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  1. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    What is the news, mate? Are there more buckles in the works? (preferably new designs) We're wating with baited breath, an' open coin purses.
  2. The Sailor Boy

    The cold, dark waves splash hard On the rock teeth of the shore. The cold, harsh tide rolls in And the wind blows cold like before. Over the graves of sailors, the Harsh ocean's mouth's white foam Reaches with cold, foamy fingers Reaching towards harbor-town homes. The song of the sea sings sweetly Below- luring the young lads so brave Out to the cruel wide ocean- Out onto the hungry, cold waves. Away from the home of his father Away from his mother's warm arms Away from the home he grew up in To a strange world of danger and harm. The boy now dreams often of England and home And of his pretty young lass But the sky grows dark and the wind picks up And he hopes that the storm will soon pass. For the sun rose crimson that morning And the sea glowed a blood red. But they sail steadily on towards the New World Just as the captain had said. The wind mounts, the waves they reach up - Pulling the ship's bow down. Next morning a fishing boat out on the sea Finds the bodies of many who drowned. And a letter - half written- to a young English lass From her sailor lad out on the sea. "Darling, I'm coming home to you- Darling, please wait for me." "For the sea no longer calls me- My search for adventure is o'er. I want to come home and to love you- To return to England's fair shore." The fisherman reads teh letter A tear forms in his grey eye For the couple by death separated And for the others who died. Somewhere at home a dear mother And father wait for their son. He said he was coming home shortly, His sailing adventuring done. Somewhere in England a maiden Weeps silently all alone For the sailor she loved so dearly- The sailor who never came home. He promised to love and to hold her In many short letters she read- He promised her happiness plenty- The two were soon to be wed. The sea now sings softly to the maiden at night Calling her to come down below- Telling her tales of a brave young man - A sailor they both used to know.
  3. Stupid question - shoes and boots

    I had been looking online for some good boots to go with my garb until i read this post. I had a nice pair all picked out and everything. Now, if you all can help me, I have yet to find a place that sells period shoes. At all. Do you all have any recommendations?
  4. Softening leather

    My husband and I are leathersmiths, and often get asked to "break in" new saddles, so the leather isn't so stiff. We use Fiebing's Saddle Soap (it has a conditioner built in, and can be obtained at most tack stores. Brown can with yellow lid.), and Chelsea Leather Food, which can be bought online at soccer supply stores. Chelsea's doesn't have the drawback of causing mold...but if mold does set in, a few days of sitting in direct sunlight will kill the mold, then it is just a matter of wiping it off. Just to be sure, if you ever wipe off anything that had mold on it, immediately wash the cloth in the wash machine, preferably with bleach.
  5. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    Forget how much fer th' wench, how much to be takin' her place?? :-D
  6. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    got me buckles today! They are completely amazing in workmanship! Great job, Mr. Gibbet. Please keep me posted as ye make more buckle designs, will definitely order again. It was worth the wait.
  7. GAoP era jewelry

    wow, rappers aren't nearly as inventive as they thought. who knew? :P
  8. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    Lookin' forward to gettin' mine and to seein' what other fine works Mr. Jones can do!
  9. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    Glad I got me order in before they sold out, then! Can't wait!
  10. Nothing but Hats

    got our hats today. The fit is perfect, couldn't be better! The workmanship is outstanding.
  11. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    It'll be around the first of the year, mayhaps e'en February for me, but I'll put in an order for two o' the beauties and I don't even particularly care which design. Mayhaps one o' each. Send me a PM when ye get some to sell. And I'd say make a few coins on them, we're happy to be supportin' a fellow pirate! BTW, if ye don't have it now, get PayPal to juggle all the money which'll be headin' yer way.
  12. My garb looks too new! found the dirt for skin, and I guess it could be brushed on clothing too...
  13. EBAY real pirate hook?

    I stand corrected
  14. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! May the Lord bless all who love us. For those who don't love us, may the Lord turn their hearts. And Lord, if you can't turn their hearts, then turn their knees...that we may know them by their limping! If you are sailng the seas this holiday, may the seas be calm and the winds be favorable!
  15. Jaeger Sword with Custom Baldric for Sale

    What company made the blade? Is this a show-piece, or can it stand up to combat?