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  1. I'm looking for a period correct tent that will accomodate at least two people and gear comfortably. Hoping to find one before Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion in late November. Nita

    Ahoy mates! I just received my reprint of Cascabel's article series "Flintlocks 101", originally printed in "No Quarter Given". This document is full of useful and informative tips and lessons on everything "flintlock". It's great for beginners and old salty dogs to boot. I plan on ordering more copies to share with my crew mates. A lot of information in an easy to read document. Yes, it easy to read but also very, very informative! I couldn't put it down until I had finished reading the entire document. If you have any questions about black powder or flintlocks, you'll find Cascabel's flintlock/black powder "handbook" very helpful. Thanks, Cascabel, for teaching this lass more about black powder and flintlocks. Looking forward to seeing you again at Pirates In Paradise - Key West, FL. As I was ordering additional copies, it dawned on me that these reprints - printed on nice, heavy, parchment-like paper - will make great holiday stocking stuffers. Definitely a gift that will keep on giving for years to come! Nita Treasure

    Your Flintlock 101 paper is so well written and easy to understand - I've said it before and I say it again.... THANKS for putting it all together in one document that says it all! It's my "go to" reference when someone expresses interest in learning about black powder. Thanks Cascabel - you're the best!
  4. FTPI Roll Call 2012

    Nita Treasure will be in encampment with Cutter & Jetty as well has probably having access to a hotel room too!

    Ahoy Cascabel! Still sharing the news about your great resource, Flintlocks 101. I'm sending you an order for 10 more so I can continue spreading the word to new and experienced black powder enthusiasts alike. Please tell the lovely Lady Jaye I said hello!

    Ahoy Cascabel, Be sure to bring a supply of Flintlocks 101 to PIP & FTPI. I gave many of the copies I purchased to my crewe mates and they were as happy with the content as I. See you soon! Nita Treasure
  7. NT.....need your e-mail address to correspond.

    Did not sell it yet but its brand new never fired and i have flints....I will offer you a good very good price......Thx...Capt. J...

  8. First two weekends of FLARF were great - last weekend was Pirate Weekend. Great gathering!