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  1. Coming Home

    Ahoy me friends! Its been far too long since I've visited the Pub. Been off galavanting as a squire in the land-locked realms for far too long. I hope all has been well for you fine folk!
  2. I must've escaped the maelstrom...

  3. I take a drop of Kraken, Pyrat or Pampero Anniversario. CM and those other mass produced are strictly mixers in my quarters.
  4. Tsunami Kate

    Oh, I'll have a glass or three of that!
  5. Tsunami Kate

    Any o' them flamin' rum marshmallow concoctions left?
  6. Happy New Year

    Happy New Years! I toast all o' ye fine lads an' lasses with a shot o' rum! May yer year be prosperous!
  7. Running late on Christmas day! No surprise there!


    A very Happy Christmas, and a Merry New Year to each an' e'ery one o' my fine friends and mates!
  9. Can't wait ta get home an' start me Natal Day with a helpin' o' homemade scones!

  10. W.A.G.-word association game

  11. Happy Holidays!

    Fer all me good friends here in the Pub, I jes' wanna wish each an' e'ery one o' you a fantastic Holiday season. (An' fer me mates that be stateside, don't be goin' an' eatin' too much turkey and stuffin'! Don't wanna fill up before rum and pie!)
  12. Sweet, Wikipedia's article of the day: Blackbeard!

  13. Ballad's About Your Character

    If only I were so talented. I'd love to have a ballad for Daniel "Rumpot" Bellamy. Sadly, my forte` is writing short stories, and the like.