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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Arr.. so sad. I often visited these pages. I shall miss them. It has been a long time since my first login here. Thank you to all the contributors for brightening my days.
  2. Treasure Island (2012 with Eddie Izzard)

    Anyone else seen this? I don't often post.. ahem.. but thought I'd write a line or two.. I watched it the other day... and though some people seem to be having a poor opinion of it.. I thought it was great fun... I especially liked some of the work songs being sung on board ship. A very different rendition of Lowlands to what I have heard before. I thought the character of Trelawney was an interesting departure from normal. And couldn't help but wonder if it was a reflection of how bankers/ fund managers etc.. are being viewed since the economic downturns that have been affecting world economies? Anyway.. was great to hear Silvers voice done with a VERY London accent.. Awesome.. made it much more real for me at least. Hope someone else had a chance to see it too!
  3. Treasure Island (2012 with Eddie Izzard)

    Of course.. some 'enterprising' individuals may have uploaded this onto the net.. If you happen to download it. Ahem.. Anyway, yes, it was on in the UK. The Amazon route might be a good idea if you want something of better quality.
  4. Just curious

    I wouldn't say delusional, I am only reporting on others words! :) As to making others laugh, well, I can be a wit, though not a 'witty fool' (in case anyone is deciding to be a Kate to my Petruchio). Anyway, am going somewhat off topic now.
  5. GAOP medicines, tools and treatments

    I'm not quite sure what they'd do on ships, considerin even if they did have the equipment would they know how to use it? But if you want to know the state of medical knowledge at the time, then you could do worse than starting here: Medical History Of course, leeches and blood-letting have been used for centuries, with leeches even coming back into use in hospitals now. :) Though I'm not sure if they would have kept them onboard(?).
  6. Just curious

    Or that sober! I am truly one of the handsomest pirates ever. (So I says) I can't really remember how I found this place... But think it was while being blown off course searching for something else... probably gold, weapons or ships.
  7. Treasure Island

    Personally I quite like the version of Treasure Island with Jack Palance... Pirates win!!! Though on the subject of different versions of Treasure Island, then surely the cult classic with Anthony Quinn & Ernest Borgnine - Treasure Island in Outer Space, is sheer genius. Originally an Italian production, some of the sets are great.
  8. Read any good books lately?

    Well, I'll add to this, and say that Long John Silver by Bjorn Larssen is a brilliant book (translated by Tom Geddes).. It's well researched and fleshes out one of the most enduring, villainous characters of fiction till you can almost reach out and touch him. (Oh, and you'll find out the real reason why & how he became one-legged) Secondly, I would advise anyone to read The Bounty by Caroline Alexander, as a very interesting portrait of the unfairly maligned Capt Bligh. An utterly brilliant navigator, and a brave and forward-thinking Captain.
  9. torture

    Arrr now this is an interestin thread I say, and so many sources to go to... but here's some which seem to have stuck in my head from somewhere.. Woodling I think it was called, where rope was twisted so tightly round someones head, their eyes would burst out of their sockets.... I know there's the usual cutting peoples nose/lips/putting-out-o-eyes and even making them eat them... Or even, cutting someones stomach open and nailing part of their intestine to the mast and then beating them with burning things until their entire gut would be hanging out. Or being forced to drink lots of seawater, or even lots of rum (I know which I would think I would prefer). Of course some of the more entertainin could always be the fun mock trials... I seem to remember hearing about a Chinese pirate prisoner who was kept in a small cage for so long, that he was permanently deformed. Oh and I think I remember reading that Captain Morgan put a woman on a stove for not telling where her jewellery was hidden (or was it because she wouldn't give something else to him!!?) If I think of any others I'll post them,... Of course some of the nastiest tortures I have heard of came from inquisition times... and I would be surprised if the pirates wouldn't have been inspired by this.
  10. Plush Cap'n Jack Sparrow

