. Everything seemed to move too fast and left me questioning how they got from one place to another. The mermaids were nearly perfect though.
  2. What do you hate in a pirate?

    Personally, I like the analogy in Harbormaster's quote. We're mostly just children dressing up and playing pirate. I can remember many summer days spent sword fighting with sticks from my Grandmother's wood pile. The same stick would become a Winchester rifle or an M1 Garand depending on our whims. For some of us playing pirate means perfectly accurate props and clothing, for others a stick may stand in for a sword. It's the game that counts, not the toys. I do admit, however, that I find the bad accents a little annoying, but if that's what helps people "feel like a pirate" then I say have fun and enjoy it.
  3. New knife with a "twist"

    That's very cool.
  4. Greetings Everyone

    Welcome aboard!
  5. topic

    There is another side to this also. Problems can happen from either side of the transaction. I have had people tell me that they were interested in a product and then back out when I notified them that it was finished. I now require a deposit, but I try not to accept more than 50% up front on an order. This will help cover the materials if I need to purchase anything for an order and also it is enough to make sure the customer is serious.
  6. Birth of a blunderbuss

    I too am jealous of ye...Maybe one day...
  7. New impression Idea

    What a great idea! Will you be building your own grinding wheel?
  8. Pirate Bar Necessities

    I just acquired these treasures for my pirate bar. The rum bottle was made by Eddie Barlow (Cracker Bob) and the pipe was handmade by Bill Huffman from Tranquility Pipes. Tranquility Pipes
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