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  1. Any Real Sailors

    Due to my jumping ship and gettin divorced, me ex (in spite) took me racing sailboat in the divorce. Me new mate, gunner Gordon, had acquired a 25 St. Pierre Dory to woo me to the sea, but alas we decided it was not the ship for us. He has his 1000 ton Captain's license, so we're looking for a bigger ship.
  2. Neverland on the Sy Fy channel Just caught the new series, Neverland, on the sy fy channel the other day. A very interesting take on how Hook and the pirates ended up in Neverland with Peter Pan. It's worth a gander at, my mates.
  3. I just wanted to relate a recent experience my partner and I had traveling. We had travel to Louisana to do some shooting. We ended up staying longer than planned and were wearing the same clothes we had the day before, while shooting, to the airport. In the past, we had traveled in our pirate garb, full of black powder residue from swabbing cannons, and never had an issue. We would stroll past the sniffer dogs and screeners with ease. This time, because my partner had been shooting smoke-less powder, the TSA needed to swab him. They swabbed his hands and swabbed his phone which all came back positive for gun powder. When we explained why we had been in Louisana and confirmed my partner's identity and licenses, we were allowed to proceed. So if you're thinking about taking a CCW course or other 'firearms' licensing course, it might be helpful for verifying your compliances to the laws regarding firearms and the our current government. Sadly, I think this has more to with our current government's attitude toward firearms than about the security of our nation.
  4. Black Powder vs. Black Powder Substitute

    I bet if you asked some of those cowboy action shooters, they would know locally, who has it, but then again its going to be a retail prices and not bulk.

    You could always use the lead from old automotive batteries.

    'Appy Berthday, mate!
  7. Unbeliveable

    It's disappointing to hear about such things. Like Cascabel stated, one negligent accident affects us all.
  8. There is never enough time to make things go boom and then read about it.

  9. Sailing home to see, heave away haul away.

  10. A superyacht that can fly?!?

    My first thought---- Spruce Goose. Great Idea, but execution with current material costs unreasonable for anything other than one-off. Remember the Maltese Falcon. It's for sale.