    Hmmm, maybe you could use it as a voodoo doll and stick pins through it... Get him to hand over gold rather than sufferrr!
  11. Pirate Weaponry

    Wot kin' o pirate are ye??? Tho personally, I reckon it depend on the type o fight... Grenades could be quite fun along wit pistols and other assorted firearms for boarding... an then cutlasses o' course... But if you're jus settling a private argument... then a knife and a length o rope to connect you be very satisfactory like... :) Havin said that, I'd be quite happy to jus use me fists.
  12. Trouble with chat room

    Sorry - nothing to do with thread... just noticed KL's signature... just like my old school motto - Dum cresco spero.. A blast from the past! As for chat room... well, have never been there myself either!
  13. pirates versus cowboys

    I like the piratecaptainmorgan's description... As to the cowboy 'cannon'... well, uncannily, it seems to be something which blows lots of smoke, makes lots of noise, but has no balls! Pirates!Pirates!Pirates!Pirates!Pirates!Pirates!
  14. Let's talk about seasickness for a moment ...

    I don't know any of these 'Bovine' drugs people are talkin about... But you generally find different people are affected in different ways by movements onboard ship. For instance, one of my Navy mates was fine in the heaviest storms... but in harbour he felt awful! So don't worry about it too much, and eat lots! Then if you're sick, at least you have something to show for it!
  15. Me mates going to London

    A whole tallship? That must have been difficult to fit in his suitcase! Tho seriously, I guess you could always send him along to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, I'm sure that could have something good... So long as he doesn't buy one of those oafish t-shirts that says "My XXX(insert relation) went to London, and all he bought me was this lousy t-shirt"... I really hate those. Makes me feel like running the person through!
  16. Happy B-Day, Sinclair!

    Aye I'll add a Happy Birthday too! Hope ye be drinkin lots and makin merry!! :angry: Keep on plunderin!
  17. What makes a qualified pyrate?

    Some are born pirate, some gain pirateyness, and some have piracy thrust upon them! I think a good sense of tenacity in doing anything to get that treasure be the best thing... oh and some desire to be free from the constrictions, laws and morals that society chains you with... As for the 'Arrr', how about getting her drunk, and then mebbe you could 'thrust' some pirateyness upon her
  18. Random Weapons of Mayhem...

    Hmm, well, me knife would be damn handy - rope could be useful as well, not only to act as a shield if wrapped around me arm, but also as a whip (especially if it has a nice weighted monkeys fist to knock into someones head). But aye, I guess a belayin pin as well would be useful.
  19. Larger Flags

    Only place I can think of is here in England... though it can get a little pricey... Hampshire Flags (Search under jolly roger) Might be best to make one I think...
  20. Skullley2!

    Some sort of weapon too... like a knife (even better if it has some blood on it!
  21. Skullley2!

    Ok how about a coil o rope... coins and a bottle o rum... maybe even a bit o sand(?)... I was also thinkin that ye could utilise an alternative lighting source like a candle or lantern?? Hmm, tryin to picture it in me own mind and see how the interplay of textures and light works... Oh well, you wanted some suggestions!
  22. Pirates invade South Park!

    Arr, Streatham be a dangerous place... been there a few times meself, could be an interestin cartoon. Cool site by the way!
  23. Pirate Name Translator

    Well I liked the first with my full name, if I only entered part of it, then it was a little weird, then I entered my pirate name, and I liked that one too! Yardarm Cash Jolly Ivan ??????????????????? Keelhaul Abednego
  24. Where are we from?

    Ahh, there IS a Mirfield, and I didn't burn it down... And they are very proud of their canal... At least they have a few pictures of it on their website.
  25. Where are we from?

    Well, started off in London, pillaged my way further south to Winchester. Went back to London. Carved a debauched trail up to the Highlands o Scotland... Went back to London. Pillaged, fought, got drunk, fell down and got up again in Newcastle. Went back to London. So thats where I be.... I've never heard of Mirfield - I don't think there's any such place! Unless maybe I burnt it down.