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  1. Pohick

    Yes, but I got the rise out of you I wanted !
  2. While we were at an event this past weekend we were asked to examine a cannon owned by one of the event sponsors. He was interested in firing it and getting training on how to shoot properly and safely.After the event was over he brought the piece out to the gun line so we could do a safety inspection of the gun. The cannon (Sorry, No Pics) was a small signal gun, carriage mounted, iron tube with about a 1.7" bore and about 20" in length. Swivel gun style tube with a cascabel at the breech end. Carriage was nicely produced, and on initial appearance the tube looked to be in good condition. It had never been fired. Once we started to examine the tube though we started to have concerns. The first issue found was that whoever produced the tube used a seamed pipe for the liner, not the best choice - but still possibly usable for lighter loads. Then we looked at the breech plug. We did not have a scope with us, but we were able to shine enough light down the tube to see the breech plug. We immediately noticed a dark ring all around the plug where it met the sleeve. After a bit of head scratching we fashioned a "feeler" out of a bit of metal rod. After flattening the end of the feeler rod we found that we could slip the end of the feeler rod at least 1/4" PAST the end of the breech plug - ALL THE WAY AROUND. Needless to say we did not shoot the piece. We explained to the owner the danger of the breach plug breaking loose and the risk of hot embers and other debris remaining in the cavity around the breech plug. The current owner had received the gun from his father and had no idea who produced the tube. We never could figure out what the manufacturer did to screw up the breech plug. To me it seemed that the plug itself was the same material as the tube - like there was not an actual plug in the pipe. Just a reminder on why it is so important to inspect the guns on your line, particularly if you have never shot with them before. Duncan
  3. April 9th, 10th, & 11th 2010 | 6th Annual Fells Point Privateer Da

    Yes, there will be a 2011 event planned, and it will be held on APRIL 16TH, with the ball Friday night the 15th. More details will be available later in January. Duncan
  4. POTC 4 is at this time....

    Some interesting boat pics from filming: Black Pearl Article on the Cargo Law website
  5. Marcus Hook Pirate Festival

    Nancy, TJ and I are heading out around 1PM - AHEAD OF THE TRAFFIC
  6. Unpacking from Pennsic

    1. jendobyns


      Did you get out with dry canvas?

    2. Cheeky Actress

      Cheeky Actress

      So...how was war?

    3. Duncan McGuyver

      Duncan McGuyver

      Well - it's dry now . . . . .

      War was good this year and camp ran well.

  7. In San Fran - checking out http://smugglerscovesf.com/trapdoor/ tomorrow

    1. capn'rob


      Any word on Fells Point?

  8. Packed for Pennsic, but heading to San Fran first for work this week.

  9. Hampton 2010 Night Fire by Papa Ratsey

    From the album Favorite Cannon Shots

    Friday nights night fire @ 2010 Hampton Blackbeard Festival

    © © Pyracy.com 2002 - 2010

  10. . . . . Keizer man killed in Seal Rock cannon blast

    Additional Story With a little more detail Unfortunately I doubt we will ever hear the whole story, but from the single picture it looks like (insert assumption) the piece was grossly overloaded and / or had a serious flaw.
  11. It appears that from the picture that a home made cannon failed, taking it's most of it's crew with it. News Article
  12. "The Guns of Hampton"

    Updated my post
  13. "The Guns of Hampton"

    Best I can do off the top of my head: The Vigilant Crew Crew: Duncan Nancy Jeff Cheri Judi Susan O'Cin Paige Nick Tara Viv Joe Smee Mary Nico Jojo Cannon: Hullmark Beast Skeeter Libby Little Friernd Pirates Of The Dark Rose Crew: BLOODTHIRSTY BARBARA TOM CRUDBEARD Viceroy Doc (Plus Others) Cannon: Cricket Morter (Name Needed) The Vicar Bronze 1 (Name Needed) Bronze 2 (name Needed) CSF Crew: Constable Gracie Cannon: One Eye Jack Princess Archangel Sterling Anna Lilly Matty M.A.d'Dogge Silkie Blackbeards Crew Crew: T.J. Cannon: Briggs Le Baby Sons Of The Waves Crew: Carl Popadick (Plus Others) Cannon: Swivel (Name Needed) Devilmen Of Cape Fear Crew: Matt Cannon: 3 Pound Carriage (Name Needed)
  14. Blackbeard Festival

    My top ten for the weekend: 1. Going thru 50+ Pounds of O.P.P. (Other Peoples Powder for those that weren't on the line) 2. The look on John Glass's face as we ran laps thru the Customs House stealing everything not nailed down. 3. Friday nights grand battery for the fireworks. 4. Captain Lauren and the crew of the Nyckel hanging out in camp playing Scuttle Hatch Saturday night. 5. Using the Vicroy's bronze 4 lb piece to "return fire" on the boat that shot at the explorer. 6. Saturday night around the table with Sterling and M.A.d'Dogge 7. Setting off the same car alarm 15+ times from cannon fire. 8. Lily's joy at getting soooo much cannon time on Sunday. 9. The look on Paige McGuyver's face after getting the pitcher of green beer dumped on her in the Marker 20 skit. 10. Twice shooting Vicroy's bronze 4 lb piece with the "little something extra" charges.
  15. Safely home from Hampton - Bone tired

    1. Capt. Sterling

      Capt. Sterling

      Did you catch that storm?

    2. Duncan McGuyver

      Duncan McGuyver

      Missed us - luckily.

      Thanks for the heads up though

    3. Rusty O' Toole

      Rusty O' Toole

      Sorry I missed it this year. Work got in the way.