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    My family, Good friends, 17th century golden age of pyracy, 14th century Musketeer, French and Indian wars, Revolutionary war, war of 1812, and as of late Civil War.Yes I still restore antique cars.
    Tall sailing ships, including The Half Moon, The Quinnipiack,The Providence, The Mystic Whaler, HMS Bounty, and The Mary E. Playing with cannons, Playing with swords, axes,crossbow,flintlocks,matchlocks, so on and so on....
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    Bring a Lap top to the salty ball and I will do it for you.
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    Did you try to do what I suggested in the IM on facebook?
  3. The next event..........

  4. On the hunt for Knee Breeches again...

    I have a pair of knee breechs I bought about 7 years ago. Wool They are great for the periods I do and are well made sykes
  5. MythBusters

    This is a must see for all you MythBuster fans Episode 71: Pirate Special Arggghhh, me hearties! Jamie and Adam plundered the seven seas in search of pirate parables and maritime myths. The result? This 2-hour spectacular episode! And, with four stories of hijinks on the high seas the action is thick and fast. Playing with more firearms, the guys try to figure out how deadly cannonballs really are versus the splinters sprayed from a mighty broadside blast. Kari, Grant and Tory on the port side decode the mysteries of the ol' pirate eye patch: why would a pirate wear a patch over a perfectly good eye? And if that isn't enough, the gang tops of the show with rum, knives and sails ... whaat? This one's for the books! Premiere: Jan. 17, 2006 MythBusters Francois
  6. Singing on to a ship

    Ok I just got it! So Im a little slow. But before ye send me to the hangman's noose. Could it be a spelling error? Possibly. Could it be the fact my typing sucks? defiantly. :) Could it be the battery on my key board is going dead? Likely Could it be I didn't check what I wrote? Probable. :) Could it be Im dyslexic? Unlikely. I do know what end to put the cannon ball in! (singing signing) Alls the same to me. Could it be my brain works faster than my fingers? Well I wont go there Im sure just saying that opened up a door for all as it stands. Besides a Pyrate of my standing shouldn't know how to spell anyway. Although Foxe understood what I meant and that's all that counted. Fran├žois