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    intrested in Colonial Fur Trade(1690-1780), and the Goldenage of Piracy (1650-1720), the French and Indian war( 1754-63,).
  1. American River Muzzleloaders primtive only rendezvous

    American River Rendezvous (primitive only) held April 12-15 at the Brushy Creek area of Spenceville Wildlife Refuge (east of Marysville, California) contact ; (the Booshway)- Ken Falletti (Dirty Hand) 916-973-8809 or (El Segundo)- Glen Nichols 916-451-1850. This rendezvous is LIVE fire Black Powder guns, period music and period correct encampments, there is a $10.00 dollar Sanatation Fee Per Adult (18+) in order to attend YOU MUST be in pre-1840 clothing at all times including set-up. all period canvas encampments, no blue tarp vendors, modern footware,cowboy boots,blue jeans. Encampments must maintain a period appearance at all times, non- period equipment must be out of sight or covered, no curfew, no loaded firearms in camp. This Rendezvous is held very close to Beale Airfoce base just North of Sacramento,California, off HWY 20 between Marysville & Grassvalley, California .
  2. Seafarers Market Place Festival & Pirate Faire

    Come and see a whole new version of the Seafarers Market Place Festival & Pirate Faire located in Sacramento, California on September 22/23, 2012. for more info contact: Louisiana Sue Ramon , This event will boost the most gun fire at any one event, It is held at 10000 Garden hwy in Sacramento ,California.(on the Sacramento River) Plenty of childrens activities, food , drink and great historical encampments and period vendors along with many historical re enactors and live music.Rogues of the Golden Coast, Tales of the 7 Seas ,Kern County Pirates & Lost Souls of the Iron Brigade will host some spectacular Fire Power with period heavy cannons, swivel guns and small arms such as muskets, rifles and pistols They will load & fire many of their weapons (blanks). Please show support to these groups who volunteer there time for a hobby we all love.
  3. Black Powder vs. Black Powder Substitute

    Never use Black powder substitute in your early reproduction flintlocks/percussions-only use Goex,Swiss,Skirmish, KIK, Re enactor powders,i buy my Black powder though Powder . They sell in lots of 5 lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs and can be mixed , maximum of 50 lbs per order.the more you buy the better the prices become at powder inc. Substitute black powder is made for enline modern high volocity black powder guns, if you shoot substitue out of a flintlock you may burst the barrel, which will cause plenty of shrapnel. If you want to know how much powder to load for a live load its usaully 1/2 the caliber number , so say its a 50 caliber pistol use 25 grains for the main charge. if you are shooting a musket than more powder will be ok, and a rifled long gun with a live load same powder measure as the caliber, or more if needed. i recommend if you have a 50 caliber or higher bore size use 2F for the main charge, and if you are shooting 45 caliber or a smaller bore size use 3F for the main charge. always use 4F to prime the pan. make sure to clean your weapon after each days use, black powder is very corrosive and will damage your barrel over time, including rust and pitting.a great source for information on cleaning supplies is KingsForge, Track of the Wolf, or Dixie Gun Works. Happy Long Gong Shooting!
  4. Sword on Flag Question

    the first Jolly rogers that were flown were actualy a solid RED flag!
  5. Norcal 2012

    well if ya wanna know about other faires around the same time i would be happy to give ya some dates and places, Norcal is Jammed packed with crowds -it is one of my favorite faires for pyracy, but is pretty commercialized, but it is a fun faire -lots of brotherhood pirates here. its a really fun event, i dont recommend the pirate ball, it was pretty unorganized last year, but lots of traders selling there wares, parking gets full very early, its a free event for the public, and its located directly across from the ferry terminal in Vallejo, California. I hear Vending is quite expensive to help cover the faires expenses.Talk to robin (acts of pyracy facebook page) or on my facebook under he is a vendor there and can guide you to the right person. Past events here i experienced windburn, and it can get pretty hot here, so take plenty of water with ya.i will be there in 6 months also, be looking for you matey.i live in Reno Nevada -if you plan on driving via I-80 yer welcome to follow me there on friday, or if ya needs a lay over let me know.maybe i can help with that also. corey
  6. W.A.G.-word association game

  7. W.A.G.-word association game

    onion bottle
  8. Tent & Tent Ropes

    Jas Hook- what kind of canvas tent do you have? What type? Canvas/weight (ounces)? Are you setting up an awning also?
  9. Dominican Republic

    yes agreed with that statment in alot of other ports i have been to. Grand Caymen has a really fun and intresting sea turtle farm, lots of history within pyracy there. their pirate faire isnt very primitive more like Tampa Bays Gasprilla Parade. Haiti has old ruins but no different when it comes to pirate stuff. Jamiaca same some old ruins, but port royal lays under water and most of the old buildings are crumbled. Cozumel has some old mayan ruins but hardly any pirate stuff either. Balize was intresting alot of african descent there didnt expect to see that there, very proud people , there was a naval museum there but not so much pyracy i expected to see. Looks like a jungle. Isle of Roatan has alot of pyracy history with the mohagany (Green Gold) wood used to transport to england for fine furniture, but as a whole i figured with all the history in the caribbean there would be so much more to offer in the piratical history of pirates. Its hard to find antique shops in the caribbean as well. i do enjoy visiting these pirate waters to maybe just see what they may have felt -although its a diffrent world now, but to step foot on land that alot of them did , makes one feel closer to pyracy!
  10. Dominican Republic

    I am off to the Bahamas for a cruise with carnival November 27th 2011, Ports i will go to; Freeport and Nassua any suggestions, for Pyracy gear/cool Pyrate goods? I understand there is a Pyrate Museum in Nassua , Is it worth checkin out? Looking for other pirate stuff in these ports, anyone know of anything related to pyracy? antique shops?
  11. New Clamshell Fencing Set

    talented work, as always!
  12. W.A.G.-word association game

    salted Pork
  13. powdering walnut hulls

    ya dont need to chop to a fine powder-you can order walnut hulls from (Grand River Trading company) you can use old panti hose or cheese cloth and place the crushed hulls inside these style bags, knot the end and let soak in a plastic trash can or boil of a fire in a pot, let simmer and cool, rinse with cold water. Use a mordant and add less water to mix for darker color, you can add tea bags and coffee to the mix same way with bags, or just throw loose and rinse off in cold water. the longer you let soak in dye bath the darker the material will get. I have left slops in dye baths for up to a week. good luck.
  14. Tent & Tent Ropes

    Jas Hook, post Pictures of your encampment-would like to see.
  15. WIGS